Unbelievable Cheats (Version 2.5 without pictures)


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There is something what I want to say to the whole world. And although I have mentioned some related facts in my already-published articles, I must say more than what was said in them and therefore I have written this one. In view of the fact that English is my second language, please forgive its lower quality.


Problems After Writing Unique Books and Hellish People


As the consequence of the creation of my spiritual books about 2001 (mainly "Mozaika moudrosti" and "Tajemstvi lasky", but also "Tajemstvi boje"), there was the beginning of strange problems. When I had heard load sounds from a neighboring empty apartment in the nights, when demons were touching me and were entering my body, I had thought that these things are the work of spiritual creatures only. But my opinion was wrong.

In view of all the facts, including the one that it used to happen regularly to me that I woke up paralyzed in the mornings and it took some moments to be able to move, I suppose that there was some bad radiation in the room I used to sleep in, because the same evil creatures having access to me in my room, did not have this access on different places.

At those times there were evil people in my room, I could see that my computer was used by somebody else, that my CD discs and video cassettes with private records were removed from my cabinet and then put back again, that my dustbin had regularly been searched through (I saw one neighbor near it in the dark evening and one time he did the mistake that he said that there was a beer-bottle in my dustbin).

The neighbors were Christians yet they did everything bad they were asked of (for instance the placement of speakers into their apartment that were giving out sounds in the nights when they were away and the apartment was empty) as well as more Christian musical bands did put harmful subconscious codes into some of their songs. As soon as the mighty evil people come, there is no Jesus Christ any more. The Christians seem to be afraid, so that probably they won't talk.

Since 2002/2003 there were special killers, using demonical energy and opening the Hell. Several times I could hear the pieces of their conversation or to notice how they are observing me everywhere (also in the forest). The people entering my room and hunting me have obviously had a direct connection to the Hell.

It was some (Hellish) Secret Service (I do not know how it is called officially). It was using Hellish combinations of colors and Hellish numbers, I could also see a Hellish humanoid soul inside of the physical body of some of its members (see "It Was Quite Easy To Cheat On Me"). It seems that in majority they rule this world.

These Hellish people have been on the top positions of our human society for thousands of years, they have also been influencing or even creating the religions of this world. Today they have the majority word in the TV, magazines & newspapers, books and so on. That is why the absolute majority of today's normal people who believe in & are watching & are reading it all is, as far as the knowledge of the main principles of our existence are concerned, very stupid.

When Hellish people say "this one is bad", everybody is against that guy. And when they say "this one is good", normal people run to support that person.


Important note: The clear visions of Hellish people (at those times I was calling them "the secret dark") using demoniacal energies and opening the Hell were present mainly between the end of 2002 and the first part of 2003. After it many people were looking as if they were trying to do the same dark magic practices about me, but I did not feel the power and I did not have the strong visions of Hellish things. Therefore I suppose that already in 2003 there were more fake Hellish people sent to pretend that they "hunt my soul" to make me look like I was suspecting normal people of doing dark magic. And because I had felt no Hellish power coming from them, I had supposed that unlike the first "true Hellish people hunting my soul", these new ones only had a weak magical power, which was the reason why I could not feel it.


One Of The Biggest Cheats


But back to my current situation. After I have survived "dark radiation" and "dark energetic attacks" (apart from them there were several other unexplained strange things at that times that I won't discuss here) there was a "poisoning". Its goal was to make me go crazy. Because, apart from the other, it causes some reversed impulses resulting in a self-mutilation (such a poor guy can dislocate his joints himself, remove his eyes himself, his penis, teeth, ears), Hellish people did a special trick:

They have sent more people to mention the "turning over" before me and making gestures with hands that it will "turn over". And then they were going to say, that I have suggested to myself that the impulses will "turn over" to me and that it was not caused by any purely physical impact on my brain like I claim it, but by my suggestion, above all.

As the consequence of my poisoning, in the first period there were spasms in muscles after beer, light cigarettes were replaced by extra light ones (but after they have poisoned them in my location I have ceased to smoke, exceptionally I have bought them on a distant place where they were okay), when my dog went after someone I had troubles to hold him, since my muscles were felt stiffed etc.

Later I have began to feel the dark power of some scenes in movies. For example, when having sudden confusional thoughts about what to do, I understood the meaning of "the factor of confusion", when a demon created the image of a bird in my mind, I understood the point in reminding the birds. I have also become attracted by the yellow to orange (to red) light like that of the Sun and similarly.

I have understood that many scenes (in movies, musical videos and similarly) have a deliberate negative effect on the viewers that were poisoned like me and that now and then on some other people, too. But more is in my articles "Reversed Meaning", "I Love You, Girls" and "Addition to RM".


Clever Cheats For Normal People (too clever for the stupid, but too stupid for the clever :-)


But now I have to speak about some other cheats that Hellish people (it deals with the members of a special service managed by Hellish people, therefore I use to say simply "Hellish people", which is majority true) made on me. After I have published the above-mentioned articles, they have started to take videos of me, how I display the traits of following other people's actions, of being influenced by "Hellish numbers" and similarly. And to record them, they have used clever cheats (they always do).

For example, they have wanted me to cough when I hear other people coughing to create the impression that I am imitating & following what other people do. And they have achieved this goal by more ways:

They have modified trolley-buses in our city (do not be surprised, they are giving hundred trillions EURO, when people will not take me, more exactly my writings, seriously) to be able to release a bit of a coughing gas near me. Other passengers would inhale it also, but less than I. Moreover, I am already more sensitive to it than they do, so that a very small amount released near me will make me cough.

Always somebody else had coughed and at the same moment a piece of the gas was released near me and then I had coughed. It was in a hypermarket (the invisible "coughing gas" was in the corridor near the other buyers), at a small airport, in various means of public transport, at a trolley-bus stop and similarly.

And when they had put a piece of the thing that irritates the bronchi on small tables there, where I was expected to sit, and the only present person, sitting at one of the tables, had started to cough, I was expected to follow him.

Other thing was that that I have used to a fact that in the goods in the shops there can sometimes be something detrimental for me, therefore I was hesitating long minutes and sometimes even tens of minutes, if I should pick up a tea or a lemonade, when they were three pieces with a "Hellish date" of production, for example. I saw some purpose in it and I have supposed that something is wrong (therefore I have sometimes picked up the goods, thought about it and then returned it back into the shelf).

One way or the other, I am recorded for long years: talking to myself, talking to an imagined person, doing very bad things, forgetting things (since the time of the poisoning forgetting has gradually appeared), doing crazy things and so on.

But, first, no one can ask a person with extreme spiritual experiences to be normal, and, two, I am a damaged person, a kind of a mutilated one, therefore no one can ask such a person of being normal, too.




Wait, here is another big cheat: Hellish Special Service knows, how the condition of the people poisoned like me develops itself and it manages to abuse this development perfectly. One fabricated example:

If the poor guys have got a high blood pressure and a higher need to scramble, there are approaching a point, where there is some chance that they will hurt themselves. In the same period of time the Special Service sends more people to indicate some act of the self-damage before such a poor guy and when he will do that, the official conclusion will be that that he has followed what others were showing before him, so that he is psychically ill (of course, they won't admit that they have poisoned him into such an extent that purely physically causes the act; please read my articles "Paranoia" and "Nektere zajimave skutecnosti").


(Just as a matter of interest, first of all I have started to scramble at home, and only then the people were sent to scramble in front of me, when there was already the certainty that I will scramble, creating the impression that I am following & imitating the people who scramble before me.)


The same is valid for people who will be sent to shake before the victim at the point of such a physical damage to his neuroendocrine system, when he is supposed to start to shake. If the physical damage will be concealed, then it would look like he was following & imitating those people's shaking out of so-called "psychical" reasons.

