The Network of Hellish People

     For the uninformed: Hellish people have a demonical humanoid soul and in the majority they rule our human society. As for their number, I am not sure. Perhaps they can represent up to one third of our human population.
     They occupy most of the highest positions in the mankind (presidents of the biggest countries, famous writers and singers, church leaders and so on) and the way they are controlling it is worth mentioning.
     Well, it seems that they have gradually set up a network that enables them to have access to normal people, to have in many cases even a detailed information about them, and to keep their spiritual knowledge on a low degree.
     In order for them to have it, they do more things at the same time: They have a majority control over education, religions, activity of secret services, companies providing a telephone and internet connection, the television & production of many movies, work of many musical bands etc.
     They are often recording people and certain places by hidden microcameras placed in cars, on the roof of houses and sometimes even inside of their own home or in their beloved places in Nature. Shortly, Hellish people are so curious about the comings and goings of the normal, that they do much to discover it (for instance, they listen to people's talking in the pubs and similarly). However, they pretend that they do not know about people and they are not observing them so much, which causes normal people to have a feeling that they have a privacy.
     But I am most interested in the way they gain access to normal families and particular normal people. One of the main goals of the gathering of information about them is to inform the secret service managed by Hellish people that is receiving reports not only from their own people, but partly also from the normal people who are working for it.
     Using clever Hellish psychology, they make normal people choose them for friends, or at least trust them and display themselves before them a bit. This is one of the most powerful means how to get to know about normal people.
     But it is not only friendship that reveals the privacy of normal people. Much can be discovered by observation of how they react when they hear or see this or that, how big attention they pay to this or that and similarly.
     However, I wish to make one discovery here. I know, that the world's secret service makes people give away wrong testimonies about spiritual things. And seeing this behavior of theirs and knowing that they are Hellish, it becomes obvious, that they had to use a similar behavior in case of the creation of religions & beliefs and in manipulation with some historical information from our past.
     The reason is that that they have never wanted normal people to know the whole truth of these things. But there were some normal people who wanted to change it and I was one of them, although many normal people are being convinced, that my words about this are exaggerated and wrong. And to be frank, I was very surprised, how easy was to manipulate with the opinion of normal people in the cases that had already happened. On the other hand it is understandable, because the entire approach to normal people of this world is planned by Hellish masters of human psychology.
     The people who want to condemn my words should realise the following: I do not want any wars among people and I do not want any terroristic actions. I only want two things: 1. The attack on the parallel demonical world that had happened in the future and that was performed by "God & Holy Council" together with "Heavenly Nation". 2. Perfect human society where the principle of my "Lukewarm Harmony" (see my book "Amen") will be put in practice (the entire amount of happiness and wealth that are at hand for the human society as a whole will be divided by the number of all of its members and every one of them will have the resulting amount at his disposal; but how I have explained in different writings, to function well, the perfect society does not need any money). Of course, in such a society there will be no Hellish people at all. People will be educated in basic spiritual questions, being more developed individuals than normal people in our current society, more or less ruled by Hellish people.


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