What Do We Really Need

(Version 1.0)

     What do we need more? Extremely tall skyscrapers or a legalized euthanasia for the most suffering? The fastest cars or the knowledge of the truth of us ourselves? A friendship with a rather one-sided current of energy between two friends (when the first one experiences deep true feelings, but the other one not, because he is a secret informer) or a friendship with a quality mutual current of energy between the two (when the both are normal and experience the relationship fully)?
     Remember them words: All the technical equipments won't do if we are incapable of clean feelings toward one another, if our prayers and thoughts are on a too low level, if all through our lives we only keep a wrong idea of what we really are and why we really live.
     Hellish people have always removed the true information and the individuals that would make normal people grow spiritually too much. Above all, the Hellish have always supported logical improvisation in the frame of what they have invented and prepared for the normal people of our human society, at the same time decreasing their ability to invent (now I speak about "root inventions", not about "the superficial ones", please see "The Development of Human Thinking") and to think independently, on a higher level.
     Hardly any of normal people manages to get connected to the God, his Stream and Council or to the Highest Creatures of the Heaven. And again… What is more important? To have expensive clothes, but being incapable of that connection, or to have simple clothes only, but to be capable to join in thoughts those highest ones who rule our Universe?
     My "Lukewarm Harmony" as a perfect social system takes care of what is important for the good condition of the human soul and all the other is secondary (please see "Health Care" and "The Perfect Human Society").


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