Tricks With Blonde Women

     Regardless of whether or not I have got an increased subconscious attraction to the blonde women and color, it was decided to create some "proofs" that I have got it. There were several tricks used for this purpose, few examples:
     My enemies abused the circumstances, in which there was a bigger chance that I will address a blonde instead of the other "dark-haired" women. For instance, when I was giving people articles, a blonde just went out of the door before me and walked in the same direction like I did; she was speaking Russian; in the evening it happened, that on one place I crossed a street over a pedestrian crossing with no traffic and red light, and some next evening there was a blonde before me to create the impression that I walk over the pedestrian crossing through a red light because I am following the blond color of her hairs; a blonde gave some coughs and invisible coughing gas made me cough, too; one nice brunette with a blonde companion asked me directions, but I was going to go to that direction also, which was known about me, therefore I was walking together with them, although usually I do not show someone the way; and similarly.
     The truth is that my brain was damaged into such an extent that apart from hallucinations, changed feelings about the crotch and the rectum, a forgetting, occasionally the feeling of being confused at the sight of circular objects, also reversed impulses and self-damaging thoughts appeared as well as a random attraction to and/or changed perception of yellow and orange color (like that of the Sun; the true reason was not my psychical disorder, but a strong chemical attack) and I started to see a demon that makes people hurt themselves (he really exists; he was promised someone with a damaged brain who he would be able to enter, perhaps that victim was me). However, I received two independent secret helps then, without them I would be a cripple many years ago already. But I guess that it can come later.
     Could you believe the following?
     1. Imagine that they damaged someone by a purely-physical impact on his health and caused him to stutter. And during it they sent many people to stutter before him and in the TV they said that the reason for his stuttering is his psychical disorder he was just following the stuttering of the other people around him.
     2. In the TV somebody else is presented like a too sensitive person, because every time when he is shown certain number or color in the evening, he cannot sleep well in the night. Of course, they will not mention the fact that his sleep is disturbed by a slightly disruptive vibration in his bed, radiated every night after the number or the color was shown to him.
     If the both cases are supported by many videos, on which the both guys display the traits of the psychical disorder in various situations (for this, many clever arrangements can be used), you can start to believe in their mental illness.


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