Visions of the Future

(Version 1.0)

     Now I will describe my old visions of the future. However, before I will start with it, I have to say first that my experiences related to these visions have two main parts:

     1. True visions, usually experienced by my soul.

     2. Possible imaginations that are many and that sometimes appear in the end of the experience, more exactly after its "true part".

     The Future of Hellish People

     True vision:

     In 2011/2012 (in the evening outside the town) there was the spiritual creature saying words meaning "Do not be afraid" or "Fear not" and "They (meaning Hellish people - comment) will always make a mistake".
     There were calculations of the future (simplified level) showing some period of time (in which the plans of Hellish people were fulfilled) after which the course of things was different than how Hellish people wanted them to be (I suppose that it was related to the situation on Earth, normal people and their belief in the Hellish).
     Then there was another, longer period of time, showing something what I could not fully understand. But after my experience "Supergod" it became obvious that it was the strike on the dimension of Hellish humanoid souls (shortly before it happened, they were majority self-confident and supposed that it should not happen to them).

     Possible imagination:

     Shortly after this experience of mine I had thought that the first period of time will be 60 years and the second one 200 years. If it was so, it would mean that about 2072 normal people became wiser and Hellish people were defeated about 2272.
     But probably it was my imagination only. As a matter of fact I have no specific idea of how long the mentioned two periods of time can last! Therefore if Hellish people will be attacked and defeated after thousands of years only, please do not blame me at all!

     Punishment of Crimes Committed on Me

     True vision:

     The "Godly Stream" (its micro-level) has said that the evil committed on me is not to be forgiven. As for the punishment of Hellish people, everything is clear. But I do not know whether or how much it wanted to punish the normal, too.
     Just as a matter of interest, the "Godly Stream" is something between a database of information and a living creature. It connects the highest spiritual Creatures and it has more levels. Some are very strong (when connecting to them, firstly I am getting a feeling of fear and being in touch with a too terrible power, but as I get tuned to it, after some moments my feelings much improve), whereas the other are very weak (they do not cause me to have any stronger feelings).

     Possible imagination:

     Shortly after this experience, there was "the man with some beards". I myself do not know if his coming was my imagination only or if he is really supposed to come in the future. And if yes, I do not know if he will attack only the "Hellish organization" as the main culprit, only normal people in the locations where they were against me, or the both.
     Personally, I blame the "Hellish organization" that has turned normal people against me. I would like if these bastards who have decided that I, my religion and my dogs will be damaged (you know their official name but I do not know it), were exposed to gases, drugs, energetic attacks, unpleasant sounds, provocations, modified food & water and so on until they have collapsed.
     Trust me that the same "hero" giving commands against me in some office would break if he was alone, without any support, and subjected to what I have mentioned. And then he would be no "hero" any more.
     Both Hellish people and many normal ones instructed by them were doing little evil to me repeatedly, insidiously, without any previous warning, without any word of explanation. If they will be punished one day, I wish it was done by the same rules.

     Bonus 1 (punishment of the culprits)

     If the Hellish agents of the "Hellish organization" will have a weaker position one day, which is improbable, some of them can already be punished on Earth and not only in their Hell in the Big War that had happened in the future.
     Thinking about it, my first thought was to say, that in the end, the captured agent would have to punish himself for what he has done, but the things are not that simple, because:

     1. If we have behaved to him like that, we would be as evil as he is. And we are better, right?

     2. In the hard times of being tortured, such a broken agent is not the same agent like at the times, before he was captured.
     It is written that under and/or after the influence of some extreme experiences, we already are not exactly the same person like we were before. That is why when in such a condition someone punishes us, more or less he punishes somebody else who we have become in the meantime.It is written that under and/or after the influence of some extreme experiences, we already are not exactly the same person like before. That is why when in such a condition someone punishes us, more or less he punishes somebody else who we have become in the meantime.

     With a little bit of a humor, in my case they have sentenced a smoker, but I do not smoke (only exceptionally). They have sentenced a man that drinks a beer, but I do not drink it (only exceptionally). They have sentenced a Rottweiler breeder & lover, but I do not breed Rottweilers anymore and I do not love them (I only like them). Etc.
     But the worst of worst is the fact that inside of them Hellish people knew that I am a true elected one and that I have correctly recognized that they are Hellish. Despite it they have sentenced me for claiming it, too.

