The Number of Hellish People

     I have already explained, that for the sake of the secret service I had thought that Hellish people are the majority of human population, which was wrong. So how high their percentage really is?
     In the "Picture of Human Souls" the Hellish part had 35% of power, long ago I have heard from the Christians that one third of angels is supposed to serve the Satan, but perhaps there is no direct proportionality between this percentage and that of Hellish people in the human population.
     But if there was the direct proportionality in it, it could also mean that those 33 or 35% is the final percentage that has not been reached yet. It was indicated that the number of Hellish people is increasing, but how big it currently is?
     Frankly: I do not know. In view of circumstances it should be somewhere within the range from 10% to 35%.

     (As for their often-mentioned curiousness, many of them are informers of the secret service. I remember that many years ago when I had said both at home and in the pub with several people only that I am starting writing a spiritual book, immediately there was a new friend, one of them.
     And because I have lived without girlfriends for years, they were curious about my sexual condition. Therefore under the guise of research, one of them was investigating the functionality of my sexual organ. I do not know why, but he was also curious if I am able to lie to other people, there was even one arranged situation to discover it. They have also sent a young woman with the same kind of dog that I loved to make me enter relationship with her to discover how I am with women.
     You, all the normal people, should always keep in mind, that the curious Hellish regularly are your acquaintances and friends, and they can report some things about you. Please be so kind and learn not to trust them fully and not to display your most intimate things in front of them, even if they were talking about that of theirs, waiting four your talking about that of yours in return.)


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