What Have I Disclosed

     Apart from some mistakes, in my old books there were many pieces of a real spiritual wisdom, too. Later I added some "wisdom of Supergod" with the correct explanation of our existence that was revealed to me (out of my new works, please read at least articles "Basic Wisdom", "A Couple of Secrets" and book "Další Tajemství lásky", which means "Another Mystery of Love") and "the discovery of Hellish people" (they manage some "Higher Police", the name of which I do not know, but you probably do; every sixth family or its part is made up from the secret informers of this Organization and some become the members of a range of normal families). So what have I disclosed about these "Hellish people":
     Their secret signs in movies, which description is now bit better than before. Among these we can find mainly "Two Faces of Hellish People", "Two In One and The Third One" and "The Way to Hell" (together with its celebration). They had often been in the end of movies and TV series as a "goodbye" or before some Hellish scene. Also stories reminding something Hellish were used as a secret sign.
     Further I disclosed the secret use of letters in names, which is a subject, about which I am writing in a separate article similarly like about the other. It deals with a bond with the subject's name (it can be both a man and some place), with letters and names that have a Hellish meaning, and other things.
     Then I found out that there are the secret rules of behavior, out of which, just as a matter of interest, one orders a doing of some small mistake (to make some things not to be perfect), an exceptional skip of a provided friendly support or a regular presence somewhere (so that it would not look a hundred per cent), or a slight worsening of some famous person's behavior (perhaps to increase a little bit the favor of people for someone who is new, younger and supposed to become famous).
     Aside from the above-mentioned, I discovered arranged events, e.g. for the purpose of the psychological research of people, of the public's flawed knowledge created by means of cheating TV shows, and to damage the life happiness (the last is called "Černý puntík", which means a "Black Spot").
     It is also necessary to mention a super computer that wrote the pattern of books for many famous authors, composed melodies for many famous bands and singers, and counted off the particular "Reminders of Hell" in movies and TV series in the way to make every one of them look differently than all the other. It all together gives the impression of the independent work of independent people. But the truth is an opposite one, of course.
     I also found out, that Hellish people are big cheaters. I saw counterfeit books; movies; the preparation of cheating videos about my person; the creation of events looking like miracles (sounds and voices, flying lights, water falling down from a dry ceiling); artificial spider webs; distortion of objects and buildings; false testimonies about spiritual things to make people believe in something else than in the truth; the creation of a connecting link to a parallel world (by means of secret equipment or human thought) and its opening in this one for the purpose of a murder closed as a natural death; the modification of some records of our history; various else lying to the public (the concealment of the incredible sum of money taken from the state budget and spent by "Hellish Police" or the existence of its hidden cameras in people's homes and Nature) and other.
     Besides being cheaters, Hellish people are big criminals, too. They prevented the Heavenly God's Power from ruling over here and they created a civilization, in which, apart from big good things, regular evil ones are arranged as well. And when I started to discover them, they made a cheating TV show about me.
     Of course, I can explain all the above-mentioned in a more detailed way and even give concrete examples. But problem is that if no one will send my wisdom to the Internet, the world will never receive it. I do not have access to the Internet, but you all do. My wisdom must break through and you can help it. Perhaps you can start by taking the picture of this message and then please upload that picture to some discussion forum and send it to your friends. Thank You.


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