Three Secrets

(Version 3; Approximate translation of the sample of "TOK Dodatek 8")

     1. Supergod

     It happened that the Consciousness became mighty upon me. I have had (= "I Supergod") thousands, millions of personalities. I was perceiving each of them separately, yet all of them have been experienced by one, superordinate to them all. I have been so many times! And always of the same age (which was average in total sum, similarly to a man, who is about 35 all the time).
     I have seen it all, myself and my Ball like one only whole, like one only. That all is One. And I am keeping it the same all the time, in order for me to be the same all the time and to not grow old.
     Even if quadrillions of milliards years have gone by, it does not put a year on me. By means of the alltransformation of everything in me, everything in me is always fully renewed, so I do not change at all, neither I grow old.

     (As a "Supergod", this is how I have perceived particular subjects: Between their subjective energy [soul and consciousness] and their physical body there was a little piece of me connected both to the subject and to my main personality - main consciousness [my perception of cells - microspaces in the subject now I do not take into account].)

     (I do not have words to describe to normal people what it is like to be more times. Imagine someone's reality, keep it in your mind, add to it the reality of someone else, keep it in your mind also, and when you will have more these realities by this way, that is human personalities, think all of them at one time. And then create another reality that perceives all these realities at the same time, and concurrently it is a complex and to all of them superior personality.)

     (How much is Supergod happy or unhappy, how much he wants or does not want to be, I will now try to fractionally bring closer.
     Imagine that you have ten human realities, divided and joined in one personality that is superior to them all. One of the ten people is very unhappy and he does not want to live any more at all, the second is contrarily very happy and he deeply loves to live, another two are rather unhappy and two rather happy, and the remaining four people are averagely fine.
     In given case that "main and superior personality" is co-experiencing all the ten diversely happy and unhappy human personalities at the same time. It means that by a piece of itself it does not want to be any more at all and concurrently by a different piece it oppositely wants to be too much, by a piece it suffers very much and by a piece it feels joy very much, by a piece it more or less suffers and by a piece it more or less feels joy, and by the remaining pieces a bit of everything. In total sum in this case that "main and superior personality" is finding itself between a wish to be or not to be, and between suffering and pleasure.)

     2. Supergodly Ball

     Very simply said, the essence of the Supergodly Ball has two main parts, whilst the first one is childishly simple and the other is oppositely unimaginably complicated.
     The first one: Imagine the core of the Supergodly Ball in a form of a ball that is filled by "allmatter". And you take the "allmatter" from it and divide it into a giant number of miniature pieces, so that each of them contains its different part than the other. Through this way you will get the particular cells of the Supergodly Ball.
     The second one: The exact location and co-operation of all the cells must be so precisely managed and so much interconnected (of course, including the exact timing of all that) in order for them all to transform the matter from the ball - the core of the Supergodly Ball - by absolute one hundred per cent. This exact activity of the particular cells of the Supergodly Ball and its control is something so terribly complicated, that neither the whole human mathematics would do.
     As we already know, everything after its transformation by absolute one hundred per cent is back in its original state (see a100% = 0 = ?), that is of the same age and not changed at all. And if we eternally transform the "allmatter" from the ball by absolute one hundred per cent, it is always the same forever and together with it the whole Supergodly Ball and its Supergod.

     ("Allmatter" is literally and to the latter all, which means, that in order to transform it by absolute one hundred per cent, in the Supergodly Ball there must occur also the biggest possible extremes - the most terrible suffering & the existence of the most evil beings, and the biggest bliss & the existence of the most good beings.)

     (In the Supergodly Ball all incurvates, not only a line in its space, but in the end also any idea of what is beyond its borders.)

     Today's Supergodly Ball, if it was not built up accordingly to some building plan :-), has originally been a gigantic (all)space without exact inner arrangement that had finally been taken over by the mightiest spiritual being - Supergod.
     But we know for sure that that he has managed to organize and arrange everything in the Supergodly Ball so exactly to regenerate his Godly body permanently and comprehensively to keep him eternally evenly young.
     For any inaccuracy during the setting up of the inner order of the Supergodly Ball would result in undesirable getting younger, growing older or spoiling of the Supergod's spiritual body and therefore the order in the Supergodly Ball had to be set without any deviation, accordingly to which everything always repeats round and round without any profit or loss (= perpetuum mobile), so that the Supergodly Ball and Supergod always stay the same, whilst their existence as a whole gives together number zero.
     This precise order that includes all the positions and functions of all the components of the Supergodly Ball is expressed by a Formula that Supergod managed to think up. Thanks to it the time - which is something what can be controlled and commanded - had de facto stopped. In the same way like it had stopped for the whole Supergodly Ball that, apart from the other, mainly serves to the preservation of Supergod by means of the full experiencing and full renewal of his forever young and never aging body.

     I would like to add additional notes about Supergod. Note: Is = plural of I (like selves = plural of self).

