The Medium

               I’ve bought a medium which cover was colored like a chrome,
               it was about the history to study and to learn from.
               There were photos in it, documents and movies,
               showing many “big people” doing “the best things”.

               As a warning of what man shouldn’t be like,
               there was a deterrent example of the worst knight.
               He lost every fight, but there was no announcement,
               that his power was blocked - a poison was its replacement.

               There wasn’t stated that his armor was thin and weak, and at the same time too heavy,
               there were needles in it always stabbing into that knight’s body.
               There wasn’t said that his feet and hands were really dangerous and strong, but it was long time ago,
               before someone tied them down to prevent their terrible power from being shown.

               There were several men - all wrongly said to be independent and to have cool intentions about us,
               always gathering all the important information from our illuminating past.
               This was said to give us good guidance, to help us educate ourselves,
               to get enlightened from all the long-ago happened events.

               There were many other men said to be wise and for-us recommended teachers,
               many lessons of what to learn and how to love,
               the supposedly-best religions and their great preachers,
               showing “the proper faith” and the peace’s dove.

               As a warning of what isn’t right to take for a proper belief,
               and a listening to it rather approach like the deaf,
               there was the supposedly-worst religion as another deterrent example,
               and some bad things from its founder’s life as an educational sample.

               This religion’s founder was shown there like a stupid, crazy and bad man,
               but no one mentioned that he wrote the best books, for example “Amen”.
               His words were shown there like a lie and over-rated thing,
               and there wasn’t said that he is all the religions’ king.

               Everything on the medium was so nicely put together,
               that I couldn’t imagine how someone could make it anyhow better.
               The picture was clear, many “facts” and good ideas convincing me,
               about the truthful viewpoint like it should be.

               Then I’ve met one Creature from the realm of “the dead”,
               proud of my knowledge, thinking of many things that I learned,
               but to my surprise his eyes were really sad,
               he only looked down at me and slowly said:

               “Learning from the medium all what you know,
               you didn’t gain any real knowledge, you only saw a lie grow.
               Seeing on the medium all what you have seen,
               it mainly gave you a false picture of how it has really been.”

               Then he came closer and gave me his hand,
               and took me to a place, where under me feet there was a golden sand.
               It was a different world, in which there was a magnificent library,
               and the Creature had let me go in through its entry.

               Everything there was shiny, clean and there was no gloom,
               and on the table in one room, there was a different medium.
               Its color was beautiful, it was a large guide,
               and I was shocked seeing what was inside.

               As a warning of what man shouldn’t be like,
               there was a deterrent example of the best knight.
               He was only winning, despite a bit shorter figure, kinda light,
               but always had the support of a big evil that had let him win every fight.

               His armor was made of the best matter that was light and also very strong,
               there were no needles in it, just only a stuff that resists very long.

               His feet and hands didn’t have any special power,
               but those who were leading them were always taking care,
               of making them hit the goal in the best time by somewhat bigger power,
               than which was physically contained in them.

               There were shown the historians whose interdependence was top-secret,
               all of them having the same master and the same bad purpose.
               Honestly archiving only something, but deleting the other or at least changing,
               by this way fulfilling the ordered lie’s dose.

               As a warning of what isn’t right to take for a proper belief,
               and a listening to it rather approach like the deaf,
               there were all the world’s religions as a deterrent example,
               and their founders’ lies as an educational sample.

               The worst religion’s founder was shown there like a wise teacher,
               he gave us true lessons of what to learn and how to love,
               one only religion and he himself was its only preacher,
               showing the proper faith and the peace’s dove.

               Then I took a look into the Heavenly medium’s core,
               and one more knowledge’s I’ve opened door.

               There was even shown what would come to pass,
               if “the worst knight” didn’t inhale a poison-like gas.
               When his bad armor was removed, and his feet and hands were untied,
               he had easily beaten “the best knight” to death, his victory was bright.

               There was even shown what would take place,
               if the worst religion’s founder didn’t have his enemies to face.
               If only obtained a piece of some little support,
               he could have really changed the world.

               Then the Creature took me back over to here,
               leaving me only a memory of the true medium that I have seen.
               Then I threw the Earthly one into the trash to never listen to it again, and see,
               it was the best place, where it should be.


Legal disclaimer: The text of this poem only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.