Some Important Facts

     In my childhood strange people used to break into our house regularly, but nothing got lost. Two examples:

     - I was unexpectedly sent from the school to home. I lied down to my bed and started reading a book. Suddenly, there was the sound of an opening door and someone's footsteps. I called: "Father, is that you?" Those footsteps then stopped, began to return back, the street door was heard again and the event was over.

     - My sister and mother were away and I with my father went to one village by bike to repair it. When we returned, our cat was welcoming us outside, but my father had locked it in the house before we leaved (which I saw). The only possibility was that that whilst we were away, some stranger unlocked the door and the cat ran out under his feet.

     In the house there happened several strange things that are probably related to the people who were breaking into it:

     - A voice in my father's room, probably coming from a hidden speaker, introduced itself to me as Virgin Mary. It was encouraging me to kill one older boy who was slightly hurting me then (he later died of electrical accident).

     - I pronounced a magic formula from one book and then the metallic door in the loft opened itself. I do however think that it was our secret observer who opened it at that moment by a remote control to make it look like a miracle.

     - In the cellar, which I used to go to smoke to, there were flashes of a bright light exploding. I thought then that it's a God.

     Apart from the above-mentioned, in the house there also happened several unusual things that almost certainly are not connected with those people:

     - As a little kid I used to wake up under the ceiling – I was levitating and then descending back to the bed.

     - Once in the night the toys in my room were moving themselves and when I wanted to wake up my mother, some invisible power stopped my hand just before it managed to reach her. For the show was only for me.

     - One night The Circle of Stars descended from the Heaven to me. Only in 2003, when I was 31, in "The Glade of God's Remembrance", I was returned a few more detailed memories of a place, which the Stars carried me to and where Creatures as tall as the trees in the forest elected me (and shown a God to me, too).

     Later when I started to write and my first book was published, evil things began to happen:

     - (Perhaps since 2000 or 2001) There were sounds in the nights coming from the neighboring empty apartment, maybe emitted by hidden speakers. Something in my bed was making sounds (the inside of the pillow was probably crumpling a bit). And apart from these two things, a vibration mediating the connection of my brain with the Hell was sent into me by some secret equipment. Demons were touching and suffocating me, but then I managed to do something strange, after which the demon left and never returned back. In those times I also used to wake up paralyzed and during a longer moment I could move neither a finder on the hand or on the leg. My behavior started to get worse, too, for instance after I woke up I bit my dog.

     - (A video was made about me in order to let there be some memory of me and) Perhaps one and half month somebody was following me. By what bus I use to go, which way and similarly. And then, one evening in one bus I could hear a weak "It is him!" and immediately after it a man sat against me who was looking into my eyes and a strong energy began to stream from him. It was a well-known feeling as well as that of the closeness of a Hellish creature that I knew. It only had the difference, that it was much stronger than the equipment that was irradiating me in the bed. Details are in my article "Jak to začalo".

     - On a place that I was passing through regularly there were several people in a car looking toward me and one of them very slightly pointed his finger at me. Few days later I was going to some shop, thinking about shopping, and suddenly something hit my elbow a bit. I turned round and behind me, in a parked car, there was one of those people. He was only looking at my lower back and energy was streaming from his eyes. Probably, it was supposed to fall on the small of the back and I was perhaps supposed to become paralyzed, but the energy got inhibited against my elbow.

     - Shortly after the previous two encounters, people started to laugh at me, indicating that these things did not happen to me and that it only seemed to me. Somebody sent many normal people and Christians (these are supposed to be good and not to do bad things) to look strangely at me. And thanks to my damaged brain (radiation + chemicals) and my trust that all the people, if they were normal and not Hellish, would not do that to me, led me astray. Therefore during some period of time I thought that almost everybody must be Hellish. But if someone's brain in under a deadly load (and he survived only thanks to his deviations) and in addition he was submitted only lies from all the other people, false news and a wrong info from a fake Internet, his mistakes cannot be used against him at all.

     - In early 2009 somebody damaged my brain, whereas after the vapors from my oven (on the surface of which, after it became hot, there appeared a colorless fluid) and cooker (after which my muscles were growing stiff and I suffered a "burnt bronchial tube") my condition began to get worse (some of my smelling clothes could not by washed by a washing machine and had to be thrown into the dustbin).

     - It was indicated to me that I can be kidnapped, in the nights somebody was repeatedly lurking behind the front door of my home and tried to lure me out (initially by a weak sound to make me go out to look what is causing it, and later by a strong bang). I did not react to any of it, because I had a dream that warned me not to open the front door, because something is lurking behind it. Also some stranger approached the house, came in a car similar to that of a neighbor, cars were lurking in the forest pathways, too.

     - Somebody created a cheating TV show about my person. It was ordered that the public must reach the negative opinion of me. Do you know that the opinion of the public is something what uses to be made to order?
     For example, almost everybody is watching the television. Imagine, that the best psychic has a good plan of a political innovation, which however bothers Hellish people and so they get rid of both that psychic and that plan. They secretly damage the condition of that psychic, they create a TV show about how he is wrong, and they also come with convincing information that his intended innovation is sick. And after this denigration the public will begin to agree with the punishment of that best psychic.


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