Wise Lessons

     I have written more books and every one of them has got more chapters. The following is a translated excerpt of one chapter ("Moudra ponauceni", which means "Wise Lessons") of one of my books ("Mozaika moudrosti", which means "The Mosaic Of Wisdom"):

     (By the way, this book explains the point in human life as energy transformation. To say it very simply, there is the entire spiritual potential of our Universe - a so-called Central Cosmic Soul - that has its human part that is divided among all the people, whereas every one of them contains & transforms - by means of his or her feelings - a different piece of it than the other people do.)

    The secret of freedom is the secret of a favorable Destiny. Sometimes it happens that some soul is assigned a so much favorable Destiny that corresponds fully to its natural wishes and ideas of how it would want to live. If the soul was not led by Destiny, it would want to do the same things, to which Destiny leads it. Thus such a soul that receives the same Destiny that it would give to itself (a rare case of the favor of Destiny), is seemingly free.

    The bigger the pain is, the more slowly time flows. And in the biggest pains it flows so slowly, that it is almost standing. Therefore for him who has a maximum pain, one minute is a whole century and his life a million of endlessly-long years.

    The heart of the Powers of Fate cannot be softened by anything. And from their faces is possible to read adamant strictness.

    Euthanasia should be applied not only in animals and people, but also in the plants. If you see some plant, how it is fading gradually, better is to cut it off in order for it to die more quickly.

    The biggest criminals are those, who let an intensely-suffering and asking-of-death being alive, instead of killing him.


    Let us answer a question: What is most important in man's life?

     - from the Precreator's (= Supergod's) objective viewpoint the most important in man's life is the experience of the feelings that the man is supposed to experience in him during his life = transformation of many energies, needed for the Allorganism (= Supergodly Ball)

     - from the subjective viewpoint of that man is most important his well-being and satisfaction about his life

     - from the viewpoint of his parents that that he would be a good child for them

     - from the viewpoint of his employer to be a good employee

     - from the subjective viewpoint of the grass he is trampling under his feet right now is most important that he would be one meter aside and trampling a different grass

     - from the subjective viewpoint of his enemy to be affected by something evil, perhaps by a serious car accident

     Do you already understand, what is most important in man's life? Everything and nothing!


    Every physical constitution is predestined to be delivering certain energetic discharges of positive or negative tuning into some universes of the Allorganism (= Supergodly Ball). Inside of every man there a certain type of microspaces is creating, through which certain energetic discharges must go regularly. And that is why somebody must experience fear regularly and therefore he must be put into situations that will evoke the fear in him. And, contrariwise, somebody else must give out discharges of positive energy, self-confidence and happiness all through his life. And therefore he must always be put into the situations that will evoke these positive feelings in him. And then there are also people with changeable feelings, creating many diverse microuniverses who must experience the alternation of positive and negative feelings.

    It is not suitable to draw knowledge from the religious or philosophical sources that enjoy seriousness and honor in this world. The Devil's mafia has a habit to "take care" of everything what leads to a real knowledge and it tolerates, highlights and even creates such sources of knowledge that lead us more astray than to the right belief. Therefore search knowledge rather in sources that do not enjoy popularity and that are rather damned and enjoy neither appreciation nor honor of this world.

    Good man is good only because he has never been in a situation or circumstances of life that would made him be evil. In the same way an evil man is evil only because he has never been in a situation or circumstances of life that would made him be good.

    Fight for the legalization of euthanasia is a holy war, a fight for real human rights and for the best medicine to all the illnesses. It is also a manifestation of the true love for the suffering neighbors and of a desire to really help them.

    The secret of a perfect matter:

     The perfect matter can be destroyed by nothing - it endures everything and never grows old. It must stay in its perfection eternally - without getting old, without wearing out, without any change. To stay perfect = to never change, it must change fully - on hundred percents (100% change = no change, because everything after its hundred percents change is back in its original state, this is how it works in our Supergodly Ball). And that as much as it won't change by it at all: it decomposes itself to universes, molecules, atoms, trees, houses, people, rivers, clouds, insect, bacterium, stones... and then it composes itself again into its original shape and through this it stays the same all the time - perfect.

    If the best out of all what I have written was translated well into the world languages and distributed globally after the world without me being defamed as the Source and damaged including my credibility, it would have a big effect, but the truth told by me is to spread only by pieces, slowly, so that the mankind would not develop in a different way than how it is supposed to develop itself, that is an unplanned and too quick jump forward in its spiritual development would not happen.

    Every group (that is a family) of relative souls has its given (overall) value that is divided among particular incarnated souls, that is people. And, of course, every member of this family (that is a man) experiences a different part of its potential.


     1. Some family of souls is assigned a suffering corresponding to a five average wrist fractures. This family includes twenty people. Eighteen of them will never brake their wrist, the nineteenth one one time in his life and the remaining twentieth one will have to brake his wrist four times.

     2. Some family of souls is assigned the experience of energy, corresponding to an average relationship of women with sixty lovers. This family has thirty members, out of which fifteen are women. The first of them will have no lover and every one out of the next ten will have two lovers, which is twenty lovers in total. Thus forty of them still remain and four women remain. Three of them will have five lovers per every one of them. When we deduct fifteen lovers from forty, there are still twenty and five left. And the last remaining woman of this family will have them all.

     There are families of souls who experience mainly positive energy and the majority of their members are well-off in their life. And oppositely the other families transform mainly negative energy and they are badly-off.

     The average families of souls experience the good and the evil in a large extent and even though they are not too badly-off in a total sum, despite it the amount of their overall potential of happiness is insufficient to make it possible for all of their members to live happily.


     Some sick man wants to be healthy in his next life times and maybe it will come true. But his mother or child will perhaps be ill (there is not enough potential for all of them to be well-off).

     (If we knew the energetic value of all the members of some family of souls except for one, we would be allowed to calculate it. We would simply deduct the value of all the members we know from the entire value of the family and what would remain it would be the value of the missing member. In the same way we could calculate one missing soul of the human part of Central Cosmic Soul and similarly.)

    Everything has its masters and somebody has a leg ulcer.
     "The master of all the leg ulcers" who is a "manager" of the energy that is created thanks to the existence of these ulcers, is connected to all the leg ulcers of all those who have got them. These leg ulcers of theirs create a special kind of microworlds. And the master of leg ulcers oversees them to do what these leg ulcers are supposed to do for the Allorganism (= Supergodly Ball).


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