The Defeat of Hellish Humanoid Souls

     At first sight, Hellish people, more exactly Hellish humanoid souls, seem to be both very clever and sufficiently secured in their parallel world. But let us now have a closer look at the "cleverness" and the "safety".
     Hellish people have managed to build up high skyscrapers, fast cars, personal computers, airplanes, ships, submarines, CT and MR scans, spacecrafts, and so on. But does that mean that they are genial? Of course not!
     Most of the time, their work is based on "the distribution of roles". In practice it means that every one of their members is allocated a role that he shall "act". One of them tries to do his best in some kind of sport and to reach a top level in it, another one of them develops a suitable material for the wings of airplanes. And that way the development of human society as a whole goes forward.
     For example skyscrapers. They are the result of the knowledge of more branches and each of them has more sub-branches. For instance building materials consist of the separate production of many particles that the building consists of: Doors, door locks, many different types of windows, many diverse types of electrical appliances, various pipes and a thousand of other things. And they all were thought up by many experts of many different companies.
     But there is a fact that you should keep in mind at all times. All the inventions and all the consequent products based on them can only work in such an environment, which they were designed for. Change the gravity of our Earth, the atmosphere, change the speed of wind, the subsoil, the temperature and, all of a sudden, the skyscraper goes down.
     As another example I will use a submarine. Regardless of its perfection, even the best model becomes a useless piece of metal, if you have strongly changed the characteristics of water or if you took the submarine out of it and put it in the air or in the space. Or the best martial art with the most effective techniques will stop the proper working, if the opponent has three or four hands instead of two only, which the whole martial art is designed for. But how is all that related to the defeat of Hellish humanoid souls?
     Please realize that it is only the known environment and mapped circumstances what makes it possible for Hellish people to excel in the particular branches of what people do. But take all the knowledge away from them, or even better, change the environment & circumstances a lot and suddenly Hellish people won't know what to do.
     In the future, Hellish humanoid souls in their parallel world were majority self-confident and convinced that they are secured within it and that it should not happen that they were reached all the way up to there. But they were wrong.
     Because the defeat of Hellish humanoid souls is related to the wars of different kinds, more exactly to the attacks on some specific dimensions, we will mention some facts about it.
     What matters most is the predestination of the successful attack. It means, that it must be included within the Formula of our Supergodly Ball. However, there is a lower and at the same time more practical view on the whole thing and there are two most important facts:
     1. The actual condition of the dimension in question (which includes its current statics) and 2. The possible intervention on this condition (in given case the change of the current statics of the dimension in question or its disruption by some attack, for example).
     Important is what material from the all-matter core of our Ball is used by the given dimension and if those who manage the (core of) dimensions and their settings will change it somehow or not. And in the case of Hellish people, the dimensions will be adjusted. As the result of this intervention, the part of the prepared defense strategy of Hellish humanoid souls will immediately cease to be usable and they will become opened to the attack.
     Remember that as soon as there is a big change to the environment & circumstances, there is a new situation. Unknown and unmapped. And what you have reached and calculated in all the previous environments & circumstances suddenly becomes more or less useless.
     Before they were attacked, Hellish humanoid souls were majority self-confident. Their management created orders and all their members have done everything in accordance with the new "distribution of roles". But it was wrong.
     First the dimension of Hellish humanoid souls was disturbed by the intervention of "God" & "Holy Council" (the change of the root angle with all the finish counting) and then it was attacked (by "the last light dimension") both from the inside and from the outside by special alternating energetic combinations and the limited Hellish humanoid souls were not able to block it. The majority of them were killed (including taller and more robust demons) and the rest was living in worse conditions and there was no full recover.
     Long ago, I have seen both "Holy Council" and the "God" himself, and I have also seen the "Beings of the Sanctuary of God" (in their "distant light dimension"). I have also seen some little moments from the future of Hellish humanoid souls, but after my experience "Supergod" I could see it in a more detailed way.
     Hellish humanoid souls cannot straightly communicate with "Holy Council" & "God", they cannot see our Little Mountain, the Circle of Knowledge, they cannot experience the highest "Is" of our Supergod and they cannot see his Ball. They are limited and vincible. And when the predestined & pre-calculated time will come, they will be attacked and defeated.


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