     (In a figurative sense) Supergod (in fact it deals with a "Godly Stream") teaches us that in order not to damage own self, one has to act in accordance with its nature. Therefore if our self would be hurt by any bigger violence we would do to somebody else, we cannot do it to him, even if he would deserve it and we were in a position that would allow us to do it to him.
     And, oppositely, even if nobody did any damage to someone's self, despite it he will hurt him, if his self needs to hurt him, if he can do it and if the damage is the most suitable act for the moment how to realize his self.
     For example, it is valid for the demon that makes people (who did nothing bad to him) hurt themselves and their close ones. Shortly, everybody realizes himself the way what he is like, if he is in such a position that allows it to him. If there was no punishment, you cannot imagine what some people would do to others!

     The following is the fantastic imagination of a situation, in which you are allowed to let a Hellish agent get a dose of the evil medicine that his organization uses on some of its victims: (do not forget that his Hellish humanoid soul does not feel the human pains fully)

     If you will treat such a Hellish agent one day, please be as cold as he would be in the same situation, if you were the victim and he was its torturer. But this is not valid for the forced self-mutilation, which is too inhuman at all times.
     Please feel free to put small pieces of some unpleasant gases into his room or cell (but none of them can be strong, since it endangers the mucosas; I remember that when they have sprayed it into the air before me and it was in my room also, several times there was the trace of blood), put a little bit of some unpleasant stuff into his food and beverage, let him listen to some unpleasant sounds.
     After he will complain, freely say to him that it only seems to him, that somebody is doing something bad to him and that he only suggests it to himself. After some time, send a fake "psychiatrist" to him, he will confirm a paranoid disorder.
     Continue using this "Hellish psychology". For example, even though you know, that the agent has problems from gases that irritate nose and throat about the place where he sleeps, approach his bed but pretend that you feel nothing, and then say to him: "If the gases were really around your bed, like you are saying, they would irritate my nose and throat, too. But my nose and throat are not irritated at all, even if I stay close, which means, that it only seems to you that these gases are there."
     If he will cough, make a call by phone before him to some "healer" or a "doctor", who will recommend a medicine or a herbal tea. You will give it to the agent, but you will let the gases further in his room & cell. And because he will continue coughing and complaining, say to him: "I am trying to help you as much as I can. I already do not know, what I could do for you."
     Drink before the agent from bottles that look like that with a beverage for him, exceptionally taste the beverage from his bottle. You can, the small detrimental piece will do nothing bad to you and if you felt something, do not display the little bit of the short-time pressing of your stomach or intestines before the agent. Then say to him: "The beverage is good. It only seems to you that it is bad. All you need is a psychiatrist!"
     Never, not a single time, communicate with the captured agent normally. Never admit that you are doing something bad to him. Connect in his subconsciousness the unpleasant things he is experiencing with the memory of his "Hellish organization", of the rank he has in it, of "being two times", of their "reminder of Hell" etc. After some time, the mere mention of it will cause him to feel more badly and in the end he will want to destroy that "Hellish organization" of his that he had loved originally.
     Do one spiteful action after another to him. He must not find any rest from them. After he was in the toilet and returned back into his room & cell, always something must be wrong. One time his bad is curved, other time one of his shoes, another time there is a new squirt of a gas on the cabinet etc.
     After he complains, tell him, that it all only seems to him and that he may be happy, that he can stay there for free and that many other people are homeless.
     Do not give the captured agent any questions. After some time of all the unpleasant things he is experiencing, he will start to talk himself, telling you one information after another, even though you did not ask him anything. By this way you will break his proud.
     Ignore every agent's attempt to soften your heart. Refuse any money he will try to give you, ignore all of his treats that his organization will avenge him. Always repeat one and the same: "You are well-off here. Nobody is doing anything bad to you."
     There are thousands of bad things that can be done to such a Hellish agent, the above-mentioned are a small sample of those that do not use physical violence (by the way, my last experience in this "non-violent field" is a "modified" hand, some of which movements with fingers are weaker).
     But if you would also use a "Hellish equipment", the affection of the brain like I have got it and damaging energies, it is really too much to take.
     Such a treatment should never be used on normal people. First, they are at least partly innocent, since the evil Hellish methods were invented by Hellish people and forced upon the normal, and, two, a normal person fully experiences all the unpleasant feelings arising from the above-described torture, so he suffers fully, which is too much.
     The only ones who deserve such a treatment and other are the evil Hellish agents. These Hellish people have prevented a better religiously-social system without wars and other violence from being established, they have always lied to you all about your origin and purpose, and they always create regular victims of various bad things.
     Anyway, when torturing them, you must stop their torture as soon as they start to become somebody else who already does not deserve it anymore (but in view of their Hellish humanoid soul this change is limited).
     In conclusion, to destroy a few Hellish agents has a minimal use only. Better is to destroy their Hellish humanoid souls in their Hellish parallel world, which we cannot do, but somebody else can and will. Please pray for it to happen.

