Unexpected Action of the Individual

(Version 1.1)

     If somebody wants to hide something from The Secret Service, first he must be aware of the following facts: There is a giant number of secret informers. It is a minority of population (in particular every sixth person) that watches the majority in secret. And regularly they become the members of our normal families. In that of ours it was a grandfather whom my grandmother married and her best female life friend. And in my father it was the best comrade of his youth, a friend from abroad and the most beloved colleague from work.
     Apart from being the members of our families and our friends (just as a matter of interest, when I was a boy I disclosed that one of my classmates records our conversation), their Service has the hidden cameras and bugs all around: In people's homes, in their cottages, cars, exceptionally even directly within the observed human being's body (therefore it is known, what people talk in their sleep or to themselves). On the pathways in the forests, sit-downs in Nature and various remote places, too. And this Service has got its informer into every pack of people (including thieves, junkies, homosexuals and terrorists).
     Therefore the main, in many cases even the only way how to surprise The Secret Service is a so-called "Unexpected Action of the Individual". Of such one who knows not only what was already mentioned above, but also many other. And if you want to become such a man, you must observe not only the following rules:
    - Never talk to anyone about what you are preparing yourself for and do not display yourself suspiciously in case that you encounter something what is related to your secret preparation or a hidden sexual deviation (in my case Secret Service sent people to mention spanking of women and men before me or to show it to me, and secretly they observed my reactions to it to study my hidden masochistic or sadistic inclinations).
    - To pay neither bigger nor smaller attention than it is normal to the picture or words related to your secret work. For example, it may happen that on the place that you walk about there will be a poster with words related to the subject of the reportage you are preparing in secrecy and even though there is nobody in the vicinity, the hidden camera sees how big an attention you pay to that poster. Or at work your co-worker puts on a table before you a magazine with the photo of what is important for your secret work and he waits how much you will talk about it. Or, instead, he can leave and the hidden camera will record whether or not you take the magazine in your hands and if yes, with how big an interest you will look through it. Or your best friend in conversation with you makes a passing reference to the subject of your reportage, but he will speak about other things, above all. And he waits, whether you return to what he said about that subject or whether you pass over it, only paying attention to the other said information. And so on.
    - Never use an online backup of your secret work, never look to the Internet at information related to it, never borrow related book in the library. Your computer containing private dates must not be connected to the Internet, that is why better is to use two computers, out of which only one has an Internet connection. Best is to never use any favorites (or any history of the use of programs) or bookmarkers, which is also valid for your home (now I am referring to the danger of a co-operating relative).
    - You will not buy writings and things related to your secret work, you will not take pictures with your camera of the things related to it.

     Please note: The Secret Service pretends that it does not know this or that, but in fact it does and it handles cleverly the information it has gained.
     If it learned the content of your reportage before it was finished, there are more possibilities what to do about it. If the reportage contains some surprising change & discovery & improvement in some field, The Secret Service will act wisely, perhaps in this way:
     It will not use the exact copy of your reportage, because it would come out, that it has stolen its content. Therefore the Secret Service will do everything in a different manner. Firstly it will tell its secret co-operators in given field to take into account in advance that your reportage will be there or to adapt to it a little, alternatively to use some modified piece of it (even if it was in the form of some simple innovative thought or an interesting small idea only).
     By the way, one of secret informers was pretending that The Secret Service had stolen his invention, although he was one of them and it never happened. These bastards often try to look like victims to increase the trustfulness of normal people.

     If your secret work is to spread some unusual information, it must reach as many people as possible. That is why you must distribute it by more ways at the same time. You will send it to the Internet (but The Secret Service can block it there) and you will give its printed copy to many people. In most cases you try to stay anonymous, so that you can act in disguise, with a changed voice and hidden fingerprints.
     If you have committed something because of which the workers of The Secret Service can take a revenge on you and turn your life and personality into ruins, which is worse than death, you have only two options: 1. Your identity must not be known to them, or 2. You must die during your action or shortly after it before they have got you.


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