But often there can be something between the physical and the "psychical" impact. Person with a physically changed tense in the muscles who would not shake yet in normal circumstances, can start to shake when he is more nervous or when he knows that people are observing him, whether or not he shakes :-) But the same person would not shake if the muscles tense was fully normal, even if he was a bit more nervous and knew that he is observed. Therefore we still should not give his shaking a "psychical" cause.


"Several Tricks":


            After what I call "my first poisoning" they have regularly been releasing pieces of slightly harmful gases and drugs into the air before me to worsen my condition (e.g. piece of one drug from a parked car, piece of other drug from a running car, a little bit of one gas from a premise I was passing by, an increased formaldehyde in the air from a house I was passing by and similarly).

And whereas they have often been using a very small amount of detrimental things amidst people in public places, every now and again they had been releasing something stronger aside people, but always when I was together with my dog or when some "witness" was around who was ready to testify, that there was nothing detrimental how I could claim it. After such an inhale I was more nervous, often there was some anxiety (usually lasting about 48 hours) and I had tendencies to hit something and similarly, which I was trying to keep under control. I think that in my case the secret service did a bit more than what it will admit officially.

However, more times they had only been simulating the chemical attack on me, using unharmful stuff with a smell similar to that of the harmful one to make me suspect them from another chemical attack and to write it that way into my notes that were planned to be used against me later. There are many witnesses of smoke from normal cigarettes or normal female perfumes that I took (in my notes) for something detrimental.


(Just as a matter of interest, the secret service has a special knowledge how to affect their victim amidst people in public places in such a clever way, that it looks is if no one was doing anything bad to him.)


            By the "first poisoning" and other chemical influence, the increase of sexual desire has obviously been reached (then I had to began to "masturbate" including the ejaculation, which I was not capable of before and what has started to happen as late as several months after my experience "Supergod") that should become uncontrollable by some time. Imagine me, as a "God's virgin", how I suddenly start to go after women and bother them sexually. Do you understand? And then they will say: "This cannot be any "God's messenger", look at what he is doing!" Whilst this can physically be arranged in every man.


            They have wanted videos of me treating my dog badly, because bad behavior toward animals repels normal people. And it was one of the reasons why they had been worsening my relationship toward my dogs.

As soon as I have bought a puppy, there was a woman in the same bus and then going by the same train like we did, touching the puppy repeatedly with dark aura from her hand. I wanted the dog to be a fighter a bit when adult, so that one acquaintance of mine had sent me a picture where such a dog was torn in the fight with large Shepherd Dogs I loved and could not afford to have; another one had sent me the pictures of puppies of All-Russian Wolfhounds asking me if I will buy one or not, knowing that although I want one like Hell, I cannot afford it; I was threatened with kidnapping and bad people were waiting for me in the nights near my home and at the same time it was indicated to me, that my (young) Bernese won't manage to defend me; a Hellish man was looking into my dog's eyes from a close distance (because of the dark magic technique that I call "the victim's victim"; one time I had seen the Hellish energy and I had turned my head toward the direction it was coming from and there was somebody gazing at my dog); some strange person had touched my dog when he was playing with his bitch and had put some formaldehyde into his coat on the place where I used to "kiss" him during fondling; or when I had let my dog on a leash in front of the shops, someone Hellish gave him some food and/or touched him, because they knew that I want my dog to be people-aggressive and this will spoil him; or, instead, when the dog was leashed near the shop, they had released some drug on the way to him; or there was a bitch within a drug smell on the meadow and Hellish people knew, that my dog will want to play with her, will run to her and I will inhale the drug when coming for him; and, generally, every time when I went with my dog for a trip, there were drugs and gases more than usually to spoil it to me; and so on.

My relationships with dogs have been worsened since 2003. And it seems, that when the secret service is after someone, it does not allow him to have good relationships (this is also valid for the relationship to God or Jesus Christ that they spoil with their victims, which is described in "Nektere zajimave skutecnosti" - comment).


Sample from "Cheating, Vincible Adaptation and My Defense":


The principle is very simple. They will poison you and as the consequence of it, you will start to stutter, for example. Apart from it, during shopping, the goods in the shop will often fall from your hands down on the floor. But if was said that you were not poisoned and that you have not got any physical disease, the majority of people would automatically take you for a mentally weaker, if not crazy, person.

And this is valid the more in the case, when others will start to stutter in front of you just in the period of time when you were poisoned, which is the real reason why you stutter, but a psychiatric research can say, that you have began to stutter because you have seen other people to stutter, which is a lie like Hell, but stupid normal people could believe it. And my case is similar to this one.


Of course, there were many other tricks. For instance saying many bullshits before me to record, if I will get it or not (after it I have started to ignore many of them, looking like an idiot who does not get it).

There are also many videos of how I am forgetting something and/or repeating the same mistakes round and round (for instance entering the same place sprayed by the gas again and again, but I have always really forgot that the gas is there). After all the chemical interventions, the quickness and perfection of my thinking and memory have been worsened, of course.

Then there is my crazy shopping (taking the goods from the shelf and after longer moments putting it back; being afraid of 3 pieces of the goods in the shelf or of discount 30%), which was also arranged cleverly. They gave me reason to hesitate before the things connected with number 3.

Apart from this, I use to talk to myself or to an imagined person. In this respect, the videos are real, except for the fact, that after the chemical intervention, this trait of mine has increased a bit.




Now I will mention one cheat, about which I do not know, if it was used on me or not.

I have noticed that Hellish Special Service and its co-operators often record conversations between their and other people (they are also taking videos of their normal friends).

If this was used on me, I could have easily been tricked into a situation, in which I was saying that, for instance, I did not have such an experience with "the Sanctuary of God" like I in fact did and like I was writing in my books.

We would be talking about this experience, lets say, twenty times. And two times I would not be in the mood to talk about it at all, saying that I have only heard some voices, and the record could later blame me for lying about this experience.

As a matter of fact, I have never fully been talking about it with other people (neither with my friend ****** ***** in who I have confided in the forest, that I have got a new friend, a ball from a parallel world, which was true, and since that time I did not see it again). But I could have been recorded during it.




One more possible cheat: To create the impression that they are not entirely against me, they have arranged several situations in which I was supposed to help some people. I borrowed my phone to a boy near the forest who "needed" to make a call, but I did not give a food to a person that was asking me of it (I guess that they supposed that I will).

If only negative things were shown about me, it would look as if the Hellish organization was 100% against me, which is not too clever. Therefore they have maybe decided to use several situations, in which I will be given some little credit.

But I want the credit for one thing only: That I have recognized that they are Hellish and that they have some evil intentions that they keep hidden from normal people all the time.


The words of the Spirit of Truth (= the words of me)


Man is here because of (Super)God and not (Super)God because of man. (Super)God has created man to get something, what he needs, from his existence. And to get it, the existence of man must have been perfectly planned and controlled. The life of man has a meaning for (Super)God only when it is 100% precalculated & predestined to do exactly what it was designed for. Yes, there is 100% Destiny in all that.

To reach this goal is only possible in a closed reality, the inside of which is under a full control. In our case, it is a giant Ball, and there is a special Formula for all the events going on in it.

Human souls are designed for experiencing both the worst and the best things. The worst are here, in this period of time lasting thousands of years under the reign of Hellish people who, just as a matter of interest, are a link between our Earth and a lower Hell, this way temporarily preserving the statics of particular dimensions.

They have been tolerating, co-creating and creating only such beliefs and religions that do not give the normal people of this world what I call "forbidden knowledge". Shortly the truth of their origin and future and of the point in their existence. And when I have come and explained the part of it, it was the end. Radiation, chemical things, craziness.


