The Point in Human Life

(old article)

     Some time ago, I had been giving several people one question. First of all, I have to say that I believe I know the answer to that question, but I was wondering if they know it too. That question was "WHAT IS THE POINT IN HUMAN LIFE". However, there was only one out of them all who managed to answer my question truly.
     Some people answered that the point is to have children, to work, to love, to be saved, to treat other people and living creatures honestly and kindly, but I was disappointing them all, when I said that this is not the right answer to that question. Sure, all of them were true a bit, but more wrong than right.
     I said to every one of them that everything has its purpose and not only the good things they mentioned in their answers have the purpose but also bad things like crimes, illnesses, envy, hate and pain, or things that seem to be unimportant and without any purpose.
     Most people search their reason to live, something what would make their life worth living. As a matter of fact, they search their own happiness to enjoy their life more. But what one's happiness really is? We can claim that happiness are positive feelings which the human in question has about his or her life. And even though there are some common values that make the human life more happy like good state of health, some property and good relationships with close people, the other reasons for someone's happiness differ in every single human being. Some are happy when allowed to help the other people, others are happy when they became wealthy, others love their being successful in some sport etc.
     But as we know well, the world is full of unhappy people the existence of which has the equally important purpose as the existence of the happy ones. So where is the point in the life of them all?
     Generally, we might say that the point in human life is to LIVE. But to live, what does it really mean? What it really means to be alive?
     I believe that we were sent to the Earth to feel what we feel, to think what we think, to eat what we eat, to know what we know, to act like we act...
     But... Why?
     I suppose that we all are here to transform - by means of our feelings - the energy that we are destined to create by these.
     A man with broken legs experiences pain in legs and a desire to be able to walk again, a sportsman in good condition experiences a good feeling from his power and well-trained muscles, young mother experiences a love for her child, an assassin experiences angry passion and a desire to kill the other man and so on.
     Central Cosmic Soul has many parts and one of them is human part that is created by all the human souls it consists of. And each of them - every human being - is a piece, a fragment of the entire human part of the Central Cosmic Soul. If we believed the explanation that the point in human life is an energy transformation by means of all the feelings that we all experience, then we should admit that the point in human life is in everything in every man's life.
     After I have learned what the point of human life really is, I wrote several books where I have explained it in a more detailed way. They all are at absolutely no cost to you and please feel free to download them from my web sites. There you can get the answer to my question with all the necessary details.


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