The Spirit of Truth

(Incomplete Version 1.0)

     Talking about this situation, it was the 100% fail of normal people (I would straightly call it a betrayal). They obey the authority unquestioningly without the exact knowledge of what it all is in fact about. Instead of reading my books and then judging individually, whether or not at that time it was necessary to start moving me to craziness, they are simply contented with what the official authority tells them.
     When it sends them to a war they go to engage in it; when it sends them to develop a positive human society they go to develop just such one; when it cultivates the feeling in them that their religion is the best one and it is good to assert it even at the cost of terroristic actions, they go to throw bombs at people and shoot at them; when the official authority tells them that somebody is detrimental to the human society, they start to hate him and wish him the bad; when it indicates to them, that some project is good and needs some support, they run there to give it sponsor's donations, and so on. Shortly, normal people are like a formable livestock that, however, in ideal case can be formed by some truer and more right way, than how it has been so far.
     However, it is mainly the Hellish organization that is responsible for their mistakes and that informs them wrongly, and therefore it deserves the biggest punishment. I guess that as a rule in a big number it focuses on a much weaker target, which is no big art. Who knows, whether or not its members would stand if somebody was doing the same things to them that they do to their victims. And to be frank, if I could, I would drive those who have decided in some office that my spiritual work should be destroyed to some lonely place where I would explain to them that they should not do that.
     In the time of the first impact on me, I have wanted to help the most intensely suffering people (also by the legalization of euthanasia), to make people become wiser with a more universal thinking, and a bit later my idea was the equality of all (see my "Lukewarm Harmony", in which the entire amount of happiness of the society is divided by the number of its members and every of them has the resulting amount at his disposal, so that all are equally happy and nobody is more badly-off than others, and it should be so). There was no true reason to start destroying this. Neither create a mental disease to me by the combination of brain damage with sending normal people to behave like they were Hellish.


     Are the same people who have invented religions and many other majority lies that the whole world believes in able to invent also the convincing proofs of that that I have false perceptions and that there are no Hellish people?

     Vision of the future: (I do not know if it all will be like that, or if some part of it is only the imagination of my sick brain)

     Firstly, it was against me. Perhaps even tens of years, I do not know. Then something "went askew", there was a "spark-over" and, suddenly, in the majority it was for me. But I suppose that it was after my death and that now I am to be broken, losing, and normal people are to be against me.
     It seems that the locations, where the rats were living who were moving me to craziness and ridiculed me, can once be punished a bit, at least. But if they will be different people than those who were damaging me, it will be unjust. They will be either majority innocent (they did not damage me, but they have the bad attitude of their ancestors) or fully innocent (they did not damage me and they have a much better attitude than their ancestors).
     Such a nice small country (Czech Republic), temperate zones, without wars, volcanoes and so on. It has a couple of things like no one else and I was one of them. And it was a big mistake not to appreciate it and to do steps, by means of which it will go wrong.
     Once when totally unselfishly I have thought at how a big offense of the Beings, who are directly subordinated to the God, was how their servant was treated (for instance, how stupid normal people were bowing to the fabricated or modified religious figures from the history and they were taking me for some crazy person and were treating me like one), an interesting little thing happened. The stream that is not seen in this dimension and that is little related to the Beings has become alive, and it has said that the evil done to me (and to my dogs and similarly) is not to be forgiven.
     In the future there was a man of medium height, probably slim, with some beard, medium long darker hairs and he was irritated. He had some army. Maybe because of me he had let make some attacks, but perhaps it was in a smaller extent (it has reminded me of a proverb "to have a cake and eat it"; the city was punished and became wiser, but it has kept standing). Something as if every now and again some building was blown up and the people started to live in uncertainty, which will be the next one. Some woman with the expression on the border between uncertainty and fear has said, that what was done about me was wrong somehow and that they should not do it then.
     You see what happened about me, when at first moment I have joyfully agreed with this? I was full of love (I have created a conception for the help to the most intensely suffering that does not forget a single one of them), but the evil Hellish organization, the main culprit, has spoiled not only me, but also all the normal people that it has set against me (and me against them). And it has succeeded mainly thanks to the stupidity and treacherousness of the Czech people. To this day none of them, even neither a child, said one word of explanation to me, why they all behave like that. But this is very strange mainly in case of the Christians. All who I know did at least something bad what is in a direct contradiction with their faith, when somebody mighty wanted them to act so and they were in danger of having a problem if they did not comply with his command.
     Otherwise, in the future that I have seen more clearly and earlier, there were two periods of time. The first one was shorter, then there was some change that in majority was contrary to the plans of Hellish people, then there was a longer period of time and after it a successful attack on the Hellish humanoid souls in their parallel demoniacal world (disruption of their dimension and then the slaughter of the majority of them).
     It would be best if normal people awakened and felt sorry for the negative attitude of their ancestors and would pray to the Beings who they have offended (who are as tall as trees in the forest and who have a mighty Circle-Ball with them) for forgiveness (and to the God, because everything they do is in co-operation with him).
     As for offences, there are both the easily forgivable (for instance, I or whoever else, usually badly-off, in a sudden attack of temporarily bad mood will say bad words about the Beings or the God, but soon he will feel really sorry for it without being pressed to it by anyone else) and the hardly forgivable (for instance, somebody who is well-off keeps an offensive thinking and behavior in long terms and does not feel really sorry for it).

