The Injustice of My Case

     Hellish people have started to destroy gradually a man that was an elected virgin that gave people a real knowledge and made plans about a human society with the equality of people and a legalized euthanasia (for helping the intensely suffering that cannot be helped in any other way). I, who had the biggest mercy with the suffering, was condemned to suffer, which is very strange.
     When Hellish people visited my close ones in 2001, saying that there will not be me any more (either death or craziness), none of them told it to me then. All the close ones including the Christians were afraid and they rather helped the Hell to win over me.
     In the later years many Czech people knew that the TV show about me is a partial cheat, yet they have made no testimony about it. Instead, they gave me drugs and something what causes anxiety (and little muscles problems) into my cigarettes.
     I cannot imagine how that, what was done in my lodgings (the radiation of my brain after which I almost died and often was waking up paralyzed, and the strong things on the oven and on the cooker, after which my muscles became heavy, my bronchi was strongly irritated and my brain cells were dying with thinking that was sometimes getting some stuck, small memory blackouts, occasional hallucinations etc.), could have legally been authorized.
     Especially dangerous was also the man who used to "kill by the look of the eyes" (the energy streaming from him was many times stronger than that from the radiation of my brain and if I did not have inhuman energetic values and one help, I would not survive his attempt of me). After the encounter with him and with several others, Hellish people created the impression that it only seemed to me and that I am crazy (they made me suspect almost everybody from being Hellish).
     In the last years of my dog's life I was not able to go with him outside daily like it should be (the gases before us were too strong; he was without regular walks, without any sufficient urinating, he was dying extremely painfully without any timely euthanasia) and I could not ventilate my room sufficiently (when I opened the window, mostly there was some piece of detrimental vapors).
     You have seen many authentically looking videos, many very convincing "facts" against and about me, but Hellish people are the world's masters of cheating (please recall the trick, when people near me started to cough and at the same time Hellish people released an invisible coughing gas before me to make me cough, too, after which I was looking like a psycho imitating the other people's behavior; or the tricks with the blonde women etc.). Their attitude has always been a criminal and unfair one.
     In a condition unbearable for a normal human being, with unpleasant feelings from a neck backbone, with false news, fake Internet, lies from all the other people, with energetic and chemical impact on my brain, it was very difficult. But I have succeeded in giving the mankind the biggest discovery ever and a help for the most intensely suffering.


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