The Price of Human Life

(TOK Dodatek 9 Cislo 15)

     Do you know, what is the price of human life? If not, please have a think about the following.
     At first, let us remind that human life is a made-up, calculated and created subject inside of the closed reality of Supergodly Ball. It can be changed and reshaped, ended and started again etc.
     Thanks to the existence of human life that of Supergod can exist, too. And if there were no people, our Supergod cannot eternally keep himself in an excellent condition and maybe neither eternally live.
     Allow me to remind also that that human life inside of his Ball is such as it is because all the other inside of it is such as it is, too. And everything what follows from this you can hopefully figure out yourselves.
     In any case, if the point in human life is to keep the Supergodly one, it is necessary to ask, what in fact is the price of it? And there is a range of answers to this question. They are various.
     But at all times I remember the rule that there where is not any life there is not any pain either. And it is what matters to me most. I would exchange all the pleasure of all the living creatures of all the worlds for that that none of all the creatures would have to suffer in any of all the worlds, ever.
     I have always believed that deadly grief, unspeakable fear from a no-win situation and indescribable torment are a too big and more or less unacceptable tax on the opposite pleasure, feeling of safety and happiness.
     Well, it is and it is not so, and everybody thinks his own about it. But at any rate for a more objective review I recommend to take a closer look at the overall value of subjective happiness and unhappiness of human souls in our Supergodly Ball.