There Are Always Some Wise Things In Religious Books


Although as a whole they are more wrong than correct, they use to posses some pearls of the real knowledge. For example "The Holy Bible", "Ecclesiastes" (3:15): "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past."

This repetition reminds me of so-called "preserving cycles" in our Ball (see my e-book "Supergod"). I remember that when I was young, I was shown how something has happened ten thousand times and after it there was the same situation as if it did not happen a single time yet (everything was the same: a stone on the way, a leaf on the tree, a cloud in the sky...).

Another example is "Sirach", "Ecclesiasticus" (33:10): "And all men are from the ground, and Adam was created of earth:

(33:11) In much knowledge the Lord hath divided them, and made their ways diverse.

(33:12) Some of them hath he blessed and exalted and some of them he sanctified, and set near himself: but some of them hath he cursed and brought low, and turned out of their places.

(33:13) As the clay is in the potters hand, to fashion it at his pleasure: so man is in the hand of him that made him, to render to them as liketh him best.

(33:14) Good is set against evil, and life against death: so is the godly against the sinner, and the sinner against the godly.

(33:15) So look upon all the works of the most High; and there are two and two, one against another."

This reminds me of opposites and how "the Heavenly third" of "the Picture of Human Souls" balances "the Hellish third" into zero and the two of them together with the "Mixed third" (half light but in view of a small covered place in it that was probably dark) the total value of these three thirds should be a small minus, so that the total subjective unhappiness of human souls is probably very slightly greater than their total subjective happiness (I estimate the entire value somewhere between -4 and -8%).

Do you see the numbers of these verses? In a way, those with numbers both 3 and 5, apart from a big knowledge, they contain what we can call "the factor of confusion". Also the names of the books are similar. I have chosen these verses because I have always liked their wisdom since I was young.


Bad Videos About Me Are Majority Invalid


When you will see any bad videos about me, please take them more or less for invalid. Please take into account that they show a man, on who there have been attempts of craziness in 2001/2002, attempts of murder in 2002-2004 (that would look like a brain's failure), bad psychological and magical influences in 2001 - 2015 (as the consequence of it I had a worse behavior and did some things I would not do without this impact on me), and a poisoning in 2009 so strong (with regular additions up to 2015), that it was expected that even the small means mentioned in my article "Supplement.pdf" (collection "Hellish People - Articles, books and videos", folder "Bonus", subfolder "Cheats") could already work.




First it was a sudden fear of a stronger light, but later the attraction to that of the Sun and similarly, confusion in directions and actions.


(For example, a thinking over what is normal and what not: To jump out of the window when looking from it or to return back to the inside of the room? To grab my eyes with my fingers or to grab with them something from the table? Several "reversed thoughts", suddenly appearing, but very quickly disappearing, were even sadly-laughable, for instance to get spanked for money from a man or from an older woman, or that there should be a vagina in my crotch or that my buttock should be a female one. Also a confusing feeling when looking at circular things and other.)


The way the bad "people" were influencing me chemically and how they were expecting my self-mutilation (which, I suppose, is a normal thing after the brain impulses became reversed), suggested experiences in this field, which means more such victims in the past already.




I spoke about "bad videos about me". There are hundreds, but maybe there are also those "bad about my dog". I believe that the enemy wanted to touch and/or feed my dog when I was not present, but perhaps also those when my Bernese was not reacting as a defender. For example in a vet ordination, where I had commanded him to be calm. It was the main place where he had been unobservant. Anyway, look at the not too high placement of his defense abilities:


- pictures are missing -


(It is years old picture from my old web site; perhaps I have underrated him here a bit, who knows; but despite being a defender, on alert mainly in the period of time when he had regularly been teased & recorded, he has had two weaknesses: 1. he was too communicative with other dogs, and 2. he could accept food from strangers, but not when defending me.)


For years, I have been badly influenced by psychological, energetic and chemical means, and for years, I have been recorded by the Hellish Secret Service. Accordingly to them, people must not believe in me, that is why so many bad videos of me. I must be unsympathetic to the public, it must not believe in my New Religion.

Hellish people have been damaging me and when they have reached that that I am damaged, they have started to record my abnormal behavior. Then they will show it to people and they will say: "Look at him! Such a person cannot be the Spirit of Truth!"

For example, one of the things they have caused is a bit worse concentration and some forgetting. Those bastards have created it by purely chemical impact on my brain and then they are recording, how I am overlooking this or that or how I am forgetting something.

No, it is not a joke. They are so evil. Shortly, normal people must not believe in me. And they must not believe in Hellish people.

Speaking of bad videos, one of the most disgusting things is violence against animals. And the Devilish way by which the Hellish Special Service spoiled my relationship toward my dogs would require a large article and not few sentences like the other subjects.


Question: I would like to know whether or not Hellish people have admitted that years ago they have used such means on me that use to kill some people and others go crazy? Did they admit their connection to Hell and that I have managed to block the energy of their attacks? Did they admit that the strength of my "poisoning" was so big that even a person with a perfect "psychical condition" would go crazy and (sooner or later) do reversed things?


Imagine this: You have invented what no one before or you have got knowledge like no one before, but it is unwelcome. So that they will radiate, poison and influence you, you will start to behave more badly and more crazily than before and they will start to record it. Apart from it, they will also be cheating on you so cleverly, that you will make more mistakes and they will record them, too. After some years, they will open their giant archive about you, the content of which will quickly convince all the normal people that you have no real knowledge to teach. There is nothing incomprehensible about this scheme.


(Just as a matter of interest, because I know that I am eavesdropped all the time, not only at home but I suppose that there is some bug also in my clothes and similarly, sometimes I talk bullshit about human buttocks and even during "masturbation". Those bastards who are observing me are often reacting to it, sending sometimes men and sometimes women to "show their butts" before me, either in the shops [full of wrong goods and fake buyers] or in the street [for instance, reaching for something into the car] and similarly. Apart from it, on one web site related to spanking there appeared videos, containing both a spanked woman and a spanked man at the same time, which is both confusing and ugly, since the male butt spoils the scene. Perhaps Hellish people want me to mistake the butts by some time.)


Under The Reign Of Terror


Hellish people had let spoil my relationships and the most intensive chemical attacks were going on when I was together with my dog, which was one of the things that had worsened our relationship and that had made me cease going with him for our regular walks (the longest pause was 4 months). I even could not walk him on the yard to let him do his needs, because there was some drug or gas every time.

When he was dying, I was afraid of euthanasia by the vet (see "Safe Dying", I was made to suspect the vet) and they refused to give my dog injections against pain. My father gave him in secret something from the Hellish Secret Service and said that "he had prayed to the God" (they often arrange something and then they mention the God like it was his work) and that he thinks that the dog will die that day. He did not die, but he was changed, not recognizing me as good as before. And during his dying by a delayed euthanasia, my father, commanded by the Secret Service, made an emotional scene that had disturbed my last moments spent with my dog.

I add, that during the last times of my dog's life, my father regularly let the members of Special Service enter the house when I was away to make some disorder in it that would surprise me after my return.

At home, there were some very small detrimental odors (from PC, water tubes, refrigerator), and on the cooker there was something weak but functioning for a long period of time. But the members of my family were commanded by the Secret Service to claim, that in the house there was nothing like this (for example, my father had signed a paper about the odor from a PC that was in my grandmother's apartment, but when even a bigger odor was in a PC in the house, he lied that he does not smell it). After the main poisoning the Secret Service wanted me to be inhaling something detrimental for me every day, even in my home. My father and my sister will probably testify that not, perhaps they have received some money for it.

Outside the house there have always been drugs and gases prepared for me, every walk on a fresh air in the forest was spoiled (by sprayed trees around the way, by gases and drugs from the cars, from the external outputs of gas heating in the houses and so on). And when I was at home and had opened the window of my room to let some fresh air get into it, odors were there very soon, as if they were coming from the garden of neighbors. That is why in some periods of time I rather did not air the room by the window at all and was suffering by the lack of oxygen.


