The Spirit of Truth - Leaflet

     Please, forget for a moment about everything what you have seen in the TV. Instead, think about the following:
     If I was a "true God's messenger" and those people were really Hellish, is it true that they would want you not to believe in me and they would manage to create a fake TV show about me? Please read my articles "Unbelievable Cheats" and "Par podvodu" (which means "a couple of cheats").
     Bible, John 14:12-13: "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth..." Well, and what if this "Spirit of truth" was me?
     The discovery of Hellish people and of Supergod & related wisdom are two biggest discoveries given to the public of this world.
     The fact is that I was brought by "the Circle of Stars" over to "Holy Creatures" as tall as the trees in the forest who have elected me. The God was shown to me there and later Supergod touched me as well (apart from them, I got in touch with "the Guardians of the Sanctuary of God", too). There is no greater authority than these highest Creatures. There was information that it does not happen often that a human soul is permitted into that place, so that I must be one of the true elected, at least.
     In a way, I was a virgin unable of ejaculation when awake, it was only happening during sleep, but Hellish people were giving me gases and drugs, after which my blood pressure and certain emotions started to increase and I had to start to masturbate regularly against my will with ejaculation even when awake (since the beginning of 2014 after I have come to know Supergod).
     Please note, that when you see "www", you see a Hellish thing (something double is three times, refer to the Hellish meaning of numbers 2 and 3); when you see Dalai Lama, you see a Hellish person (he, as a child, was shown how the things from his "past incarnation" look like to recognize them later); when you see a movie "Avatar", you see the celebration of a Hellish humanoid souls and of Hellish people (the main hero experiences both human consciousness and that of a demonical humanoid creature, like a Hellish humanoid soul experiences it inside of the human body, and these demonical creatures defeat "Sky People" as well as Hellish people and their souls want to dominate over normal people and the Heaven). Etc.
     Some of my articles hide incredible knowledge, please use it in the whole world: "The Development of Human Thinking" (human intellect and ability to invent), "Relationships and Harmony", "Own Self, Family and Children", "Compassion and Bonds in Music", "Health Care" and "The Perfect Social System" (the perfect social system), "The Way They Rule the World", "Privacy Protection" (our homes, all the streets, all the main pathways in the forests are observed secretly; every team contains a secret informer and every normal guy or family has one for a friend, many of us have a bug on their clothes; I have discovered that the only action that can stay hidden from Hellish people is my "unexpected action of the individual"), "Tvárnost lidské individuality" and "Hledání individuality" (human individuality), "Porušování pravidel" (how they make us break our rules) and other.
     And my books are the top of the world. The old are a mixture of the best with some errors, and although in some aspects they are perfect, I have partly overvalued my knowledge then, seeing myself on the first religious position of this world. But the Creatures who elected me knew that later this wisdom will receive new important additions and together with them, the throne. As for my latest book "Další Tajemství lásky", which means "another secret-" or "another mystery of love", it's a pearl.
     Years ago, Hellish people wanted to create the impression that there are no Hellish people. Firstly they opened the Hell by means of the true Hellish people and a secret equipment, and when I have recognized correctly that it deals with the Hell, they sent the Czech people (including the Christians and the closest ones I was trusting unconditionally) to pretend before me and to lie to me, and at the same time they were keeping my brain under energetic and chemical pressure to make me think wrongly and suspect the majority of people of being Hellish. It was a complete cheat.
     After the big chemical damage I began to be over-sensitive to some things and have got reversed thoughts, forgetting, visions of birds that want to peck out my eyes and other. I wrote some articles with both good and exaggerated thoughts about this. I apology for anything exaggerated, but the poisoning is the real culprit of it.
     Anyway, I require punishment for the culprits: 1. Prayers for a so-called "Second Coming" and for the attack on the Hellish world that the souls of Hellish people came from, 2. Every now and again ...

- the rest of this paragraph was removed, because it contains violent thoughts -

     Now, please, understand that our Universe is a cell inside of a giant Ball located in "Endless Spaces". All the events going on within it serve the regeneration of Supergod. There is a potential assigned to our Universe that will be realized by all the creatures living in it. This potential has its human part that is realized gradually by means of the life of all the people and every one of them gets a different piece of it than others. By the way, these particular diverse parts of the potential of our universe must keep some amount of affinity, since they originate from the same material core of our Ball, which is a reason for some sexual deviations, described in my old book "Tajemství lásky". Etc. Time to start learning!


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