The Power of Astrology

     As it is generally known, we all are influenced by other people since our very birth. The vibrations of their bodies ifluence us both in positive and in negative way. And it is just the Astrology that can discover and tell us a lot about how and in what way other people affect us.
     There are many questions and opinions like if to choose siderical or tropical Astrology, what house system is better and many other. People wonder if it is the vibrations of planet that influence us or if Astrology only has a symbolic role and enables us to read something like "cosmic clocks" about what is to happen and when. It is said that there is a piece of truth in everything so that we can suppose that astrological aspects have both some vibrations influencing us and at the same time give us a rough idea about what is to come to pass in accordance with the time of our universe.
     Because Astrology and spiritual knowledge go hand by hand, then by using the both we can learn much about spiritual relationship between us and other people. We use to be born to meet and live with close and relative souls. The souls that have a higher degree of spiritual affinity usually are the members of the same spiritual family like we do. Such a family of souls has certain value in it's sum and this value is divided among respective souls the family consists of. It means that every of them has a different part of the family's energetic potential.
     If taken from the viewpoint of subjective happiness or unhappines that the respective soul will live through in it's material life, then the more of it the other souls have, the less of it will remain for the respective soul in question. For example, if other members of the family will be very well-off, the soul will probably have to be very badly-off and vice versa (an exception is only if the family as a whole has an excess of the energetic potential that we investigate e.g. much happiness so that in the case of such a family of souls the most of it's members can be well-off).
     The vibrations of people we live with or with whom we are often together influence us, above all, when we are very young children. If you would replace all the people a child lived with or the parents that it was born to, it would grow up into at least a little bit of a different person. One way or other, we are the result of all the vibrations of the entire AllOrganism (but also a little reason for them too). And Astrology is just the science that can enable us to get some knowledge about it.
     Most people are mainly concerned with three things: state of health, money and love. All these three things (in positive meaning) are the reason for our positive subjective feelings or how we feel about ourselves and about our life. The more of these positive subjective feelings someone has (the more he is satisfied with his state of health, with his money or possession and sexual or inter-family relationships), the less of them will remain for the other members of the family that his soul belongs to. If we want to do some research on who and what he has got instead of the other members, then we can recognize it by the investigation of the natal charts of them all.

     This example explains what one has instead of the other. In given case it is the favor of Destiny in the family field. The sign that decides about the family most is Cancer. One person has (Venus, North Lunar Node and) Moon in Cancer close to the Mars of the other person. Mars in the third decan of Cancer is very weak, whereas Moon in Cancer is "at home" and, besides, it has a sextil to Mars in Taurus. Furthermore, Venus and Lunar Node in Cancer with trine to Saturn in Pisces even more increase the strength of this guy's Moon or the positive qualities of the sign of Cancer as such. Both souls of given people are relative. And the "Moon in Cancer owner" has good relationships inside of his family, healthy children and also some little money to live with them well. The "Mars in Cancer owner" has bad relationships inside of his family and has to often be in quarrel with almost any relative just because the other relative soul - that of the "Moon in Cancer owner" - has a big favor of Destiny in family affairs instead of him.

Astro 1

     Now let us take a look at famous masters of sexual love - Mars and Venus. These planets as well as all the other can do big good and big evil both in love and in any other type of interpersonal relationship. When Mars in square or opposition to Venus, it tries to attack her or at least keeps down the freedom and/or dignity of the Venus owner (above all, when the Venus is weaker).

     Here is an example of Mars that attacked Venus. It was a dog whose Mars in Taurus was located in opposition to the Venus of his female owner placed in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is weaker and Mars in Taurus can sometimes defeat it (the dog had Sun in Capricorn in a positive aspect towards his Mars so his Mars was stronger). That is why the dog attacked his female owner and severely injured her.

Astro 2

     Here is a different example of Mars-Venus relationship. However, in this case Venus is stronger than Mars since it is placed in Capricorn with trine to Moon in Taurus which makes her powerful. Mars in Cancer is weak and this Mars has no positive aspect. Because the Venus is stronger, it's vibration slow down the Mars (when a parent, he or she can endanger the vital energy of his or her child that has such a weak Mars if the other aspects of it's natal chart aren't good) and she can even partially absorb the energy of that Mars because Capricorn is the sign of earth. The Mars is angry towards the Venus but her coolness and repose is not much disrupted by the Mars' anger whereas the owner of the Mars will choke himself inside of him and it will damage his state of health. He does not have the power to directly attack the Venus owner since he is stronger.

Astro 3

     And here is one more example of Venus that has beaten weak Mars in Cancer (also Mars in Cancer can sometimes be strong, but it must be supported by some good aspect in natal chart such as closeness of Sun, sextil or trine to ascendant or some planet). His owner has not got both testicles in the scrotum and one of them remained in the belly. His damaged Mars in Cancer was very aggressive towards all that he lived with in the same house, because Venus close to the end of Aries has "beaten" and damaged him. She won easily, because she was supported by trine to almighty Pluto.