(By the way, some gases have a strange nature in the sense that they "act" on a narrow place only: Two people are sitting at the same table. One inhales the gas and the other not. Or when there is no wind and the air is standing, the gas stands in the same position in the air as an invisible wall. One bigger step to the right and you will inhale it, one bigger step to the left and you won't inhale it. And when there are two people going together through the same places, and one knows where the gas will be in the air and he always holds his breath at that place, whereas the other one will always inhale in it, the first will stay healthy and the other will fall ill. As for the "olfactory inconspicuousness" of particular gases, some are like the scent of flowers, like that of a cooking, like that of cigarettes, like gases from running cars... For a change, some gases are almost without any smell at all etc.)


Many people in my city were trained by the Special Service and I believe, that as soon as e.g. a seller has learned to smile at a person to whom he sells poisoned cigarettes or detrimental food as if everything was okay, he becomes a spoiled person. Many people here were taught to pretend before me and to lie to me, even my closest relatives (Hellish people knew that after the chemical intervention I will be confused and less reasonable). And one of their lies was a pretending that my aunt is Hellish and that she has robbed my mother of her soul, which my father, obeying the Special Service, signed so (but my sister refused to sign it, she apparently knew why).


(By the way, in the bed of my mother, there was a very bad charge. It could have been caused by the presence of the bad beings connected to her as a suffering person [they feed on the suffering of living creatures], but also by the presence of those who use to capture the souls. I have also felt a Hellish imprint in our dog, it must have been touched or, at least, looked into the eyes by someone Hellish. No one told me that they were in our house. I was cheated completely.)

But who knows who was with my mother when she was dying, nobody here tells me the truth.


(This lying is also the reason why I am totally ignorant as far as practical information about my life are concerned. For long years, nobody talks normally and openly to me. And if I was in a TV show, and maybe I am, I would be the only one who would not know about it, because nobody would tell it to me. The influence of Hellish people on normal people is so big, that they manage to incite them to be against anyone they want, no matter if that person is right or wrong.)


Currently, small pieces of detrimental gases & drugs in the air and little harmful things in some food and drink are still present as well as some goods in the shops is curved (e.g. numbers in the watch, artificial matter in the shoes and similarly, but I do not complain on purpose), and every now and then people show some abnormal behavior before me, hoping that I will follow & imitate it. Regularly they also scramble on their head or touch it (or the collar or the cap) a bit more than before, so that I am supposed to notice it.


(By the way, earlier I thought that to buy a good salt or a good lemonade, now I mean without detrimental components, is totally a normal thing. But after my bad experiences, good food products without detrimental components, shortly clean like they should be, are a miracle to me. In the same way like the proper care of health from doctors.

As long as we have these things and we have never tasted what it is like to be without them, we cannot appreciate them fully. But when we find ourselves without them, we start to realize their big value.)


(Out of the things that I did not speak about yet, I will mention one: Prayers.

Because I am observed so much, more or less I have ceased to pray since they would have the records of my prayers, which I hate.

I remember the times when I used to pray in "my pathways" in the forests and my prayers were not working at all. Then there were three successes: 1. One voice said to me words meaning "Go somewhere where no one will see it!"  and when I have entered a different place in Nature, there was the Lamb's Wrath going through my body. Or when I went to the forest in the night instead of in the day using a different way to get there, there was the God's Remembrance. Or when I was naked without any personal thing with me in the summer in the forest away from all the pathways and on a different place than usually, there were the Beings of the Sanctuary of God.

Anyway, I was recorded during my experience "Supergod", but it has happened on a micro-level, softer than the one that the observing equipments are made of, so that they cannot see it. But if there appeared something from the coarser dimensions, then it would be seen by the hidden cameras.

And now I almost believe that that if the hidden micro-cameras were in the lower room and in the kitchen of our house at the time, when the God & Holy Council had sent their Circle of Stars to me, they would not send them. One way or the other, all the secret observation is harmful in many aspects.)


PS: If I want to go to Nature, both my bicycle and my tent are sprinkled by something chemical. There is no way to get a rest from it.


Every Now And Again


What I will write here is about what sometimes comes to my mind when I am pissed off. In contrast to what I would really do, if I could, it is exaggerated, but I won't specify how much.

When I have come to realize that so many normal people have acted against me, knowing for years that my work is supposed to be destroyed and that I am supposed to end in an unspeakable suffering, I have felt a terrible anger.

They did not say a single word to me. Neither my own mother, nor any friend of mine, nor any neighbor, nor any acquaintance from the pub. And when I saw the crappy Christians how they are afraid to disappoint the mighty ones who wanted them to help a bit, I would shot them down as well as everybody else who was close to me and who has stayed silent when he knew about the evil what was supposed to hit me.

I believe that there were two main reasons for their silence: 1. They were afraid that they would have problems, if they have spoken, and 2. The absolute majority of today's normal people are idiots (but it is supposed to be changed in the future). They believe what the authority says to them.

One of the things I do hate very much is entering my PC, which, by the way, means PERSONAL and not someone else's COMPUTER. And if I could, I would cut off the hands of every curious bastard who has ever accessed it behind my back as well as the hands of those who were pressing the push buttons to release gases and drugs when I was walking my poor dog.

When I see some of the inhabitants of the city of Plzen (Czech Republic) and how they have treated me for years (lies, gases, drugs, and in the last times also unclean food), Me, who was elected by the Holy Council, I am sometimes in the mood to let them be punished for what they have done to me. But I know that the people are misinformed and turned against me by clever lies and/or by the law, which excuses them somehow. Of course, the real culprits are Hellish people. Without them the people here would not act against me that way.


Other related thoughts:


Recently I was thinking over how big an offense to Holy Council is when its servant is treated like me and then a piece of my mind had connected the stream that, apart from all the other, is very little related to It.

I was given a lesson: "What was done to me (and to my dogs and similarly) was a real evil that must not be forgiven. It would be a big mistake to forgive it."

Although the majority of normal people commanded to be against me were total idiots, I do not forgive them fully. Idiot who never questions the authority and who fully trusts what the official sources of information are telling him, is such a big idiot, that he needs a lesson. If he was not given one, he would be thinking wrongly till his death.

In the same way like all the normal people have agreed with my damage including the destruction of my spiritual work, the destruction of the life of my dog and my supposed self-mutilation in the future, I, in return, will agree with any big damage, if they will sustain it in their life.

For example, if the fall of a meteorite destroyed the house of a female seller who sold poisoned cigarettes to me and her children died during it, I would not feel sorry for her, in the same way like in the case, in which, for instance, a different family would be killed by the flood that was regularly releasing some detrimental gas when I was passing by its premise or house. Did they feel sorry for me? No. Then why should I feel sorry for them?

All the years, people around me have been honoring fabricated or wrongly depicted figures from the history, but I, who was really shown the God, have been ignored and later persecuted. To honor fabricated figures made by Hellish people and to dishonor and then even damage the real figure elected by the real God's Holy Council, is a real crime.

However, this crime is a part of something what suits the God and the Holy Council, since they profit from the entire calculation of our Ball that includes this crime, too (and my suffering, of course). On the other hand, the calculation also includes the consequences of this crime. It is such a Plan.

I do not like Hellish creatures. But, sad to say, there are some with the right for life and food, and I would prefer if after my death (whether it will be 1 or 50 years from now) they were sent to feed to the locations where people have treated me badly, than to different locations. Or, even better: To my dismay, some amount of evil is to happen on Earth and I am less unhappy when it will happen to those who I do not like, than when it should happen to somebody else. If you were in my shoes, you would not? Please ask yourselves and answer to yourselves truly!

