(TOK Dodatek 9 Cislo 5)

     The owner of the big Ball has "killed" me. Since I have got to know the knowledge of a small "fragment" of his reality, now and then I am in a very strange condition.
     I think of that Ball of his and how long it will hold. I want it to be here eternally to make all the good happen in it and at the same time I want it to go out of action to prevent all the bad from taking place in it.


     When I have seen, that the Allorganism is one big Ball with a Supergod that is able to exist in it eternally young, automatically I have got an idea that there are more such Balls out there and that our Precreator belongs to some perfect kind of spiritual beings existing in the spaces beyond the Allorganism. And I myself do not know if this idea - that has appeared quickly and even with some details - is only the product of my fantasy or unbelievable reality.

     (As far as the essence of happiness is concerned, which the Lord had let me get to know, every subject is designed for a different experience of it. It can be for instance short-term and intensive and narrowly focused, or contrariwise long-term and less intensive and complicatedly arranged, and similarly. And I have also seen how it is possible to program oneself for a specific kind of happiness at certain time.)

     Some wise lessons related to the Lord:

    Every now and then it happens to me that suddenly it crosses my mind that all what matters is he. That everything must be subordinated to his being eternally young and to his feeling fine, even if some artificially created creatures would suffer in his big Ball forever and ever.

    One example of the use of such a Ball: If its Owner would exist outside of it and would grow older somehow and so he has found himself (to be) in a somewhat worse condition than before, he can enter it and focus the first events in it only for the regeneration and rejuvenation of his Supergodly body. And when he finds himself (to be) in an ideal condition, only then he focuses the events for keeping his personality in it. And he will repeat them till the time when the situation beyond the borders of his Ball requires him to get out of it. So that perhaps million times.

    Maybe you would like to know, to what an extent Supergod co-experiences the suffering of creatures living in his Ball. Okay, now I will give you more details about it.
     As I have already written, between the subjective consciousness of living creature (it can be described by a most simplified way in case of such a creature that only has "one reality" that it fully experiences) and his body there is a stream, by which the creature is connected to the piece of the Lord's personality.
     The consciousness of that creature has a direct and full link to everything what it experiences subjectively by means of its body, whereas the Lord experiences it more or less differently - indirectly and "by a detour".
     By means of his energetically-materially-informative streams he knows about each micropiece of that creature and he has each of them contained in his "Alldimension" and "Little Mountain". And if I am to express my opinion on the degree by which he co-experiences the suffering with the creature, then I have to say, that only in a small one, but he knows about it.

     ("Little Mountain" is a structure, reminding rather one than two little mountains, in which there is stored the Formula of the Allorganism in a strange land, having darker and faded versions of colors such as brass, green, brown and similarly, whereas on the left from the structure there is some lighter line. "Little Mountain" calculates also it itself including who will think of it, who will see it etc.)

    To see (all) that from the (Super)Godly viewpoint had affected me so much!

    During the calculation of the inner arrangement of the Allorganism various criteria had to be met. Everything in it had to be divided, set up and planned in a way to satisfy not only the need of experience and renewal of the particular pieces of Precreator's personality, but at the same time the necessity of balance of opposites and also all the qualities of allmatter & laws of Nature of this closed reality.

    As we know, in case of global interest of their nation, Hellish people give advices to one another, whereas normal human being has to manage to do this and that, sometimes even everything, without others, that is absolutely alone. But on the other hand just by means of this he or she can develop and improve very much. After all, the highest and most perfect one is alone, too. It reminded me that when long ago **** was writing with that "highest spirit" by automatic pen, he was signing him as "Alone".

     (Author's comment: Automatic writing is sick, please avoid it by all means. Its practicing usually belongs to a lower spiritual development & level and apart from it, bad spiritual creatures often use such a method of communication with people and they can badly influence those, the pen of which they lead. Remember, that neither Jesus nor Precreator will directly speak with you using this method. Higher level of spiritual communication does not need any pen, since it deals with streams & feelings that are more than any written words.)

    If you saw how Super(God) sees all that and what matters to him. It is so strange, so inhuman!

    So far I have took a look at the hierarchy of all the kinds of the Allorganism only little and therefore the following information is only very approximate and still a subject to change:
     Humanoid kinds do not belong among the most matured beings and they are located in the second third of the range of this hierarchy. The third third are Gods. Hellish humanoid souls are tightly above the half of the range and the normal human on it or little bellow. Guardians of "the Sanctuary of God" are above Hellish humanoid souls and even somewhat higher are the members of "Holy Council", already tightly bellow Gods. Our main one is almost in the three quarters of the hierarchy's range.