The Empty Total Sum

(Version 2.1)

     Our Supergodly Ball mainly serves those who are most happy within it. And because it is ruled by Supergod, it would be interesting to know the total sum of his happiness (+) and unhappiness (-) which, in view of how he "perceives things", is subjective & objective at the same time.
     If Supergod was perfectly balanced and the total sum of all of his inner feelings was zero, than he would not be happy, he would not want to exist and he would not want to manage his Ball. His happiness, desire to exist and manage the Supergodly Ball must prevail over their opposite. So he must be at least in some minimal plus. But where this plus comes from? Perhaps it is gained by the subjective unhappiness of some other beings that exist in the Supergodly Ball and that suffer instead of him. One way or the other, Supergod's spirit + the allmatter of his Ball = one (perfectly functioning) whole, the total sum of which is zero.
     The main component that makes us alive is our spiritual soul. In fact, in the Supergodly Ball there are various diverse spiritual kinds and what I will now write here is valid for most of them.
     But let's now remember one basic law first. The subjective happiness of one is something what can only exist at the expense of the subjective happiness of somebody else. It means that any spiritual kind that would exist (considering the entire time of its existence, of course) in the prevailing positive amount of the subjective happiness of its members would be served by the Supergodly Ball more than the other way round. And when I say 'serve', I mean to give away more than to accept. So in given case it means to be more badly-off than well-off.
     Of course, to a certain extent everybody serves the Supergodly Ball by means of all of his subjective feelings, which is also valid for those who are most happy, but to serve it by being happy is pleasant and by being unhappy is unpleasant. So that if you belong among those who serve the Supergodly Ball mainly by their own well-being, you are a lucky soul.
     Generally, no matter how big the well-being of some spiritual kind has been and how long it has felt more happy than unhappy, there is the opposite prepared for it that will be the bigger, the bigger the amount of the subjective happiness of that spiritual kind as a whole. However, this law is valid for the majority of spiritual kinds and not for them all.
     Within the majority of spiritual kinds there are individuals who are destined to achieve a great amount of subjective happiness, there are positive periods of time prepared for these spiritual kinds as wholes, but very unhappy individuals and negative periods of time are there as well. In such a case, the more these spiritual kinds have achieved, the bigger the opposite will be (in the future) or it has already been (in the past).
     Above all, there are happy individuals and not happy kinds. As far as their subjective happiness is concerned, the majority of spiritual kinds must not overstep zero, but happy individuals can. That is why you can build a happy man (even quite a few), but you cannot build a happy (entire) mankind.
     Theoretically, if our spiritual kind as a whole could not overstep zero, we should not strive for its too big happiness. It means no too big good, no periods of quick expansion. Then we won't have to face a corresponding opposite - a too big evil and quick decline. In fact, this idea is close to "Lukewarm Harmony" from my book "Amen" about how to avoid extremes in the life of man(kind).
     But because the Supergodly Ball requires a complete eternal transformation of its inner allmatter & Supergod's spiritual body and its substantial part consists of extreme feelings of many spiritual creatures, this requirement creates their extreme subjective happiness and unhappiness that are unavoidable.


     Practical addition: The following words are somehow related to what was written in my article "Strike on the Hell", more precisely to the change of the reign of Positive and Negative worlds.
     Please look at the following excerpt from my book "Zablesk Pravdy" that explains the alternation of positive and negative periods of time of two different kinds. In this instance it is about roe deer and wolves, but the same principle is valid for various spiritual kinds that are somehow set against each other, too.


     In our case, the principle also applies to two opposite spiritual worlds most important to us - Heaven and Hell.
     In the period of time that is favorable to Heaven, both higher and lower Heaven fully prosper, and the lower Hell is in ruins and the only part of it that somewhat prospers is the higher one (it is there as a necessary partial balance of the entire prospering Heaven because of the statics of particular dimensions).
     And, oppositely, in the period of time that is favorable to Hell, both higher and lower Hell fully prosper, and the lower Heaven is in ruins and the only part of it that somewhat prospers is the higher one (it is there as a necessary partial balance of the entire prospering Hell because of the statics of particular dimensions).
     These periods of time alternate and they balance each other.
     There was a picture of the influence of three powers upon what they will make human souls experience in the Supergodly Ball. It had three parts: The reign of Heaven (light part), of Hell (dark part) and the rest (between light and dark). Both Heaven and Hell had an equally big part of their might (at least one third, but not more than 40%).


     Bonus: In my book "Mozaika moudrosti" - that I am more or less really proud of - is written: "Kdyby si nikdo živý neuvědomil VšeOrganizmus, tak by se rozpadl." In English it means approximately this: "If nobody alive realized the Allorganism (= Supergodly Ball), it would disintegrate."
     Well, among the members of intelligent spiritual kinds there must be individuals who - both during their stay in the spiritual worlds and during their life in physical body (in which it is more difficult but more effective simultaneously) - they must think about the Supergodly Ball and somewhat experience it. Through this they prevent it from falling apart. These more intelligent, that is higher spiritual kinds also experience a connection to a so-called "higher I" of Supergod, which means to a more perfect part of his complicated personality.
     In order for Supergod to stay young forever, he must always transform & renew the entire complicated personality of his, so that its wisest part, too. Therefore the wisdom from it he divides into pieces and every one of them he uses to put into different being in his Ball and the being then experiences the piece of his biggest wisdom. I have one of them, perhaps the smallest one, too.


     Author's comment: Long ago I have experienced a moment, in which I have perhaps recalled the value of subjective human happiness shown to me once. Then I did not know Hellish people much and I was not distinguishing particular people. Shortly, suddenly I had numbers 60% unhappiness and 40% happiness. The reason was that human lives have served the "Allorganism" more than it has served them.

     When stories that are to be acted are acted by means of particular spiritual kinds, in the majority of cases the kinds are let fall (= without any reason, they are not let exist in happiness as long as possible), so that the final gain does not go to them but to Supergod. It is simple.
     Remember a "symbol of opposites" "Yin/Yang" (= in every opposite there is an element of its own opposite). White half is Supergod and a black wheel in it is a piece of evil that he experiences by a very slightly painful process of regeneration in this Ball. But his happiness prevails, of course. For oppositely it would not be worth it!
     And black half are the spiritual kinds of our Ball. Their (subjective) unhappiness prevails in the majority of them and the white wheel are those who have it the other way round. It also matters how high is the spiritual kind in question.
     If it is above the broken line (of the picture from chapter "Relationship to Hellish people"), it is already capable of a direct communication with "Holy Council", it has more detailed information about the predestined future and it is given longevity.
     Supergod usually gives the highest beings more happiness similar to that of his, but in the majority, a piece must be deducted from it, so that God has perhaps 80% of that of Supergod. The above mentioned "symbol of opposites" is also valid here in some way, but in accordance with Godhood, so that it "throws" different values, than in low spiritual kinds.

     PS: It is however necessary to add, that this symbol represents the above-mentioned rather excessively. In fact, the overall subjective unhappiness of spiritual kinds is only a bit bigger, than their subjective happiness.