Unbelievable Cheats

     - In the old years there was an unsuccessful attempt of my murder and the prepared conclusion was the disease of my brain.

     - Already in 2001 after energetic attacks I was screaming in my bed and awaking paralyzed, at the same time the first Czech people were made to cheat on me. In 2009 my room had to be evacuated after chemical vapors. It all, together with false news, lies from all the other people, modified books and similarly, damaged my behavior, memory and opinions, and I am not responsible for it.

     - Some people were pretending before me that they know me from the past lives of our souls to make me think that it was our mutual Karma what brought us together and then I was supposed to make errors in my writings on this subject.

     - Hellish people needed to gain "the records of my wrong judgment" and similarly. They were giving me questions, they had let me explain this or that, and out of all that they were gathering everything what was wrong. Or in the time when I was already under a chemical influence, they made a test with me, that my ability to estimate and judge the other people is too low. But they did not say that I was handicapped. There were many of such actions.

     - A living without women and the writing of spiritual books, it was my image. Then there were women sent into my way and later I was regularly given chemicals that increase the sexual desire artificially. After all the years of these chemicals, my blood pressure was high e.g. 190/110 and it happened that I have to masturbate. But the code of the wisdom of Supergod was given into me, when I was still clean, in the autumn of 2013. My first ejaculation in a full conscience, when I was awake, happened in December 2013. All my life it was only happening during sleeping.

     - Since 2015, when there was one more need to show me as a crazy person, there were other cheats: Some people (sometimes with blonde hair or some striking color on their clothes) were sent to cough before me and at the same time a coughing gas (invisible by the eyes) was released into the air and I have started to cough, on the videos it was looking like I was following the other people's coughing, which is a mental disease.

     - They have always observed me and in a situation, in which I was supposed to show some specific behavior, somebody was sent before me to behave like that, too (e.g. walking through a red light). And then I looked like I was following his behavior.

     - They were doing many small things before the public including the use of the pieces of slightly-only detrimental gases, and gestures or sick movements that I was supposed to follow. If I would, they would possibly claim that these small things were the real cause of my failure and not the strong ones from the older years that have started the process of the gradual dying of my brain cells.

     - Hellish people created a cheating TV show about me. All the videos etc. look very authentically and honestly, but what they suggest is not the real truth. You, the world public, had to gain the negative opinion of my person, which was necessary to arrange to make you disbelieve in the big truths said by me and to agree with the evil done to me. Etc.


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