Superficial Love

     I have already written something about this topic in my native tongue, but I have decided to say a couple of words about it in English language, too.
     As it is known about normal human soul, it deeply experiences everything what is experienced by the person, in the body of which it dwells and it is valid for love experiencing, too. But in the case of Hellish humanoid soul it is differently, since as we know well it experiences all the human matters including love only partly.
     Because the majority of people are Hellish, the normal have the majority of relationships, sometimes even all, with them. And because love is the main positive thing about relationships among people, normal people should know how limitedly the Hellish experience their love for them.
     Here is a translated excerpt from "TOK Dodatek 8" number 54: "So it seems to me, that to be the friends of normal people and most of the time to have somebody normal for a fellow worker is a deep-rooted habit of Hellish people (of course, only if it does not deal with the places where normal people are undesirable). I would like to add, that Hellish people probably prefer when the Hellish friends of normal people originate from various places and some of them "a bit from a distance" at best.
     Being in touch with normal people has two main advantages: a) By the side of a normal person the Hellish one behaves as if he was normal, too, and his soul is more strongly tied to this role, which helps it to keep the set of rules and pretense; b) There is a full access to normal people, so that they confide in the Hellish and they admit them for a visit, and then they can influence them more easily."

     Anyway, as a normal human being you should know, that the soul of Hellish people has a distance from what it is experiencing together with you. Therefore inner distance and superficial love are the proper terms that can describe the way that Hellish people internally approach you normal ones who they have a positive relationship with.
     If you as a normal person have Hellish friends, they are "in charge of you" a bit in a way. In most cases, they won't cause you to suffer except for some exceptional thing that will little worsen your good feelings about something what matters to you or that will remind you of some unpleasant fact of your life. But it usually looks so naturally, that you probably won't be able to recognize that it was purposely done because of you.
     Hellish people use to treat you in accordance with the type of relationship that they have with you externally. But the above-mentioned emotional distance and lower degree of mutual love makes it impossible for you to experience by their side the whole range of the tones of love that your soul internally longs for. The deepest tones are skipped as if there were not them. But if you have never experienced them or if you are not sensitive enough, you won't realize that they are missing.
     Hellish people know, that the normal would not love their soul if they knew how it really looks like and therefore they do not appreciate their love too much. Besides, normal people could not accept all the evil that the Hellish hide from them and that they keep in secret (if they are asked about it, their answers is "No": we do not know about it, we do not believe that something like that exists, we do not want all the suffering of good normal people and their souls etc.).
     All the Hellish friends of all the normal people know many important things that the normal should know, too. But they never share the information with them. If you are a normal person and they are your friends, they will never tell you such things like that that the soul of your close relative was captured or that your personal belief is wrong because of this or that. The relationship with them is a great inner distance, even though from the outside everything can look like a frank exchange of personal opinions and a mutual love.
     Above all, it is Hellish people who "manage love" of the normal. They are the most famous singers, movie producers, writers, and they "teach" you how to love. However, it is only you, normal people, who can truly love in this world. And after you have experienced your whole life together with them and you have met them on the other side, do not wonder that there their soul agrees with all the bad that eventually meets that of yours. But it is explained in my other writings.


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