Plea for the suspension of a probably illegal worsening of the condition of my brain

Now I introduce several reasons why the moving of me toward a self-control disorder and/or a self-mutilation can be illegal. The below-placed information serves as my defense, it improves my position and worsens that of the powerful ones that are unrightfully against me.

1. In the last century I requested the legalization of euthanasia and maybe invented something, what could slightly help the cure of a range of viral infections including the deadly ones without antivirals and/or the improvement of the immunity of the population. However, it seems to me that somebody concealed this fact from the public (related records are missing).
My question: If I invented a treatment of a deadly disease, it is okay that “The High Police” deletes the proofs about it and lets all the sick die? Only because it could lose me, if the public learned about my good invention that helps people?

2. I believe, that already in my childhood I was exposed to a slightly harmful influence on my brain.

3. Since my childhood people have lied to me. They made up stories that never happened, whilst it often was about a conflict with the authority, a beating of someone or various lies related to a spiritual knowledge.

4. False miracles were arranged to make me gain the wrong idea of spiritual matters. Maybe also the moving toys and the circle of stars in my childhood, further the opening of the door, the flashes of light, the unlocking of a door lock, and else. I drew wrong conclusions from them, which together with all the lies from the previous point affected my spiritual knowledge and subsequently the content of my spiritually oriented books, too.

5. At least since 2001 my brain was radiated in my old home. I was waking up paralyzed, I had visions of evil people and demons, feelings like they were touching me, and similarly.

6. There was a murderer that killed one woman and three or four men (I do not recall it exactly anymore) by an energy streaming from a parallel world that I call Hell. He was also sent at me and got the expression of being surprised that nothing happened to me. Then many tricks were done to make it all look like it only seemed to me and no one sent anyone like him at me. People were pretending before me and I convinced myself that they are “Hellish” and wrote an untrue information about it into my book “Amen”, which I am not responsible for.

7. There could be more negative influences on me. For example, during one period in my old home I could feel a strange anxiety, a tingling in the legs, and I could see another demon, but it disappeared quickly.

8. In my old home in the beginning of 2009 a detrimental stuff was put on my oven and cooker. The washing machine was not able to remove all the vapors from my smelling clothes, some had to be thrown into the dustbin. Somebody who knew what my cooker contained was afraid of one inhale of the vapors coming from it. Perhaps it was something strong.

9. Maybe in 2010 cigarettes with drugs were sold to me. To a poor guy like me after a poisoning. Gases were sprayed on the ways outside before me, too. My cooking pots contained the pieces of harmful stuff, maybe to worsen a blood supply of the blood vessels in my brain. Moreover, in 2020 I was given two injections with a substance detrimental to the brain.

10. Many videos in the past years, on which I display the traits of a mental disease, were created by full cheats and presented as the proof of my nature.
My question: Was it okay, that in the old years the public condemned me also on the basis of videos that were made by full cheats?

I think that a self-mutilation, to which I was deliberately moved tens of years, is not a fully legal goal of the people who always want it so much and who arranged the above-mentioned.

Plea for the invalidation of a TV show about me

In view of my load, lasting tens of years, that includes an intensity that killed the other people or made them go crazy, at least, after which even mothers throw their child against the wall or straightly throw it out of the window, the TV show about me should have no validity.
I know that the situations that I am reacting to, are arranged because of the TV show about me. My brain is damaged and I am negatively influenced tens of years. I do not behave naturally on the videos, my behavior is directed also by various prejudices and fears of arranged situations. Sometimes I react to what I would normally not react to, and I do not react to what I would normally react to (I look the other way; I walk away; I turn my back on our house, before I enter it - normally I would not do that).
Apart from it, the organization standing behind the shooting committed itself capital offences. For example, I have proofs about a toleration up to even an arrangement of a lot of evil in our history, connected with the celebration of that that the innocent victims suffer because of it. There is even a sadistic pleasure over the killed and mutilated children.
Because in some regards I am a useful man, since I made a range of discoveries and inventions that the mankind can use to its benefit somehow, I do not wish to be shown further in the TV like something sick. Please, study documents “My discoveries”, “Several Main Things”, and “A Couple of Cheats”.


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