The Perfect Social System

     Every perfect human society must in the first place take care of two things:
     1. Provision of effective help to the people who suffer too intensely. If it is impossible to help them, they die mercifully (= euthanasia).
     2. Provision of the average amount of subjective happiness for every human being (the approximate amount of happiness can be diagnosed by the imaging of "inner aura"). In practice, to reach it fully is not possible, but possible is to avoid the majority of extremes that influence happiness.
     Our Universe is assigned a definite amount of energetic and spiritual potential (thus it is assigned also the overall amount of the subjective happiness of all the creatures that exist in it), the part of which is realized by means of the life of all the people.
     It follows that every human society is given some amount of the subjective happiness of all the people who are supposed to live in it. And if a part of them gets the above-average amount of it, the rest only gets a below-average amount of it (in a similar way to the single Universes: in some they live less happily, because in the other more happily, whereas all the Universes function like the cells of a giant organism existing inside of a huge ball).
     Everybody who is well-off owes the others who are less well-off than he is. For example, a guy who works honestly owes a homeless person who does not work at all, but only if the total amount of the subjective happiness of that guy is bigger than that of the homeless person.
     The construction and government of our human society makes it impossible to reach the state when all the people are adequately happy and the explanation of the reason of why is that goes beyond the frame of this short article.
     The best social system called "Lukewarm Harmony" and the solution to the excessive suffering of people was invented and described by Pavel Kastl.


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