Astro 4

     Most of us usually have both some stronger and weaker aspects that decide about the final result. If some of them are much stronger they win. But when they are of a similar strength, it can often manifest only partially and not fully. The following woman always had some troubles with backbone and occasional headache, but her condition was never too bad but also never too good. Both Sun in Aries and Venus in Taurus are both damaged and supported. Her Sun in Aries is supported by Pluto in Leo and damaged by Moon in Capricorn, and her Venus in Taurus is supported by Moon in Capricorn and damaged by Pluto in Leo.

Astro 5

     In the following birth chart we will find a similarly equal strength as well. Moon in Cancer has opposition towards Mars in Capricorn. Both Moon in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn are strong, so that their common opposition will display by some occasional but not the worst troubles with stomach and knees. The reason is that both "planets" are strong and even though they are "hiting" into each other and one will damage the other somehow, they won't defeat each other fully.

Astro 6

     This woman was blind. We may see it's cause in damaged Venus and North Lunar Node in the first degrees of Aries by square to Pluto that is around the border between Gemini and Cancer and by square to Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter - the symbol of life's happiness - is in Capricorn very week and this Jupiter with opposition to Pluto and with square to Venus and North Lunar Node in Aries means such a damage that will delete almost all happiness from that woman's life.

Astro 7

     As I have already seen it for several times, damaged Venus in Aries can sometimes result in a change of sexual orientation and can make one to find himself somewhere between heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian sexual orientation or switch from one to the other. The owner of the following chart was a woman with lesbian inclinations.

Astro 8

     This is an example how a very strong conjunction, if damaged something what was much weaker, can sometimes kill a man. The owner of this natal chart died from sick arteries. The reason was his destroyed Jupiter in Aquarius. It was destroyed by a very strong conjunction of North Lunar Node, Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus at the end of Aries, close to the border between Aries and Taurus, so in direct square to Jupiter placed on the first degree of Aquarius. Moreover, the big conjunction at the end of Aries was supported by Saturn at the end of Leo and additionally indirectly little supported also by Moon in Sagittarius although it was not exact trine. Leo and Sagittarius even more supported that already-strong conjunction at the end of Aries that destroyed the Jupiter at the beginning of Aquarious and the Aquarius quality itself.

Astro 9

     Generally, when two planets or other astrological aspects are in harmony (slightly it is sextil and above all trine), they are tuned with each other positively and support one another in the aspects they decide about. But when unharmonic, bad aspects, they fight each other and the winner is which of them is stronger.
     I am not able to deal with the entire spectrum of "inter-planets" relationships but at least I introduced a couple of examples of what the planets are able to do. I know, every natal chart should be considered as a whole and I spoke about some constellations cutted from it only, but the reason was to show you some examples of what single planetary aspects can do.
     When taking a look at any birth chart we should always remember that the radix as such represents everything what the subject will have to live through in his or her life. It means that when some "natal chart owner" has prevailing positive constellations and has a bad luck for the moment, the more he or she will be lucky in other parts of his or her life to experience the predestined sum of what is written in the radix and the other way round. The same is valid for relationships. If any relationship is presently too positive, the more negative it is supposed to be in different parts of their lives if it is written so in the radix of those people.
     We all are predestined to experience specific feelings (different than those of the other), the cause of which is the Destiny that we (respectively our souls) received before we were born. And Astrology will let us know what we are supposed to experience, to feel.
     Although Astrology is the Queen of sciences, it is possible to discover some truth about anyone by observing anything what regularly alternates and occurs. Everything is related with everything and everything is predestined. And that all happens under and is ruled by the Laws of the whole AllOrganism. This gives us a chance to see the coherence of any thing that happens regularly with anyone's Destiny, whether it is the shape of clouds on the sky, falling leafes from trees, raining or thunderstorm. But because these things are on our planet only, their observation will not result in such precise and deep conclusions like those given to us by Astrology, because the movement of planets and stars is regular and stable with precise "working" rules and closely linked to the movement of our entire Universe that is closely linked to the movement of all the other Universes, which the entire AllOrganism consists of.

     When learning Astrology, we should go by two golden rules:

     1. Quality is more important than quantity. Therefore please learn only from such birth charts, about the exactness of which you are 100% sure. Ask both the person, his or her mother and birth-hospital for the exact time of birth to avoid any errors. And if you are not fully sure, please do not take a look at the ascendant, houses and Moon, but only learn from a rough positions of planet in the day of birth.

     2. Above all, try to learn on people whom you know well and all through your life at best. But remember that it is hardly possible to know someone fully. For example, somebody is a hidden sexual deviant and criminal, but he acts very unconspiciuously and manages to hide his bad side for tens of years and may even pretend being a strong believer and a very fine person. And if you would not know him fully and learn from his radix, you would be taught nonsenses and would consider constellations that result in a hidden sexual deviation and violent leanings like those that result in a deep faith, excellent behavior and good character. So attention please!


     Legal disclaimer: The text placed on this educational web site only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.