Criminal Activity of “Higher Police”

I write to You regarding the capital offences of so-called “Higher Police” (I do not know its official name).
I believe it uses to gain a permission to put its victims into a condition, in which they mutilate themselves, by a not fully legal and cheating way (in some cases it worsens their behavior and produces part of the evidence against them by various tricks and cheats).
This “Higher Police” removed some important values from the human society and it violates some other fundamental ones. By means of this it restricts the higher spiritual development of people and the experience of their love on a higher level.
As for the members of that “Police”, most of the time they do not give the impression of very big heroes. I believe, that quite a few of them are weaklings and sadists at the same time who sometimes inappropriately belittle even the suffering of innocent, tormented children. And the maltreatment of animals is not unfamiliar to them, too.
For example, because of them a friend of mine let castrated her dog to increase my bond with the testicles. And when she knocked her dog unconscious by a shovel, perhaps she did it to test my reaction to this act of hers. Otherwise, some of my views of dogs, and the energy impacts, after which I was more evil toward the dogs than before, were the work of that “Police” as well.
It concealed from the public my various useful inventions and important information that I received, which the mankind will hardly do without. I think that in order for the members of that “Higher Police” to reach their goals, they are able to hide the best cure from hundreds of millions of people and even to risk the death of milliards in a needless war.

They have always shown something bad about me, they were worsening my behavior and the activity of my brain. But they were not showing the much good I did do. Quite possibly, something of it is best in the world.
As far as my bad results in the tests of my behavior in the TV are concerned, I underwent a chemical influence, after which 100 % people have insufficient results in the tests of their behavior and mental condition. Besides, my purpose here is not to have good results at that. I am supposed to have them at something else.

All through my life people were lying to me, I received a false information about their true nature, and the activity of my brain was influenced negatively. As the result of it there were some wrong opinions and imaginations (for example, about “Hellish people”). However, apart from these ones I had a whole range of the right ones that are a real discovery, perhaps the biggest one of its kind on Earth.
When I was a child I used to levitate and I was experiencing my soul's memories of the construction of large stone buildings by extraterrestrial civilizations (the dematerialized cuboids were voyaging by air during it).
Long long time ago, the forces mightier than we are today had operated here and luckily they will come over here again. Also the fact speaks for it that there were Creatures who appeared to me who had some date, before which they are forbidden to interfere in the development of our civilization, but after that date they are already allowed to do that and they are going to do that, too. They said that our system here is wrong.
Once I also saw the “God's Ring” (the center of the government of our Universe), where there is the “God” and his “Holy Council”, which are Godly Creatures that serve to him. They are supposed to obtain a strange lawsuit against our civilization and to comply with it.
In addition I saw the “Picture of the Utilization of the Human Part of the Core of our Universe” (it deals with the part of the core of our Universe that is designed for the “creation” of all the people that are supposed to live in it). The activity of our government or the “High Police” is displayed in that picture in total sum as a “small minus” (an intermediate stage between a good one and a wrong one + some defect added to it).

As a matter of interest, there is a table, in which my case is registered like the overstepping of an important border, located between the first and the second highest line of that table. I am “one of ten thousand reasons” why in the future there will be a permission to make the intervention in Your culture. If there was not my case - the desire of the “Higher Police” to damage me and to hide my knowledge from the public, the “Holy Council” (“The Highest Court”) would not make the decision about the intervention in the development of the mankind on Earth and You would not have to be afraid of any war that can destroy You.

The members of the “Higher Police” can easily have the courage to try for me. I am weak and they know almost everything about me (there is always a hidden camera pointing at me). But when the kind comes that the “Holy Council” will send over here, these members will totally break before him!
They will not have information about it, it will have information about them. Their thoughts and plans will be opened to it, they will not see that of its. They will have worse weapons, it will have the better ones.
If at that time the “Higher Police” or some other high official authority will still torture people by a similar way like today, maybe that kind will break up their members by their own methods, so that they will have to mutilate themselves. However, if at that time the “Higher Police” or any different official authority will not torture people like that any more, I strongly believe, that that kind will let her members have a quick death, which in this case they will have a full right for. When they do not torture other people any more, no one is allowed to torture them!
Personally, I go with the full abolition of the punishment of self-mutilation, since it is unjust and inhuman. And there is no one, who would deserve it fully.

I think that the members of our “Higher Police” and various members of the government have in the first place a system, by means of which they rule the human society, and they do not want to exchange it for a different one. And that it is important to them to develop certain values in people and oppositely to suppress others in them.
If some kind appeared that would want to change the social system and the character of people in Your human society, I suppose, that the ruling parties would not want to allow it neither in the case, that it would make possible for people to live more happily and to be allowed to develop spiritually more. The government would probably be able to send people to war with that kind, even if she supposed, that people will lose in it. In plain terms, either there will be here what the ruling parties want to be here, or there will be nothing here.


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