The Mystery of The Island

     Mankind consists of normal and Hellish people and those who rule the world are the Hellish. They have developed mankind in technical respect and one of the many things that they do is the production of movies.
     You know, they like to put their secret signs into them, especially "reminder of Hell", but because their Hellish kind does not want to be discovered, it started to use mainly "normally-occurring things, movements and looks in order to prevent their true origin from being discovered by stupid normal people" (see "The Origin of Hellish Indications").
     As we know well, in some of the movies they have made, Hellish people remind themselves of their spiritual essence by various methods, whereas among the favorite ones we can find two parallel worlds and "being two times".
     The reason is that that unlike normal human soul, the Hellish humanoid is connected to its physical body only in one part, whereas in the other it perceives "a way to Hell", shortly a different reality, which makes it be "two times" in a way.
     And because I have mentioned that Hellish people produce movies, I will talk about one of them that has a strong "Hellish subtext" with "reminders of Hell". Its name is "The Island". It also hides a big knowledge and I consider this movie to be a very good educational source for all the normal uninformed people.
     The heroes of this movie are a couple of clones (Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta, whereas number six has a Hellish meaning and number two is related to the "being two times") who live inside of a closed world, whereas the originals they were cloned from live far away in an outside world. The clones are supposed to be taken parts from when their original falls ill and needs some new ones.
     Of course, the fact that in the end they are to be cut to pieces is concealed from the clones and when the time of their death comes, they are told that they have won a lottery, which meant that they will be moved to an island where a good life expects them.
     This positive lie strongly reminds the one that exists (in many versions) in our real world about God's love for people and about good future that expects their souls if they will live accordingly to certain rules, if they won't sin too much and similarly. But many normal people's souls get in fact into Hell, even if they have lived like good and moral people. And Hellish people keep this information hidden from the normal for thousands of years (in the same way like the fact about the "cutting to pieces instead of the way to the island" is kept hidden from the clones in this movie).
     One way or another, the fact remains that a clever lie about some non-existing good future - whether it is during life or after death - can confuse even the whole masses. It is also one of the reasons why here on Earth I strongly recommend to observe the rules of a so-called "Safe Dying". For sometimes the people who look like the best guys can have bad intentions about you, which can however be realized & displayed as far as the last step of your way, just where everything looks as if already nothing bad could happen.
     The truth is that in this movie there are several things that can be compared to the reality that we have here with Hellish people. In the official education including religions (that they have co-created or influenced) there is no information about their Nation and about what bad can expect you as a normal person in the end.
     Hellish people who today represent the majority of human population (substantial part of normal people have only them for the best friends) hide several secrets that they never share with the normal: now and then they capture the souls of some of them; if there were not them the Kingdom of God would have already been established; every now and again they arrange some war-like events (see "The Required Bad Things") and similarly.
     As for the great many movies Hellish people make, it seems to me that they never put into their story what they keep hidden from the normal. They only use some indications of it, so that a Hellish viewer immediately recognizes it, but a normal one won't get its real meaning at all. And so in the result there is something what entertains Hellish people and reminds them of "their bad" that they secretly enjoy, but at the same time it does not tell all the uninformed normal people what it really means.
     In any case, in this movie there are more things that remind the actual evil existing in our world and that is related to Hellish people. For example, in the same way like organs by themselves have failed if they were not inside of living clones experiencing life with emotions, also human soul develops well only when it is inside of a human being that has a fully-fledged life, which however makes it a better source for Hellish beings, directly or indirectly used to extend their own lifespan as well as the parts from the clones were prolonging the lifespan of their originals.
     Another such a thing is the one that the island that was giving the clones a hope, a reason to live, can be compared to our made-up fairytales about good future of normal people's souls after death or, at least, not a single word about the possible bad one. We also cannot forget the limited education of the clones making them as wise as 15-year-old children. Similarly normal people are limited in their knowledge, too. They learn many things from all the official sources of knowledge except for what is most secret and literally forbidden for them to know.
     Anyway, in this movie there is a very instructive thing, which is how they have dealt with those who have started to think. As long as they have only been repeating what they were taught, everything was okay. But as soon as they have displayed a self-reliant and independent thinking, they have changed into an obstacle that had to be removed. And in a similar way it has functioned in our human society as well. As soon as you have started to "question things" & discover what Hellish people did not want to be discovered, you already were not as much welcome here as before.
     In order to mention some "reminders of Hell" from this movie, there are several of them: (00:04:50) (One actor looks into the camera and shortly after it) The male hero shows something what reminds "two faces of Hellish people" and number two is said at the moment as well (being a part of name Starkweather Two Delta, who was in the "closed world" six months, which was also said aloud); (00:15:55) Emphasis on eye; (00:27:20) (The actor takes a look into the camera at the viewer and then) We see a flower thrown on the floor with a view on shoes, a bug and "two faces of Hellish people", then there are flashes and the both heroes are seen as if they were two times, which ends by raised hands; (00:33:20) (Through the door with number six the male hero gets to the ladder with number three and then) The male hero gets to the medical sector, he crawls on all four and he shows an emphasis on one eye. Little later there is a murder of a woman-clone, please notice the qualified nurse: she emphasizes eyes (by her eyebrows and there is also seen the victim's eye from a very close distance), she keeps the bottom part of the victim's legs and then she is seen two times in the corridor (by the way, is there seen a reversed number six during it or is it something else?), after which she meets the original of the killed woman-clone (then there is a scene with a wounded Starkweather Two Delta); (00:54:25) (Running down the hill, woman's forward bend, word "dead", man's up and down the stairs with a forward bend, raised hand when throwing the bottle and then) Kneeling on all four bent down and a snake.
     Normal people, are you able to realize that the Hellish take you for limited creatures, when they do such obvious signs being sure that you won't be able to discover their true meaning?

     (Generally, Hellish people have quite a knowledge of human psychology. They exactly know how to manipulate with the normal people of this world and their opinions and simultaneously how to entertain themselves during it.)


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