I did not start this. I was writing my spiritual books and then evil people came and started to affect my brain. Then their Hellish organization started to set all the normal people against me. And it is how it all has begun: Evil actions of Hellish people against my will.


(The Hellish organization has gradually spoiled the character of many normal people, it was forcing them to perjure on the God, to cease them feel mercy with the victim, to wish the worst things to a majority innocent man and similarly. Since the beginning, many normal people, close to me, knew what is supposed to be done to me, yet none of them warned me. A couple of frankly said words, one sentence anonymously sent to me, would do. But I have not got any. I would never believe that all the close people would be silent. It seems that if I was on their place, I would be the only idiot, who would make problems to himself by running to his persecuted friend to warn him.)

(Once I had a father [who was a principled person in the sense that no one should disturb the privacy of other people or touch their personal things; he hated when people were eavesdropped, secretly observed and similarly], but he "died" in the moment, when he had let the strange people touch my personal things and when he had let them observe me in our house. Once I had a sister [who was compassionate and always trying to help], but she "died" in the moment, when she had agreed that I will end in an unspeakable suffering, without any effort to help me. Once I had "friends" and some "acquaintances" [who seemed to be opened to me, sharing what they know with me], but they "died" in the moment, when they had learned about the cheat affecting me and they did not say a single word to warn me.)


(If the truth of who I really was has become known in the future, I do not want any monument in the city of Plzen! This city does not much deserve to have it [this is also valid for its descendants, who will have the genes of the spoiled people in themselves], therefore if there will be any such monument in this city in the future, please remove it. Let it only be in the forest, perhaps in the glade of "the God's Remembrance" in the middle of the original pathway [although in the near villages some normal people knew about the cheating on me and they did not say any word to me, which I do not forgive] and/or where was "the Sanctuary of God".)


In conclusion, please understand that one of the main reasons for my words full of hatred is not only my suffering (for instance an unpleasant feeling in the stomach after a water that should perfectly be drinkable), but also the fact that my affected brain makes me be a bit angrier, than how it would be if it has not been affected at all, and if Hellish people did not worsen my relationship to the normal.


My Sentences


Hellish Secret Service has sentenced me. The one who is not Hellish and who have been introduced to the "Holy Council", directly co-operating with the God who I have seen (and I have also got to know Supergod).

I remember that Hellish people did not have access into that place. Even neither Pope nor Dalai Lama could have been accepted into there. But I was.

If the Secret Service was normal and not Hellish, its members would talk to me, they would let me know about some errors in my books, they would come with logical arguments and so on. But I have found out that they have no interest in the truth, they have only been considering what the masses of normal people believe in. It must have always been something what suits the Hellish, even if it should fully be fabricated.

But they must be stopped in their deliberate lying to us all. It came to pass in the future, when their parallel world was attacked and majority destroyed. And, suddenly, they were weak and screaming with the expression of terror on their Hellish faces.


Remember this: As soon as there is some big international and/or Hellish interest and you are the one in its way, there is no mother any more, no good relative, no friend. You are alone.

However, the law that forces a mother to act against her own child or that forces a doctor to laugh at a poisoned person and to only give him a medicine, about which he knows that it cannot help him, is a sick law created by a sick society that should be changed.


My case: One of the mistakes that I have made was that that I had trusted my close people and I was convinced that if they knew something important, they would tell me about it. Yes, I was that stupid. Anyway, to use close people against the victim is a very efficient weapon. And if in addition to it the victim has got badly influenced and/or damaged brain, he is lost like it was in the case of me.


(As a founder of a new belief if not even of a religion, I was an import person and not only my physical relationships were abused, but also the virtual ones, meaning from the Internet. Many "online friends" were cheating on me, manipulating with my words in conversations and similarly.

Generally, better do not trust the other people, especially when you are working on something important. In such a case your relationships will probably be used as a strong weapon against you.)


Hellish people have lied to us for thousands of years (also by managing religions with untrue explanation of our existence), they have prevented a better system than this one from being established (in which there would not be the wars like in our history and similarly) and they have postponed the establishment of the Kingdom of God. Therefore let them be sentenced to the destruction of their parallel Hellish world and to the annihilation of their Hellish humanoid souls.


There Is No Real Privacy


Next to our house there is a bigger house that has two parts with an extra entrance and there are several apartments in every part. But what mainly matters to me is that that in every part there is at least one person who I consider to be a co-operator of the Special Service.

In one entrance there are people who run a shop and a pub (one of them was curious about the physical function of my sexual organ when I was young) and in the other there was a man wearing a "Hellish" violet-blue jacket and having a "special car" (he was curious if I cannot be in fond of boys).


- pictures are missing -


If they are Hellish like I believe, it suggests at least one co-operator in every bigger house. Apart from it, even if a small house only, the normal family or its members probably have some co-operator for a friend. That is why all the normal people must learn not to trust their friends and never, not a single time in their life, display their most important secrets before them.

Apart from those mentioned above, there was a lonely Hellish woman with a red & green fence (sorry for the low-quality picture), a friend of mine (yellow car and red jacket).


- pictures are missing -


And here are three versions of the web site of my acquaintance from the Internet who I had a problematic relationship with (we see dragons, fire, red color, invisible eyes, squatting...).


- pictures are missing - 


But there are other even more disturbing facts. When I was a young boy, strangers were visiting our house in secret. There was also voice talking to me in the room of my father from a supposed hidden speaker (it was so loud, that I was repeatedly asking my mother why she did call me and she always answered that she did not), introducing himself as "Virgin Marry". And one time something opened a heavy metal door of the attic, who knows if it was some spiritual creature or rather some hidden secret technique by means of which Hellish people were exceptionally doing such "miracles" already 30 - 40 years ago if not even before.

But if there was a bug in my father's room, it means that both his secret conversations with my mother and how they were making love to each other was recorded by Hellish people. This thought is a terrible one. And if I imagine myself doing some special spanking plays with my eventual girlfriend and these Hellish bastards recording it, I want to vomit. I would rather have no such pleasant experience, than Hellish people with the record of it.

In view of the sad fact that they have their people everywhere (one of them was not using any obvious indications, but was observing people and even conversations of children, as if it was somehow important; another one was poor with missing teeth and some debts, but he used to wear Hellish colors on his poor clothes), and they often use hidden micro cameras and other observing equipments, it is at the border of impossibility to keep something hidden from them all life long (they are able to see the inside of everybody's home, if needed).

And I will mention here one more interesting fact. The children of co-operating, usually Hellish families, can secretly record their classmates and/or friends, like the boy on the following picture was doing this (I have discovered the recording equipment that was switched on in his home).


- pictures are missing -


Anyway, in view of the above mentioned facts and of that that the co-operators of the Hellish Special Service penetrate every group of people, the only possible way how to do something what they do not expect is the unexpected action of an individual who has masterfully been hiding his plans before them.

But now I do not speak about the preparation of some terroristic action or something like that! Many obstacles can be removed by gentle manners: by prayers (extremely important!), by good work, by having & spreading the correct information that other people have not got yet and similarly. Thus what I have written above is useful exclusively for the preservation of personal privacy: when you are going to go for sudden trips to a distant place, to buy something what other people do not expect you to buy, to make preparations for some new way of advertising your business, to make a photo guide of something they do not know you care about so much, to do a personal research of something interesting and so on.


Three old cases:


1. When I was a boy, during a shorter period of time we had a cat. One day I and my father did go by a motorcycle to one village. But before we have left, we closed the cat in the house. All the doors were locked and there was no way how he could get away. However, when we had returned, the cat was outside the house welcoming us. The rest of the family was away and the only possibility was that that somebody strange was in the house while we were away.