     The Spirit of Truth:

     In my youth, from time to time I have felt that I have got some special task in my life, and I have seen, that I am different somehow, than others (apart from the other also because I could not have ejaculation when awake). And after a few spiritual experiences and the piece of gained unusual spiritual knowledge, I have found in the Bible the mentions of the Spirit of Truth, which seemed to me to be more or less valid for me. That is why I have started to use this name.
     On the one hand, it perhaps was not fully correct (I do not remember literally and to the letter that Jesus Christ would have chosen me, but it was figures like he; some things I know better than others do, but contrariwise in the other I am fundamentally flawed), but on the other hand neither totally incorrect (I have discovered Hellish people, a perfect human society and Supergod, which are big fundamental things).
     Perhaps the mention of the Spirit of Truth could have purposely been given into the Bible by Hellish people who have intended to use their own person in the future as the Spirit of Truth to claim some new things.
     It only happens from time to time that a human soul is accepted to the place where "Holy Council" dwells, there was information that it is a rarity. So that I am not the only one, but surely I am one of few. And because I have discovered something very fundamental and topical for this period of time, probably I can be called the Spirit of Truth.
     After all, who says that it must deal just with the one mentioned in the Bible? What if there are more of them and everybody, who comes with some big discovery inspired by the real God's Might, can be called like that?


     By the way, have you any idea what everything had to be done to make people disbelieve in me as the Spirit of Truth? For example, they have contacted all the people that I have ever known and gave out orders what is to be said about me and so on. By tricky words they have made me say this or that and they were recording it (the truth is that I had a habit to only talk superficially to other people about my spiritual experiences; above all, I was writing them into my books) etc.

     Supergodly Ball:

     All our universes are founding themselves in a closed reality, a giant Supergod's Ball, and as a matter of interest, (almost) none of us (except for me and perhaps some others) has ever seen any real ball. When we build one in our dimension, it is not a true ball. The only true ball is the Supergodly one, because it is a "primary" one. The one built in our dimension is a "secondary" one, and the matter in it only has the minority of qualities & capabilities of that of the "primary" one.


     In order for the human soul to be allowed to get to the Heaven, it must not be captured by the Hell (which happens only sometimes) and it must be compatible energetically with the environment of the God's Kingdom. It can gain this compatibility be two ways: 1. During its life, the human soul becomes clean and perfect (not many cases), and 2. The human soul is regenerated by a special radiation that strengthens the positive in it at the expense of the negative.
     Of course, to make this happen, the soul must have a positive energetic layer in itself that can be focused by the regenerative radiation (in his life, the man the soul was had to experience the piece of "God's Good" in him, regardless of whether or not his character has spoiled in later years, because the piece of the Good remains recorded in his soul as an energetic layer that can be regenerated at the expense of all the other; this regeneration is sometimes called "getting the white robe", because as a consequence of it the soul becomes cleaner and lighter).


     People should develop their individuality and independent thinking. Who is only depended on what the society tells and shows to him, being unable to think himself independently, he is an idiot.
     In my other articles I have mentioned exercises how to develop the independent thinking. For some time, please stop watching the TV and movies, stop reading newspapers and books, do not take into account at all the opinions of other people who will talk to you and similarly. Instead, focus on the following:

     1. Try to imagine, that you are the owner of a Supergodly Ball. How would you program the stories going on in it to meet your needs? How your own Destiny and that of your close people would look like?

     2. Invent your own movie. Plan its story yourself.

     3. Compose your own song. Do not imitate during it the other people who compose songs. Have an original and independent attitude.

     Tip for a movie: (related to my book "Supergod", chapter "Individuality")

     In the beginning there is a mosquito. It learns that there are people and it gets to know, how long they live and what they can do, and it wants to become a man. This wish of it will come through and it becomes a man. The movie ends how a mosquito lands on his hand and he kills it.

     The Hellish organization: (the one that has many people with the Hellish humanoid soul and many informers of which has it too; they all keep this fact hidden from stupid normal people)

     My system for the help to the most intensely suffering people was invented approximately 12 - 15 years ago, which agrees with the time when I have started to be moved to craziness. The bad people were decreasing the authority of what was the best and most needed, of what was the biggest good.
     If I was allowed to blow up a building, full of the Hellish employees damaging such jewels, and stay unpunished, I would do that without having any pangs of conscience.
     People like them have been managing the most important things on Earth including religions, they have been preserving wars and bad things, they gave the human society a wrong explanation of the point in human life and they have prevented a much better social system from being established. They are legally existing criminals. In majority, they do more bad than good, and therefore they should be terminated.
     But I believe that we are too weak to do that and in order for us to get rid of Hellish people, we have to wait for the Holy War in the end of the second period of time.

     PS: They have committed a crime on me. After I have described some spiritual things more correctly than this world's religions and after I have correctly recognized that these people have a connection to the Hell, they have started to damage me and by means of clever cheats they are persuading the world that I was spreading wrong information.


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