Why Is My Sentence Illegal

My name is Pavel Kastl and I have been writing articles and books all through my life. On the one hand, I claimed various nonsenses in them and more of these creations of mine had a too low level, on the other hand, some of my literary works were quite possibly best in the world.
As a human being I am not in the normal range and I have a lot of flaws, but just thanks to my divergence and exceptionality I was allowed to gain certain, very precious, information, useful for the whole mankind.

The “Higher Police” (that is how I call this “supervisory body”, since I do not know its official name) is damaging my brain and decreasing the quality of my life’s happiness. Probably illegally, because during this it committed several violations of the law – cheats and the introducing of untrue facts about my person:

– It created some of the old videos about me by various tricks and cheats (see my article “A Couple of Cheats”), but neither the newer videos (that seem to be done honestly) are fully right. For example:
Because I know that I am always recorded for a TV show, I am under a big stress, and I behave and react unnaturally. For instance, it’s clear that after somebody does in front of me something “distinguishing” (he stumbles off balance, scratches his head, emphasizes the saliva, bites his finger, raises his eyebrows and similarly), it will be in the TV when I will do it, too. And thinking about it, quite often I do it. However, if I did not know that I am recorded, I would be calm and I would not display this “copying” of other people’s behavior.

– It used a somewhat stronger means against me, than which the law allows. For instance, one energy had a destroying value and thanks to a secret help I stayed without consequences. In case of one chemical used at me, somebody else was afraid of one only inhale because of its strength. I suppose, that after it 100 % people have bad results in the tests of behavior and character that are done on me in the TV nowadays.

– It spoiled my behavior, which was helped by wrong opinions that it gave me, too. People lied to me, fought before me, my sources of information including movies were modified, false miracles were done to me etc.

– It concealed the fact from the public that I made some inventions useful for people (the contactless cure of some illnesses, the slowdown of aging, a military invincibility, spiritual growth and other). Already hundreds of millions of people were damaged by their concealment.

– It did not enter to my credit, that I had some revelations regarding the existence and future of mankind. It ignores my advices that, if disobeyed, result e.g. in a war, in which hundreds of millions of small children from the whole world can die.


Here are several things that maybe should not have been at all, or if they should, they should have been weaker:

1. More than twenty years ago, a small group of people was observing me one and half month, which way I use to go and similarly. And then one member of this group released a negative energy into me that was perhaps 7 x stronger than the one I legally had in my bed at that time.
After these energies I used to hallucinate, which together with the cognition of hidden Hellish signs in movies and pretense of many people made me think that part of population is Hellish.
But back to that group. The public did not know about its activity, because it was not reported officially. That group obviously used to work “illicitly”, that is illegally. In the past it damaged the healthy brain of several people in the way, that it looked like their brain was ill naturally.

2. Perhaps it was fifteen years ago, when I had a strange problem lasting two days. A different kind of anxiety and hallucinations, than those caused by the radiation in my bed I got used to. Maybe something was in the cigarettes, I do not know.

3. In those years, like in the previous example, I was little different several weeks and I had a tingly sensation in the bottom part of my legs, of nothing else. Then it suddenly disappeared.

4. The concentration of a detrimental chemical in the air of my old address was maybe higher than how it was allowed officially. So high, that the sun's rays in the summer caused the dog’s coat smell chemically. And the washing machine was not able to clean some of my clothes to stop smell chemically, therefore I rather threw it away.

5. One man who knew, what it is about, was afraid of one only inhale of the vapors from my cooker in a half open space that I had to inhale in a closed room of my old address. Perhaps it dealt with a higher concentration, than which was reported officially.

From the above-mentioned reasons I would like to ask of the termination of the negative influence of the “Higher Police” upon my person. Thank You.


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