2. One day in the school I was unexpectedly sent to home, where I did go to bed. After some time, I have heard the sound of opening door and somebody's footsteps. I have called words meaning "Father, is that you?". The footsteps have immediately stopped and then I have heard going them back and the sound of the opening door again. And, of course, it was none of our family.


3. I had left a message on a piece of paper behind the door and after I have leaved my home, there was a neighbor passing by and going toward our homes. After a moment, I have remembered that I forgot something. I have returned back to home, but in the meantime, the paper behind the door was obviously viewed. Many people are just curious, but if you are interesting and/or if there is some suspicion, the Special Service can buy your neighbors to get access to you (I am saying it because that neighbor was entering my home, too).


Closing question: Are you able to live happily when you know that Hellish people are observing and recording you?


Hellish Signs in Entertainment


In the last times I have seen four older things (many new ones are the result of adaptation to what I have written, therefore during any investigation please ignore mainly years 2015 and 2016, in case of movies 2013 and above). First a musical video "Paradise" ("Within Temptation") starting with a "demon's teaser" (above all, there is an indication of number 3, "demon's color", raised hands with something white on them and closed eyes near a yellow-red attracting light).


- pictures are missing -


And the second thing was a movie "Where The Wild Things Are". In the beginning there is a scene "reminding the Hell" (a so-called "reminder of Hell" that differs from the rest of what is in the movie). We see a dog and (a boy masked like) a "horny creature", which is a "Hellish circumstance", going down the stairs. This "direction down toward the Hell" is emphasized also by crawling on all four, by emphasized legs and by digging in the ground.

The rotating movements of the boy when he is falling from the stairs, his embrace with the dog and the hole in the snow indicate a whirl (Hellish people often indicate it by circular things). Apart from it we see some "Hellish colors" on the boy's clothes (he also raises his hand, which in given circumstances celebrates the Hell a bit). Generally, the combination "down + whirl" (mainly together with something Hellish) mean "the way to Hell".


- pictures are missing -


The (slow and emphasized scene in the) end of the movie is also interesting. After an embrace (= circle) with a kneeling (= down) and a raised hand (= victory of the Hell) there is emphasis on eyes and mouth (see "Hellish Signs in Movies - Emphasis on eyes and mouth"). In view of the position of the woman, her mouth and eyes are aslant (= one of the ways to emphasize them), she has a "raised hand", and the boy moves his lips by smiling. It is a secret Hellish language.


- pictures are missing -


Because I often deal with so-called "teasers for the demon" (some applicable only in one out of several millions of people, see "Reversed Meaning" and "Addition to RM"), regularly related to the birds, the form or behavior of which he can take in the mind of his victims, here is one from this movie. In particular a "bird" whose hand was torn away and who later behaves friendly to the one who did that to him, which is not normal.


- pictures are missing -


For the record, in the movie there are the monsters together with "the Sun's color" and that of the sand, too (see "Reversed Meaning").


- pictures are missing -


Just as a matter of interest, there is a Czech song related to the color of the sand & of the desert, named "Divam se, divam" (which means "I look, I look") by "Petr Hapka". It contains words "ze jsem na pousti a ze me stesti opousti" (they mean that color related to the demon and "the factor of confusion" at the same time), then there is "Kam jsi oci dal? Tva stastna hvezda sviti dal!" (which means "where did you put your eyes, your lucky star shines further" The song has a charge of increased want for someone's embrace and support, which is typical to the poisoned victims. Their damaged brain can interpret erroneously the meaning of many such words.


Another small example, related to the "desert's color", is album "Za stenou z papiru" by "Eva Henychova". Song 3 "Krajinou pouste" (= through the landscape of the desert) mentions pain (that it connects subconsciously with the color of the sand), song 13 "Eroticka" (= an erotic one) has words about how she lets him to crumple or "pick and mix" her into a ball (= to be controlled by somebody + confusing circular shape). And song 14 "Holubice" means the dove, which is a bird.

The first three pictures ("attracting color", white letters, the female singer in white clothes and white color of the CD) were taken by my mobile phone and they display the album that we have in our home (I do not know its origin). The fourth picture is how the album looks on the Internet.


- pictures are missing -


The third older thing is a Russian fairytale "" (I suppose you know it like "Father Frost") that contains both reminders of Hell and demon's teasers.

In the scene shown below we can see emphasis on the eyes, circular movements of the little cottage (= whirl), emphasis on direction down by movements with legs and lying (= Hell), and Hellish circumstances (the witch and the red color).

The eyes together with the whirl and the direction down remind such a way to Hell that happens after looking at someone, meaning stealing his soul and its transfer to the Hell by the look of the eyes.

This scene ends by lifted hands celebrating the Hell, whereas the last movement of the hand is down, reminding the Hell again (saying that it was because of it).


- pictures are missing -


Another scene showing the combination "circular thing (there is also a rope moving around a girl tied to a tree), eyes and down" is during a fight with the thieves.


- pictures are missing


As for the demon's teasers, in this fairytale there are several of them. First we see very quickly moving fingers alternating with a view of a sleeping girl, having a lollipop looking like a bird (the quickly moving fingers during sleeping and the bird can help the demon make his victim do some bird's act with them, for instance a peck into the eyes). Then we see colors attracting the demon and the birds.


- pictures are missing


The next teaser is a red mirror with the picture of a bird on it. The old woman is blind (showing fingers and having her right eye closed for some moments). The hero says words meaning that he would rather be blind and that he won't look at himself any more. After it he breaks the mirror and then there are the birds.


- pictures are missing


Here we can see the blonde woman, the demon's mediator, in directions to the right and to the left (changing of directions can be related to a so-called "factor of confusion", see "Reversed Meaning") with the look at the viewer, saying words meaning "I want the bridegroom, I want wealth, I want, I want, I want". It reminds me that the demon always wants something as well.


- pictures are missing


Here we can see that woman again, together with 3 pigs and the birds.


- pictures are missing -


The fourth older thing is "Game of Thrones". Here are the closing "reminders of Hell" in the last episodes of the first four seasons (of course, these reminders differ from the rest of what was in given episodes), containing the combination "whirl and down".

Season 5 and above are skipped, since they have been produced after I have started to write about Hellish indications occurring in this TV Series, therefore the new "reminders of Hell" could have been made differently than the old ones as the result of adaptation to what I have written, or they could have been even skipped.


Season 1:


Hellish circumstance (fire, smoke and dragons), emphases on direction down toward Hell (shoes, squatting, bow down on the knees and looking down with bowed head), and indication of a whirl (the circles of fire).


- pictures are missing -


(In the reminders of Hell, the components of the scene get a Hellish meaning. In normal circumstances, the shoes are a normal thing, so is the circle and partly the fire, too. But in spite of it, in this scene they have the Hellish meaning.)


Season 2:


Hellish circumstance (monsters), emphases on direction down (lying and the horse's legs), and indication of a whirl (the circular basket).


- pictures are missing


Season 3:


Hellish circumstances (the dragons and Hellish colors of clothes), emphases on direction down (view from below, squatting), and indication of a whirl (the people around Khaleesi turn her around).


- pictures are missing -


Season 4:


Emphases on direction down (waterfall, down the stairs with a little jump down in their end, worker bent forward with the shovel), indication of a whirl (the rolls of paper). Then there are one and two fingers (= "We [Hellish people] are not one time, we are two times!"). Perhaps the words "Valar Morghulis" containing word meaning "die" can be the negative, I mean "Hellish", circumstance.


- pictures are missing


Remember: Every time the details are different, but the core reminds the same!


One interesting scene that combines "whirl and down" with a "demon's teaser":


We see emphases on direction down (cup falling down and leg kicking it, forward bent and crawling on all four searching the cup, Joffrey's fall down by the face turned to the ground and his vomiting down, people kneeling near him), circular things & golden color (the cup and the pie), the birds, emphasized fingers, and a look at the viewer with blood in the eyes.


