Combat Crime

Please, give me a piece of advice. I want to fight against several kinds of criminal activity listed below. But how to do that?


The worst of these crimes are committed by an organization of a high-police type, but I do not know its official name. But luckily, I have several proofs, usable for any court, about evil things that some of the members of that organization were committing.

The morality of some of its members is very low. For example, on the one hand they test other people how much they love children, on the other hand they celebrate covertly when innocent children are hurt or tortured. Or they used ‟the punishment of self-damage” on those, whose mistakes and bad behavior they induced themselves, but by stronger means than the ones that were allowed by the law and reported officially.
These members also use many arrangements and cheats to create the impression that somebody has got some specific fault or mental disorder that the public would condemn him for and/or they create that fault or mental deviation to him, pretending that it arose naturally. And, finally, they prefer torturing of people to helping to people. For instance, when their victim made an invention of a better cure of some illness, they hide this cure from mankind and by means of this they damage all the sick people needing that cure, because they could not torture the victim further on, if it was publicly known that he invented that better cure. Etc.

There are three choices. One is soft, one half-soft and one hard:

a) We will make ‟the punishment of self-mutilation” and ‟the deliberate worsening of people’s behavior” illegal, but we will not punish ‟the guilty High Police members”.

b) We will make ‟the punishment of self-mutilation” and ‟the deliberate worsening of people’s behavior” illegal, and we will somewhat punish ‟the guilty High Police members”. They would partly be damaged to the point of feeling a strong anxiety and pain in muscles and all the time they would have to suppress the thoughts about a self-mutilation, so that they would start to feel sorry that they invented and used that ‟self-mutilation punishment” on others. The intensity of their “feeling sorry” must be at least one point bigger than how big was their sadistic joy about the unjust suffering of their victims. After this regret a healing drip would be used to restore the health of those ‟guilty High Police members”.

c) We will make ‟the punishment of self-mutilation” and ‟the deliberate worsening of people’s behavior” illegal, and we will severely punish ‟the guilty High Police members”. They would be made to mutilate themselves (to remove their eyes, cut off their penises, open the belly and pull out the intestine, dislocate their joints, snap own neck, cut the Achilles tendon, deafen themselves by the strike of palms over the ears or by the putting of some object into them, and many other things; this is sometimes called ‟A tak dále” meaning ‟And so on”).
Part of this punishment is the spoilage of the punished one's relationship toward people and all the other, what he used to like (e.g. beautiful women will indicate to him that he should dislocate his finger's joints or poke out his eye; they will release the pieces of detrimental gases into the air before him etc.). There will also be things to spite him (e.g. a dentist breaks off the tooth instead of pulling it out; a surgery is made poorly; goods have some defect etc.), various provocations (e.g. on a free path there somebody passes him by too close to him; some other man starts to reach for something what is near his crotch and only then he says “may I?”; in front of him somebody touches his face and eyes too much etc.), the creation of sub conscious link between a self-mutilation act and virtually anything else (e.g. a sub conscious link between a milk, cottage cheese, rice, cream, ice cream, various white things and the white of the eye that he is supposed to damage to himself etc.), the spoilage of delights (e.g. a minor detrimental stuff in meals and beverages; a disturbance during the performing of a favorite activity; the spoilage of the soundtrack of song etc.), unhealthy thinking about various things (e.g. the number of blinks; breathing; the number of steps at some place, the number of verge posts on some street etc.), and else. Shortly, the torture of the respective man and the spoiling of his life's happiness.
Thus before this punishment will be made illegal, it would be used, for the last time, on those who came with it and used it themselves on their somehow innocent victims. It is said „What goes around comes around“ meaning that something that some people did to others might also be done to them.
As for my possible agreement with the use of this punishment in its entire range on “the guilty High Police members”, currently I am on the exact border between “Yes” and “No”. But I would agree with the application of some moderate part of this punishment, they deserve it.
Why not a full and clear “Yes”? The reason is that that the suffering during this punishment in its entire range is such big, that there is no one who deserves it, which is also valid for these ‟guilty High Police members”. When experiencing this punishment, everybody changes into somebody else, shortly it is not fully him anymore and therefore, in a way, he is punished for the actions of somebody else, since he is no longer the one who committed them.

In conclusion, in the first place there is the illegalization of ‟the punishment of self-mutilation” and of ‟the deliberate worsening of people’s behavior”, and the punishment of ‟the guilty High Police members” is only in the second place. So that the illegalization is necessary, whereas the punishment is only optional. But if it will be used, it should also include the development of aversion to all possible things – both normal ones and mainly those that the guilty members particularly liked. And the connection of those things with something unpleasant and the idea of self-mutilation.
But if that punishment will be applied, I am convinced that after what ‟the guilty High Police members” committed, they have neither the right to learn about the charge against them nor the right to defend themselves. Straight away to the gas, injections harmful to the brain and one unpleasant act from people after another.


I have read news that in Saudi Arabia there are (young pretty) women severely punished by the cane. In general, I disagree with physical punishments as such (in both genders), but in case of young pretty women it is the more serious! Please, made this punishment illegal.


To keep the euthanasia outlawed is a crime. I wish that everybody, who suffers too much and cannot be helped sufficiently, had the right to die by a merciful death.


Years ago, I have read about a mutilated bear who fought dogs (maybe in Pakistani) or a puma with removed claws fighting dogs as well (maybe somewhere in America). Please make illegal (everywhere in the world) such a mutilation of beasts for the purpose of their fighting with the dogs.


I wonder how it is possible that many web sites have an illegal content. For example, torrent web sites with movies and music (e.g. ru*******.***/*****/*****.***), web sites enabling free download of copyrighted material (e.g. u***.**), sites with illegal free watching of movies (e.g. a video section of v*.***) and similarly. It seems to me that ‟my internet” with these web sites is a modified version of the true one that does not have these web sites. Anyway, if there are such “illegally behaving” web sites, their owners should be made to discontinue with their illegal activity.


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