The Formula of the Supergodly Ball

(Version 1.1)

     I consider all what exists here a part of one whole and all the universes I take for the cells of a giant organism that consists of them all. And now I will tell you something more about it.
     The name of that giant organism is a Supergodly Ball (that is how I call it). The organism is located inside of it, being a closed reality. It is directed by a spirit (Supergod) that dwells in a dimension that pervades all the cells (Alldimension).
     Every cell has a core, something like a "(circle)ball", and all these balls of all the cells-universes are interconnected, by this way forming the core of the Supergodly Ball - the Alldimension, which in fact is a space arisen by a mutual interconnection of all the balls among one another.
     But the leading spirits of particular universes, Gods, are interconnected, too. In fact, they all (and all their balls) together form the Supergod (and his ball of all the balls). Or, oppositely, it is the Supergod (and his ball of all the balls), who, divided by the number of the cells of his Ball, forms all the Gods (and all their balls).
     Anyway, we can claim both that the God is the Supergod and reversely that the Supergod is the God. Both is true. These highest beings are interconnected to such an extent that they are somehow merged, in its way being one and the same being as well as each ball is somewhat the ball of all the balls, too. But back to the Supergodly Ball itself.
     I have seen its Formula. There was a very special (obviously many-dimensional) language, by which it was possible to say it. I was only able to vaguely see one third of the language, so difficult it was.
     Together with the Formula I have seen human mathematics. It was quite okay with some small errors only, which has surprised me a little since I would await big ones. But in contrast with the Formula of the Supergodly Ball, taking into account totally everything, the human mathematics has only been comprised of the minority range of all.
     All the things within the Supergodly Ball are somehow related and in a direct or indirect relationship with one another. Therefore every thing is truly expressed only by a formula that is valid for totally everything what is here - the Formula of the Supergodly Ball.