The Imperfections of My Books

     My books have got more imperfections, but I will talk here about two of them only that I consider the main ones. At young age I wrote these three books, above all. Despite some mistakes they were unbeatable in many things.


     Imperfection 1: I did not know then yet, that our universe is located in a huge sphere and that our main God regenerates himself by means of all the stories that are going on within it.

     Imperfection 2: I have committed some exaggerated assertions about Hellish people, which I cannot fully be responsible for. First of all, there were several people having a connection with the Hell, but after it more normal people were sent to pretend before me that they are Hellish, too. I let myself be confused by it and I started to see Hellish people all around, which projected into my next book that is damaged by it.

     The expression "Hellish people" I use regularly and you will find it in my new books as well. They are different than my old books and in some aspects very beneficial.


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