The Origin of Hellish Indications

     The history of so-called "Hellish indications" (also known as "Satanic indications") is very simple. Hellish people (also known as "Satanic people") have always wanted to keep the fact that they are a different spiritual species hidden from normal people. In practice it meant that any official resource of information as well as any speech of famous Hellish people like presidents, singers, writers, high church leaders and similarly were forbidden to admit that Hellish people exist and that they rule this world. And so we have been living in a planetary totalism: Anything but Hellish people!
     In the beginning of "Hellish indications" there was one simple idea. Hellish people love to leave their "signature" on their works and because they like to be reminded of their different spiritual essence and of their Hell, they have started to use the indications of it a very long time ago already. But they could not have used anything "striking" because it would be too suspicious. For example, if all the famous people on the highest positions in human society would wear a red circle on their upper clothes with an eye in the middle of it, even stupid normal people would immediately notice such a "fishy" thing and they would ask: "How come that everywhere on the highest places there are people with such a red circle on their clothes?" And that was the reason why the management of Hellish people has decided to only use normally-occurring things, movements and looks in order to prevent their true origin from being discovered by stupid normal people.
     Because I have offended normal people, I shall immediately "set things right". Normal people are clever, too. They only must be shown the proper direction, the entire Circle of Knowledge. Sad to say, so far they were led by Hellish people in a way to become one-sided and limited humans. In fact, the wisdom of normal people only seems to be a fraction of that of Hellish people, which in practice means something in range from 0 to 10% of the Circle, for example. But let us now change it for the first time.
     To be frank, I have only vaguely seen the Circle of Knowledge and it was indicated that I will see the entire Circle one day. But now I cannot recall if I have already seen it long ago and I will only gradually recall the memory of it or if I will see it fully for the first time somewhere in the future. Anyway, the range of the knowledge of Hellish people was comprised of approximately 60% of the Circle and the entire rest of it was one big empty window for them. Their end was kept hidden from them since if they knew it in advance, they would have existed in a different way than they did. But everything must have been fully experienced and transformed to the end including all the extreme things that have happened. The way of existence that Hellish people have chosen was a stable partial Evil during long ages and after it a quick and unexpected end.
     The today's task of normal people is to get to know about the Hellish indications and to accept the fact that the same "people" who have created and hidden them in their works have also created and hidden many lies and evil things, about which normal people did not know so far. For example, in the same way like Hellish indications are cleverly hidden in movies, Hellish intentions and deeds are cleverly hidden in the life of people, too. Seek Goodness that is beyond the frame of our Hellish civilization, which on the surface looks like a Good, but in many aspects it is rather a hidden Evil. Who is normal and does not believe me, he will learn after his death.


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