- pictures are missing -


Above all, such scenes are more likely to take effect on the viewer, if they differ from the rest of what is in the movie & TV Series, if they are strongly focused on his subconsciousness, and if he is emotionally depended on the story.


One interesting thing: In this scene, beautiful Emilia Clarke is seen naked (breasts and buttocks), which opens the viewer. And during the view, her brothers thumb is emphasized. She is said that the water is too hot, but she ignores the warning and goes into it, looking at the viewer. Do you know why? I do.


- pictures are missing -


Questions and Answers for Normal People




If there were Hellish people, would they want normal people not to believe in them?




Yes, they would want normal people not to believe in them.




If there was someone, who would start to claim that there are Hellish people, would they want to make his claim look like a nonsense?




Yes, they would want to make his claim look like a nonsense.




Would Hellish people be so smart that they would manage to do that in such a clever way that normal people would fully believe it?




Yes, Hellish people would be so smart that they would manage to do that in such a clever way that normal people would fully believe it.


(This is valid for me, when I am introduced to the human society as a crazy person writing nonsenses, because years ago I have discovered that there are Hellish people.)


Please try to ask yourselves questions of the following type and try to answer them:


How come that a crazy person did find the Hellish meaning of scenes in movies and we, normal people, who are not crazy, did not find it?

It is because with him who is normal, thinking is restricted by this human society, managed by Hellish people. He honors its official sources of information and therefore he remains uninformed.


Bonus 1 (reflection on love)


In the same way like the particular pieces of (Super)God's body function properly and love one another (yes, we can call it like that!) correctly only when they all are in an ideal condition, also love among people can only function correctly when all the participating people are (at least partly) well-off. Therefore it is not correct to ask someone, who suffers very much, of the proper love for others.

Do not forget that love is a business. We give others to receive from them. Energy for energy. We should be both accepting and giving out love energy and to be happy during its experiencing at the same time. Only then it works the proper way.

What reason have those who are badly-off to love the other people or the human society? First of all, one has to be at least a little bit well-off and only then he can be asked to give his love to others.

Therefore let us "invest" love in others, make them well-off and then let us accept love from them in return. However, in practice there are factors that reduce the positive efficiency of this model, but it would be a longer talking.




Every individual is a different case but I hope that I won't be wrong when I say that the following principle of the distribution of love is valid for the majority of people.

Human being should have more kinds of love, whereas none of them is experienced by its maximal intensity, but at the same time there must be enough love for every one of them.

For example, it means that to only love own wife and nobody else is a mistake. Better way is to love the wife only by part of the entire potential of love, by its different part parents, by its different part own children, by another part friends and domestic animals etc.

The ideal partner, meaning a husband or a wife, should be of medium beauty with a piece of a good heart and loved by medium intensity.




When I make it all very simple, on the first place there is "I" (= own self). On the second place there are close people, and on the third place there are all the other people, shortly the human society (domestic pets and similarly are not now taken into account). Above all, we love it if we (and our close ones) are allowed to happily live in it.

Ideally, all the "three places" starting with our self and ending with all the people, should perfectly be tuned together and working in the best possible way.


I am mainly interested in two "models of human love":


1. Every man "owns" the average amount of "human love" and by means of it he loves the other people. Apart from it, he can be experiencing more other kinds of love together with them. For example, love for some piece of land, for Nature as such, for the same kind of animals or sport (= loved activity that causes us to have pleasant subjective feelings that are related to our satisfaction with ourselves, which is related to self-love) and so on.


2. Every man "owns" the average amount of "human love" and by means of it he loves the other people. But apart from this one and other kinds of love (see above), he can be experiencing a "Godly love" together with them. Then all the people love one another and are "Gods" a little bit at the same time :-)

You know, there is a special energetic stream, in a way connecting the highest spiritual creatures including Supergod. And all the human beings loving the other people would have access to that stream. Thus they would love the other people both by the human love and by "that of Gods" at the same time.


Bonus 2 (text from my web site about "Safe Dying")


I have remembered & realized something very interesting, what is related to what I have experienced in my past.

After I have written several great spiritual e-books, bad people (probably "Hellish Secret Service") did something in the room I used to sleep in. I recall that at that time "the man gazing into the bulb" (see "Reversed Meaning") was saying to me words meaning "it is more difficult for me to control myself" (whereas his "I" should have been valid for me).

Demons were touching me when I wanted to sleep, demonical faces were looking at me with a dark power streaming from their eyes into me. And I have even noticed that these Hellish creatures were using a technique that can result in the capture of the soul. Apart from it I had often been paralyzed after I woke up and it took some moments for me to make some finger move and then the rest of my body.

To capture the soul, usually the demon is helped by a person doing black magic, most often by a Hellish person (having Hellish humanoid soul inside of him), the energy of which helps him to enter his victim. But it seems that he can also be helped by a special equipment.

However, I cannot 100% exclude the fact that the victim's soul can be captured by means of the equipment that makes possible for Hellish beings to enter him more easily than in normal circumstances. And if the victim, apart from being influenced by the equipment, is influenced by other negative things (psychological means how to make him think on something what increases the effect of the equipment on him, if some medicine or drugs supporting it are used), the effect can be the higher.

Generally, I believe that in this case the danger of the real capture of the soul is small (yet it exists) and more probable is craziness in the meaning of a psychical diagnosis. Only exceptionally strong individuals and/or those who know how to approach this problem, can survive undamaged.




Apart from what was said above, there is one more disturbing fact. People can be observed and hunted during dying by equipments hidden so perfectly, that we would not be able to find them.


Bonus 3 (about my personal writings)


I have to say some words regarding "The Other Kind" I often quote from. Its disclaimer says: "This "ebook" was not completely "proofread", part of the text consists of old notes and there are some errors in it." Apart from it, during all the time I was under a slight chemical pressure, repeatedly at the border of slight hallucinations or increased imagination, at least.

But I did not show this "ebook" to anyone. Understand, these are my personal notes and I can write into them even bullshit if I want, because these texts are only written at my home (although recently I have made their online backup protected by password).

Anyway, the "ebook" was stolen by the secret service. It was suspicious to me, that every now and again when I wrote something into it, the things start to change as if somebody knew what I have written about them in my private documents. I also believe that small pieces of some of my "inventive ideas" were used in the world before I have published them.

Remember my article "Privacy of Your Secret Work". Those curious bastards must not know at all what you are working on! It is a very bad situation to be writing books and at the same time to have a regular control of their development!

Viewing the documents of "The Other Kind", on some places I even cannot remember that I have written what is there. The secret service had access to the text both in my PC and on DVDs for years. I did the checksum of the writings only a longer time after I have written them and even if not, the secret service is so skillful, that it is even able to create the imitation of these documents in the way that they would have the same filesize and checksum like the ones really written by me.

One way or the other, if anything from the writings belonging to "The Other Kind" would be about being published, I have to control it first.


Bonus 4 (cheats to gain your trust)


Long ago two people were showing a bug to me saying that they were eavesdropped. However, it seemed that they were secretly reporting other people, but they wanted to give the impression of a victim, to make the really-observed people trust them.

Some Hellish people often look like persecuted or poor guys and many normal people can like them. But how it has already been explained, normal person should never trust anyone that he or she knows, no matter how long.


Bonus 5 (error in my article)


Something for "Addition to RM". There is an error in "Bonus 1". The "yellow thing" on the pictures should not be a small building, but a big vehicle.

And other thing is that that in my book "Caucasian Ovcharka", apart from the Central Asian Ovcharka attacking the head, there is a video of a Caucasian Ovcharka doing a similar thing. It was uploaded in the time when I used to walk my young BMD Barry, dreaming of having the Caucasian Ovcharka instead of him. The uploader's nickname is "tak31005" and dog's name is "lider" (= 3 and 5 letters).

