The Happiness of Human Soul

(TOK Dodatek 10 Cislo 27)

     Let's say, that for the majority of people the subjective point in their life is to be happy. And if circumstances do not allow it to them, then, at least, to be as little unhappy as possible and let's also do not forget, that the feeling of happiness - in quite a few cases - is caused by helping others, too.
     In order for us to be happy, first there must be us, by which I have in mind the gaining (and keeping) of own individuality. Shortly, you are born like a human being that grows up and you want to be him or her further, but happy. And if you are believers, after the death of his or her body you want to be, as a human soul, happy further.
     Like I was writing in "The Empty Total Sum" (shortly before my experience "Precreator") about the subjective happiness of spiritual kinds in "Allorganism", that is in our Supergodly Ball, the majority of them won't live to see any big one.
     I remind you again that the Supergodly Ball is here mainly because of Supergod and much less because of us, so that we will serve it more than the other way around. And the corresponding degree of happiness of our souls as a whole already somehow follows from this information.
     Almost in every spiritual kind there are obviously happy individuals, but at the same time the majority of spiritual kinds as a whole are not happy. Therefore it is easier to build up a happy man than a happy entire mankind.
     But let's now say, in which circumstances human being can be happy. First of all, he or she must become himself or herself (= to grow up in the exact way he or she has grown up, and to experience exactly what he or she has experienced, shortly to become who he or she is) and then he or she must preserve the gained individuality.
     If happiness is predestined to him or her, it will come to him or her itself. If it is not, then, purely theoretically, he or she would have to gain it by changing the Formula of our Supergodly Ball in the way to make it give him or her happiness, but owing to this others would have to be shorter of it.
     In any case, once the human soul is happy, its happiness will repeat in the next cycle of stories in the Supergodly Ball, but only if these won't be changed by the change of its Formula, which would cause a bigger or smaller deviation in the individuality and happiness of the soul in question.


     Theoretically, there is one more option for it to experience happiness that is eternal, and that by means of Supergod. But there is one big hitch in it, since it goes hand in hand with a bigger or smaller loss of its own spiritual individuality. But the question is what the price of its individuality in fact is, when in given case it is being "exchanged" for a much more perfect one.
     Human brain is only able to experience the reality of higher spiritual beings in a very small degree, but the human soul has this ability substantially bigger. If it finds itself to be totally out of physical body or, at least, by a piece of itself it is outside of the brain's tissue (= connected to the brain by insufficient way, for example as a result of constitutional deviation, brain's illness and similarly), in a small degree it can experience the (Super)Godly reality. And who knows, if even in the case when it is fully connected to the brain, if it would co-operate with the soul in an ideal way in this meaning, but I am not sure about the extent or if it is even possible at all.
     Of course, when the soul gets to the higher and/or neutral spiritual worlds after the death of its physical body, it can communicate with "corresponding manifestation of the Supergod's higher I" in a form of some Godly being and/or directly God, by which it can get to know a piece of his reality that, to a substantial degree, is that of Supergod.
     Generally, the cognition of (Super)Godly reality changes the human soul and in the way that its inclination towards the human one decreases and the inclination towards the (Super)Godly one begins to develop at the expense of it. If it only decreases a little, the result is its widening by awareness of the (Super)Godly one. And, for a change, if the spiritual individuality gets fully lost, then it deals with a state, when Supergod experiences a piece of himself by means of human soul as much as it is possible, and it disappears by time and only he lefts. He has been there before it and he is there after it. He is there all the time. And it is there together with him also, because it did become him, even though it did not.