The Mystery of Love

     It is contained in books "Tajemstvi lasky" and "Dalsi Tajemstvi lasky". But in order for you to be able to understand love, first you must learn how it came into existence at all. And this is a story much older than our time:

     "Long long ago, in "Endless Spaces" there were self-loving creatures who have gradually developed there and who decided that they will live forever. For ages they had been searching the source of their eternal life until they finally found it.
     First of first, they have determined their ideal age and the ideal state of health at that age, which in practice means information about the exact condition and position of all the micro particles of their body.
     Then the creatures made giant Balls to regenerate in them and to keep themselves at that ideal age and the condition by means of all the stories that are going on in these Balls. And we, together with our Universe, are finding ourselves in one of them."

     This is the approximate way our Ball and relationship among single universes located in it look like, if we take that of ours for a medium one (I call the owner of this Ball "Supergod" and our "God" is the physical manifestation of his highest "self") :


     These universes have the same and a different value at the same time. It is similar to endless numbers, most of the time they have the same and a different value, too.
     A made-up example by way of explanation: The cycle of stories in this Ball is repeating eternally, you always live 70 years and your dog always 10, whereas the both of you live the endless number of years, which means the same, but also a different one, because the years of your life are seven times more than that of your dog.

     Excerpt from book "Dalsi Tajemstvi lasky":

     "Where does all our love in fact come from?
     All our loves, existing inside of this Ball, have their origin in its owner Supergod. And, as a matter of fact, they are his love for him himself."

     They use to come into existence in such a way, that the love contained in his personality splits up into many particles, out of which every single one is then modified and "gets some additional values", in order to appear in plants, and in living and spiritual creatures.

If you wish to learn more about love, you can download for free the both above-mentioned books from web sites (Czech) or (Czech, English and Russian)

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