Criminal Activity of “Higher Police”

– It uses to gain a permission to put its victims into a condition, in which they commit something evil and/or damage themselves, by a not fully legal and cheating way. Sometimes it produces part of the evidence against them by various tricks and cheats, and in some cases it worsens their behavior also by the use of detrimental means in a higher measure, than how it is officially reported and allowed by the law in the given case.
For example, the members of the “Higher Police” state, that they used on their victim a weak radiation and a low concentration of detrimental chemicals. And she gets a nerve disorder, which seemingly “proves” her weak mental constitution they blamed that victim for. But, as a matter of fact, she has got that disorder from a secretly used strong radiation and from a higher concentration of detrimental chemicals, which would overpower even a man with a good mental constitution.

– This “Higher Police” removed some important values from the human society and violates some other fundamental ones, which causes people get a flaw in their character, it restricts their higher spiritual development and the experience of their love on a higher level. “The Government of Our Universe” records the incorrect activity of this “High Police” in its total sum as a “small minus” (an intermediate stage between a good one and a wrong one + some defect added to it) and, in large measure, just for the sake of this incorrect activity, the military intervention on our Earth will be authorized, because of which the majority of human population can die (my case is one of the reasons for it).

– Sometimes its members inappropriately belittle, and in a way also celebrate, even the suffering of innocent, tormented children. And the maltreatment of animals is not unfamiliar to them, too (for instance, because of them a friend of mine let her dog neuter to increase my bond with the testicles, and when she knocked her dog unconscious by a shovel, perhaps she did it to test my reaction to this act of hers).

– It concealed my various useful inventions from the public including a better way of the cure of some illnesses, the slowdown of aging, and important information that I received, and without which the mankind cannot do.

– It has always shown something bad about me, and it was worsening my behavior and the activity of my brain. But it was not showing the much good I did do. Quite possibly, something of it is best in the world.

PS: As far as my bad results in the TV are concerned, I underwent a chemical influence, after which 100 % people have insufficient results in the tests of their behavior and mental condition. Besides, my purpose here is not to have good results at that. I am supposed to have them at something else.
All through my life people were lying to me, I received a false information about their true nature, and the activity of my brain was influenced negatively. As the result of it there were some wrong opinions and imaginations (for example, about “Hellish people”).


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