     The Hellish are very evil people. They have prevented the biggest human Good from being established and then they have introduced themselves to us all like the Good. Look only into our history, all the evil speaks for itself! And they have wanted it.
     I do not have any efficient army & weapon, but if I had one, I would strike on these Hellish people as we speak. The result of their dark activity is clearly seen on "the Picture of Human Souls", they must be terminated.

     Bonus 2 (shallow relationships)

     Like I have come to know it from experience, after the members of "Hellish Special Service" have talked to the relatives of their victim, as a rule their relationship to him worsens, because they obey the commands of Hellish people and co-operate with them in doing unpleasant things to him.
     Sad to say, this rule is valid for the relationship of mother and girlfriend & wife, too. And this is especially sad. If their relationship to their child or boyfriend & husband was true, do you think, that the show of some identity card and a few sentences against the one they should love, would do to break their relationship to him? I do not think so.

     Bonus 3 (they must be Hellish)

     When observing Hellish people as a whole, you must see that they are Hellish, even though they look normally on the outside. If you think logically, all the evil they have represented since the beginning speaks for the fact that the soul of these people must originate from the Hell.

     Several thoughts why:

     1) When they have affected my state of health and commanded all the people to be against me partly, they knew then that I was right. They knew that in part of the range my description of religious things was best in the world and they knew that I have correctly recognized that they are Hellish.
     Despite it they have decided to break me with the help of the public, knowing inside that I am more or less an innocent person and an elected one. This is a big evil that can only be done by people without any conscience.
     Their connection to the Hell was obvious. They knew particular demons, and their equipment, after it had opened the Hell in my room, has enabled demons to enter me, some were even penetrating my anus by their penis.
     There were many unpleasant related things. For instance, the demons broke off my tooth or I woke up in the night and a demon was lying inside of my body and then he had slipped out of it. At those times I was waking up paralyzed and could move neither a finger on my hand or leg.
     In some periods of time I had been in such a terror, that I was losing faith in my own books and was asking people if we have a soul. Sometimes even such moments of hopelessness were present as well as those in which I had got some thought in a trolley-bus and said it aloud automatically before the other people against my will.
     Because I have experienced such evil things and at the same time treacherous Czech people have been lying to me during all the time (by the way, I am not a full Czech person myself, my mother was a Moravian and I had also lived there during some time), I have made some errors in my writings that I am not responsible for and if yes, then only little.
     After some time of being bothered by the demons, I have won. I had lived further under the influence of the "Hellish equipment", but the impact of the demons on me had decreased. The worst have disappeared after a strange moment.
     There was a demon that feeds on human fear. He was torturing me and after a moment he had quit doing it. Then he wanted to go away, but I have stopped him and said to him, that if he won't take the fear's energy from me, he will have to find in the world another human victim to feed from him instead of from me. And in order to save that person who, unlike me, would not probably stand it, I have asked the demon to continue his feeding from me. However, after it the demon disappeared and did not come back any more.

     2) Hellish people have probably lied about me. In the beginning, they have used several strong things. Only the one put on the oven and on the cooker was so strong, that we had to throw the clothes I was wearing away, because even after it was washed three times, the chemical odor coming from it was still obvious. And later Hellish people have started to use weaker things before the public.
     Another thing was the equipment (used on me since 2001/2002) mediating for the demons access into me when they were looking into my eyes with such a power that my soul had almost slipped out of my body into their Hell. My estimation is that that an average person would die that way. Perhaps there are regular murders in the world by this equipment and the victims are taken for people who died a natural death in sleep in the bed.
     If I did not have a bit unusual constitution (Voll 75 instead of 80 88 and ARDK 1,3 instead of 0,8 1,2, if I remember it correctly), I would have already collapsed a longer time ago. It seems that I will collapse later than the other victims with the same way of their mutilation.

     3) They abuse the influence of entertainment and music on people (e.g. regular mention of evil things, which makes us not to forget about them; connection of attractive scene or melody with something evil or inappropriate etc).

     4) Apart from the use of chemicals, in my vicinity they have done various bad things (e.g. they mutilated a cat to make it look like it was my dog; they had let the vet cut my dog into a different place than the sick one, after which he was bleeding; they disturbed my dog's energy to let a demon worse my relationship toward him; they have spoiled many Christians by forcing them to lie and to participate a bit on the use of the "Hellish equipment" and on my poisoning; they have curved a countless number of trees in the forests, which hurts them; they have lied much about me to the public; they seem to create some videos of me by cheats etc).

     5) They have lied to us all about our history and purpose.

     6) They keep all the people and nations in such a position to be allowed to gain a piece of war & violence every now and again.


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