     Let us assume, that Supergod is many times and one time at the same time, and that he has many Is with various kinds of dominance, covered by the main & most dominant I. But all these Is as well as particular "components" of Supergod must be "transformed".
     There are lonely and group Is. The lonely ones are particular subjects and the group ones take care of many subjects (usually of the same spiritual kind). These "group Is" are both higher (for example those connected to Godly beings) and lower (for example those connected to lower creatures like some kind of insect or simple plants like grass). And in order for every "group Is" to get fully transformed, each of subordinated "lonely Is" must exist differently (each transforms a different piece of their "group I").
     For example, the "group I" of roe deer = both deer does with healthy and with broken legs; both those in good shape and in the bad; both those without pain and those with it, for instance shot and wounded by a hunter; both those too young and those too old; both those fed well and those fed poorly; both those that live in the land without beasts and they do not have to be afraid of them, and those who live in the land with beasts and they have to be afraid of them; both roebucks with the proper horns and those with the defected or less developed; both roebucks that dominate the other roebucks and mate, and roebuck that are subordinated to the other roebucks and do not mate, and similarly).
     There also occurs some blending of various Is, for instance of two group ones, and therefore in the Supergodly Ball there must occur e.g. a cross of an apple and pear or some mutant. Or one Supergod's "group I" enters a loving relationship with some other or oppositely a war (also through loving or making a war, respective Supergod's parts transform themselves fully to enable consequently the full transformation of his entire body). And similarly.
     Although Supergod has got "many Is", despite it all he perfectly controls each one of them. The subordinate by the superior and the superior by the most superior and all of them by the main one at the same time. All the Is co-operate in him perfectly and together they are a part of his complex personality.
     But maybe instead of saying "a lot of Is" it would do to say shortly that Supergod has got a branched and very complicated personality that gives the impression of many personalities.

     (In order for you to be able to transform & regenerate your I fully, you need to have at least one additional one, whilst one takes care of the regeneration of the other. So you have to be at least two times. Or you have to have that I of yours that perfect to manage to fully transform & regenerate it itself.)

     After the Lord has shown me his Body, for a short moment I have seen it from the outside. It was a "allnothing" shape that had looked like a giant ball, rather darker than lighter. Its outside walls were perfect, impervious and smooth like a crystal. The vicinity of the outside environment was rather lighter. I do not exactly know what was beyond the Supergodly Ball. Despite it, I offer you three possibilities of what is beyond its borders:
     a) Only some space and the pieces of allmatter removed from the Supergodly Ball that were not suitable for its inner order, because Supergod could not have made "his calculation" with them.
     b) "Endless Spaces" and Supergods in them who live longer by means of structures like our Supergodly Ball.
     c) Something between the first and the second option.

     3. Time

     Time (rather) does not exist (than exists). (Partially) There is only the continuance of some story in the other part of the Supergodly Ball, than in which it has started and/or it has originally been going on (which the subjects of animated nature perceive as a growing old and people call it time), but at the same time (partially) there is neither it, because everything in the Supergodly Ball has its definite, unchangeable position (like particular frames in a movie, out of which every single one alone is a standing picture only, but all of them together are the whole story).
     Look at the Supergodly Ball & Supergod, they are always the same and inside of them there rather is not than is what you people call time. And because there are mainly they, time rather is not than is.


     When speaking about time, I will also speak about a way back through it. For example, somebody is sixty years old and he had a car accident when he was forty. And purely theoretically he will return back into the time that was shortly before the accident and he will prevent it. But even if he will do that, the accident will happen nonetheless. Or in fact will and will not at the same time.
     The left picture shows the life - "flowing of time" - of that man in the Supergodly Ball and the right one what would happen if the accident was diverted that happened to him when he was forty.
     For if the accident was diverted, the story - the course of that man's life - would have to branch out and to go by two branches. In the first of them he would have the accident (what once happened in the Supergodly Ball, it endlessly repeats in it since it is always the same) and in the second one he would not have it.
     If it was so, then in view of the fact, that the Supergodly Ball is always the same and all the events eternally repeat in it, this "return back in time", the prevention of the accident from coming to pass and the branching of the story would have to repeat in it eternally and endlessly. And what follows from it you can easily guess yourselves.


     (When I was describing "Tajemstvi casu" in book "Mozaika moudrosti", I did not understand it very well then and till today I do not fully understand it yet.)


     Author's comment: When I remember Supergod I recall the feeling of being young and of being someone's child. I have come into existence by emerging from an intelligence that was my mother. Shortly, suddenly there was me (even though in fact already long ago before I have started to exist). And there will be me forever.

     Shortly after experience "Supergod" I have heard his name (it was more words in a branched language unknown to me) and a song about his eternal youth was played to me. Firstly, a melody was heard explaining his (complex and complicated) personality (= development of many rich tones into "circle", into "ball") and only then the desire of his personality to be eternally was expressed musically.

     Although I have expanded my fantasies about it, I admit, that I do not know, how many Supergods are out there in Endless Spaces. Maybe many, maybe only a few. But one alone probably could not have managed everything.