What Is English Language Hiding

     The most commonly used language is the English one and the most powerful country that uses it are the USA. The United States of America occupy the first place in the world in military power and it was managed by those that are two times. And please take a look how they even put their signature under it.
     Washington (both the first president and the capitol of the USA) begins with a "doubled v" indicating those that are two times (also names New York, World Trade Center and Twins contain this letter). But more exactly said, they are "two in one and the third one".
     Almost all the states are finding themselves on two different places of the same continent (Alaska and the states below Canada), which reminds "two in one", and apart from it the USA also own (Hawaii) islands, which remind "the third one" (please recall the Hellish meaning of letter "H" related to "two in one" like was e.g. Adolf Hitler "he who uses to hit"). The number of states is 5 + 1 = 6 (which is a Hellish number) and the colors of the flag match the overall Hellish picture.
     The United States of America did do many military interventions into the other countries and a word "war" in English language begins with a "doubled v". Let us take a look at a few another English "evil words" with the same letter two times:
     Aggression, assault, attack, horror, kill, martial (whereas "m" in Hellish circumstances can be taken for two "n"), terror, torture and Hell.
     On the other hand, in order to let there be not too much of it (see "the secret rule of skipping"), the other words like e.g. fight maybe do not contain anything Hellish. But such a snake, the symbol of Hell, indicated by a letter "s", is in English "snake".
     I have already got some knowledge about these things, but no Czech person did upload it on the real Internet (I only have an artificial one at my disposal), so that people in the world maybe do not even know that I have got such information. I had to write it all on a slightly sprayed computer that steadily worsens a little bit my health.


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