The Old And New Wisdom

(Version 2.0)

     I feel a need to create a commentary that would manage at least a bit to join my "old knowledge" (above all, from books "Mozaika moudrosti", "Tajemstvi lasky" and "Amen") with the new one (from books "Supergod", "Dalsi Tajemstvi lasky" and articles about "Hellish People").
     One of the shortcomings of my old books (except for "Amen") is that they have fastened on reincarnation too much. On the one hand I had visions supporting its existence (even though some of them is possible to explain differently, perhaps by "inherited memories of the ancestors", hallucinations, by the evocation of these perceptions by some spiritual creature or by their catch from the spiritual worlds, in which they are recorded), on the other hand I saw the lying of Hellish people about the past lives of their souls, even mutual ones with that of mine, which I did not have any memories of.
     But I have always had strong ones of some of the moments of the past lives of my soul (they were returning to me repeatedly when I was a child, but I did not know then, what it in fact is all about). I have written about the reincarnation what I have felt inside. It had to be true partially, at least, but some inaccuracies must have been present as well.
     The next imperfection of my "old books" is that that I do not take into account Hellish people and their artificial intervention with the life of the normal, thanks to which the described "philosophy of life" has a somewhat-lower validity.
     And then there is another problem here: Vseorganizmus (Allorganism) is not the only something what exists, how I used to write it in the books then. To our conditions it only is a giant Ball. And Prastvoritel (Precreator) in fact is Supergod who regenerates in it (but I knew that everything here is 100% predestined and every cell is a kind of universe).
     Of course, there are also other inaccuracies here and in my old commentary I wrote about some of them, for example: "Central Cosmic Soul is not any particular and separately existing spiritual creature. It only is the sum of the potential of the universe, in which its human part has its place, too."
     As far as the other unclear things are concerned, I will mention "the balance of opposites" and "zero as the result of everything". Inside of this Ball, the opposites do not always balance one another in the way to reach the sum zero. By the result of their activity somewhere they are close to it and exceptionally they even use to reach it, but most of the time the outcome of their influence is some positive or negative value.
     "Zero as the result of everything" in the sense of "perpetuum mobile" is a true and correctly-described idea in the books, but not the only one in this field. This Ball can function not only without the loss, but it can even reach some profit, meaning to be "in the plus". It can be set both "to zero" and "to plus" (see "preserving" and "regenerative" cycles).
     Despite the fact that the spiritual interpretations in my old books need more similar explanations, the essential part of their content is something absolutely phenomenal and in the time of their writing maybe even unbeatable.
     And as for the new books, these ones, hopefully, do not need any big explanation, but articles about "Hellish people" certainly do and not only one :-)
     Owing to the cheats of Hellish people I have committed two main mistakes in that that I had started to think that there is even a bigger number of them than how many of them are in fact out there, and that I had been taking some of their false Hellish indications for the true. But as a matter of fact, this together with some other things is already explained in my newer articles.
     I do not know Hellish people that much, so that my imaginations of them might be inaccurate up to erroneous in some respects, but the most essential ones should be close to the truth.


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