The Required Bad Things

     First of all I have to warn you, that I am going to look at the bad things that are required with the use of a very strange point of view.
     Accordingly to one theory, mankind consists of two spiritual kinds of people. The first of them are normal people who have normal human soul that is fully connected to their physical body. And the second are Hellish people who have demonical humanoid soul that is not fully connected to their physical body, but only partly (in human body their soul looks like a figure within figure, by one half it perceives human reality and by the other a "way to the Hell", which it is able to connect with).
     However, it is Hellish people who rule our human society for hundreds if not thousands of years. They are presidents, church leaders, best singers, best doctors etc.
     As for human suffering, Hellish humanoid souls feel it only partly. That is why they much better overcome any disasters and pains. Therefore their attitude toward them is not that refusing, especially when their Hell benefits from them.
     And now we are getting to the heart of the matter. We may have noticed, that there are several bad things that regularly occur in human society such as warlike conflicts, unbearable intensive suffering of incurably ill people that is not ended by merciful euthanasia, soul stealing (which officially does not exist at all yet it is periodically committed on the whole planet), abused & maltreated and beaten people, extremely poor and starving people, the persecuted living in fear, lunatics obsessed with demons and so on.
     It is known that bad beings from Hell can partly feed on the energy produced by suffering living creatures and people. We also know that Hellish people have positive relationship with various Hellish beings and demons, and they wish them to be satisfied and full up (that is why they have gifted them by Second World War, for example).
     That is the reason why Hellish people take care of the regular occurrence of the above-mentioned evil things in the world. The question is only their amount required by Hell. If it is small, then such things will only occur now and then and in a little measure. But if it is big, God help us.
     Although it seems that our human society is only positively developed (health and social care, laws protecting the weak, seeming justice), despite it now and then some of the above-mentioned evils must show within it to satisfy the needs of Hell.
     Anyway, never forget, that when normal people suffer, they experience their suffering fully and evil Hellish beings can feed on it quite well. However, the suffering of Hellish people represents a food that already is not that perfect. Therefore suffering normal human beings always remain the most wished food of the damned Hellish creatures.
     When they suffer, the souls of normal people produce clean and full energy of the type of suffering that they experience, whereas the souls of Hellish people only produce a bit of this energy in the combination with the perception of inhuman reality that does not hurt.
     By the way, in order to help demons, Hellish people are sometimes willing to let them feed on their own suffering human body. And, who knows, perhaps a piece of human suffering, in given case experienced only partly, somehow helps to strengthen the Hellish humanoid soul.


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