I also forgot to say, that on my credit card with PIN 13** there was the picture of a bird. Interesting.


Bonus 6 (two faces of Hellish people)


The following is a famous scene from movie "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". The man in about-red clothes says word "monster" and then there is emphasis on direction down toward the Hell (vomiting into the washbowl and a forward bend). After it there is the indication of the Hellish humanoid soul, in human body looking like a figure within figure. Apart from it, there are emphasized fingers, first two and then one. In secret Hellish language it means "we, who are two times, are for one" (also number one and similarly). This way Hellish people indicate their "being two times".


- pictures are missing -


I do not know, how Hellish people have explained this to the uninformed public (they run the TV and never show the main truth in it), but if all the confidents of the Special Service were taken for "two in one", even if they have got a normal human soul (on the one hand they live like normal people, but on the other hand they are observing and reporting), then being "three times", which is also indicated in more movies, could mean both to be two times by working for the Special Service, and to have a Hellish humanoid soul (and access to Hell) at the same time.


(By the way, please look at letters "www" [the Internet]. The letter "w" is two letters "v" in one and is present three times. Many things here have a Hellish meaning for Hellish people, but they won't tell us.)


Bonus 7 (privacy one more time)


Because I am recorded all the time and I do hate when the Hellish organization has the records of my private matters, every now and again I have to stop violently any energetic reaction that they could see. And it is more and more difficult. For example, recently I had to stop even the channel related to "the Sanctuary of God", which was very sad for me. I want to do many things, but I cannot, because those Hellish bastards would see it.

I am afraid that there is no chance for me to get into some place where I would have a real privacy. Without hidden cameras and/or eavesdropping equipments in the forest, on the clothes and personal things, and, possibly, also on my own body.

It is difficult to find a piece of advice for me, but it is much less difficult to find it for you (hopefully, you have read my article "Privacy of Your Secret Work"):

Create the impression that you are not hiding anything and abuse those Hellish bastards for it!


You have two main options:


1.      To be without relationships. Always remember that no relationships are better than any bad ones. Always be aware of the fact, that you are your best friend! The only one, who exactly knows what you feel, because others do not know it. Therefore when you are with you, you are in the best company!

Not to have any relationship and not to talk to other people has some benefits, but people who are alone are observed, too. And to replace the missing information from your friends, when you do not have any, the Special Service can increase the hidden recording of your person, especially when they suspect you of working on (or doing) something interesting.


2.      To have relationships. To talk to other people and pretend that you are frank to them and that you confide your private matters to them. Show them the pictures you took, talk about various plans you have. However, in fact in front of them you never display anything what matters to you most and what you want to keep hidden from them.


General advices:


Always let the data that contain what you permit to be known about you in the PC, notebook, tablet and on the backup mediums in your home on normal places like the table or the shelf, because they are easily found and accessible by anyone, who has (whether legal or illegal) access to your home.

Purely theoretically, if you had an extra tablet with your private things, you could hide it somewhere, but I doubt that they would not discover it. Moreover, if you have a micro camera in your home to observe you, they could see where you are hiding your secret tablet.

Before various other people always display the same (religious, political) opinions, because Hellish bastards can ask more people around you what you have said to them or what you have displayed in front of them.

Use online backup, but because those bastards are often checking it, upload only the things that you want to be known about you. Of course, you never upload the things that you wish to keep hidden!

And be careful everywhere, also on the places where there is no one present. They sometimes use to be recorded to record you (for instance taking pictures of some notice as if it was important to you, whereas before the other people you have pretended that you have no interest in it).


Unexpected action of the individual:


In my articles I have explained, why the action of the individual is the only action that has the biggest chance to surprise Hellish people.

When you are working on something interesting what must stay hidden, always have in mind that other people, especially your friends as well as your neighbors and sometimes even relatives, can be informers. And even if they were not and their intentions about you were really good, they can fail somehow anytime.

In my book "Supergod" there is explained, that we people are fragments and the pieces of love and of the other potential that we need are founding themselves in other people fragments. But every one of them can do with the piece of love or of anything else in him what we need something, what is not good for us. For example, man needs the piece of love that is in some woman, but she runs away from him, giving the piece to a different man.

"Supergod" has all the pieces of love and of co-operation, of support etc. that he needs included in his complex personality and therefore none of these pieces can disappoint him, none of them can fail.

Compared to a man, he counts on himself more than on the other people who, when it is about his most important interests, are more likely to fail than he is. In other words, it is more probable that the other people will betray you, than that you will betray yourself.


Bonus 8 (no need for many relationships)


One interesting fact about me: It is already more years ago, when I have lost the need for some human friend. The main person I would wish to drink beer with, to talk about the things that interest me most, is me. The only other company I long for is a dog and a woman. The dog is needed fully, woman only partly.


Bonus 9 (abuse of military power)


Today's wars (and that of the last century) against Islamic countries are the wars of the strong (with efficient weapons) against the weaker (with less efficient weapons). These wars are basically a sick and very miserable thing. But why?

They make possible to test and spend weapons, they make people suffer to satisfy the needs of Hell. Some of them were created artificially by the abuse of the religion, being a part of an old plan.


Bonus 10 (morality and privacy)


I am convinced that people must never fall so low that they would commit the things like people here.

As soon as you are oppressing somebody, damaging his personal things and spraying them with something detrimental to him, giving detrimental things into his food, water and cigarettes, and moreover every time saying to him "We are doing nothing bad to you! It only seems to you that somebody is hurting you! You belong to the asylum!", it is very bad. And the same is valid for pretending and lying.

Even if the president of the whole world was asking you of such a behavior, please refuse. As soon as you have obeyed his command, you are becoming a spoiled person. Never learn such a behavior!

Protect your self and your privacy, but please try not to lie to other people during it. Instead, if someone asks you about something you do not wish to speak about, learn to say "I am sorry, but I do not wish to talk about it" or "It is my private matter, please be so kind and do not ask me about it again" and similarly. You can use such sentences even if a passer-by asked you about some little things, for instance what are your plans about the flowers that grow in the flowerbed on your garden.

Do you know why? Because it is none of his business! Various informers (often friends and/or acquaintances) can be asking you about many things such as "when there will be another man, you are alone for several years already", "why do not you have the TV when other people have it", "you often go for some trips alone, what are you doing there", please do not tell it to them, if you do not wish.

And if they will be talking about their private matters before you, in fact waiting that you, in return, will start to talk about that of yours (it is such an old trick), please be so kind and disappoint them.


Bonus 11 (strange punishment)


Hellish people sometimes use a special punishment that is so strange, that the victim sometimes does not suffer during it at all. Despite it, he is affected. Do you know what they do?

They change the victim as much as he ceases to be the original person and, through this, he "dies" in a way.


One explaining example:


Once (when much younger) I loved Rottweilers and short-coated Molossers, considering them to be the best breeds of dog. Today (in fact already more years), I love large Shepherd Dogs more, taking them for the absolute top of the realm of dogs.

In majority, this situation is the result of the natural development of things, but there were some small interventions, nonetheless. One of the guys had reminded me of my Caucasian Ovcharka by saying words meaning: "You had lived with the God and you are afraid to remember (CO)." He was much talking about the Shepherd Dogs, which maybe little increased my love for them.

Before, I hated all the videos, in which the Rottweiler lost the fight. Today I watch such a video with no problems, wishing the Shepherd Dogs to overpower him. So the old Pavel "died".

However, my love for these Wolfhounds really is, in majority, created naturally. By my own independent experiences (for instance described in "One Name's Story" posted on my site). But if it was not and somebody created it artificially, he would "kill" the old Pavel who I was before.