Two In One and The Third One

     This is one of the ways how Hellish people call themselves. The original meaning of "being three times" runs as follows: 'Two in one' have initially meant such a human being that has a Hellish humanoid soul inside of his body, which means a Hellish person (but it can also be applied to schizophrenics, to people who dissimulate very much and similarly). And 'the third one' is his demoniacal humanoid soul that returns back to Hell after that person's death. Few examples of how Hellish people indicate this meaning:

     - USA (a country they have developed) are located mainly on two different places of the same continent (in particular North America), which indicates 'two in one'. And Hawaii that is separated indicates 'the third one'.
     By the way, the first president and the capitol of the USA begins with a "W" (in given case indicating those that are "two times") and apart from name Washington this letter is contained in names New York, World Trade Center and Twins, too.

     - English, the main world language, begins with a letter "E" having three short horizontal lines (whereas a letter "F" has got only two, which maybe is the reason why Espana, that is Spain, is located below France and not the other way round) and Hellish people are "three times" in total.

     - The names of the Earth's continents. Those that begin with an "A" and are located in the south of our planet, which is "down toward the Hell", contain this letter three times (Antarctica and Australia), but those that begin with an "A" and reach higher contain this letter only two times (Africa, America and Asia).

     - Species II (a movie). I noticed so-called "Two Faces of Hellish People" three times. Two times in a human form and for the third time in a demoniacal one.

     - Star Trek: Voyager (TV series), Endgame (the last episode). It shows the main female hero in three versions (one from the future in a physical form, one from the past in a physical form, but the third one as an artificial projection).

     - Kung Fu (an old TV series). Its main hero has got three names. Two of them are human (a Chinese one Kwai Chang and an American one Caine), which indicates 'two in one'. However, the third name is not a human one, but an insect one meaning "Grasshopper", which indicates 'the third one'.
     By the way, the end of the last episode entitled "Full Circle" ends with a "Celebration of the Way to Hell". The hero is seen two times (as his younger and present version) and there is a speech about two ways (we know, that Hellish people are at least "two times"). He says word "circle" (= indication of a whirl), his last word is "death" (= Hellish circumstance together with "being two times" and darkness) and, finally, he makes a deep bow (= emphasis on a direction down toward the Hell).


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