Some Religions Are a Majority Cheat

     For thousands of years, Hellish people have been either partial or even full founders of the majority of religions. The reason is that that they have needed the masses of uninformed people, which is possible to easily manipulate with. That is why people like Joseph Smith (the Mormons) and similarly should be Hellish.

     Quotation from "You Should Know":

     "I saw wise bad men that never taught their pupils truly,
     who created churches with bad theology to teach you all wrongly.
     Then they have sat on the thrones of this blind world to reign over you,
     guarding the gate of death to lock the door of paradise before you.

     Seek knowledge not in thousand churches, not in millions books designed for you,
     but rather search what has always been hidden from you."

     (Seemingly, there are many sources of true knowledge to choose from, but the reality is very sad. Hellish people are removing the truth from this world and if you want to decide, which one out of the thousand of reputable books you will choose to study from, it does not matter if it will be this one or that one, since the true knowledge is in none of them. The reason is very simple: It is forbidden!)


     I, the Spirit of Truth, was admitted to a Holy Land (being together with the members of Holy Council) and I have seen the Guardians of the Sanctuary of God, but I cannot recall biblical Jesus Christ.
     And when I have called into the Sanctuary of God during my prayer, it was with a majority Christian approach. I thought of Jesus and instead of him others appeared who were strong, wise and good like he (please read my article "The Mystery of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ").

     Cheat On Your Faith: (edited sample of an older article)

     The Dark Mafia's members can do many “miracles” to cheat you about your faith and let's mention some of them:

     1. In case of mutilated cows in the USA by a so-called UFO, it could have been done by the Dark Mafia whose members (or paid normal people, too) had testified that it was the UFO.

     2. Another example is the search for a new incarnation of Dalai-Lama. Hellish people can easily choose their child, inform it in advance what things is necessary to recognize and how to behave, and then they control the whole search for the child to make it look naturally. As the result of it, a new Dalai-Lama is here, and you honor and love him.

     3. Hellish people can easily have the best results as "sensitives" and fortune-tellers, informing one another in advance about what is planned to happen and some secrets from the privacy of other people including their state of health (although demons who they are connected to can sometimes give them such an information as well). It is one of the reasons why Hellish people are often considered to be the best healers and similarly.

      Anyway, if you want to get to know the true religion, please read "My Forbidden Knowledge" and my books.


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