Some Crimes of Hellish People

     In ancient times, their kind forestalled the creation of a social system (that was supposed to be) without any terror and wars and it took over this world instead of a different, more positive Power that wanted to lead the mankind without these evil things. Whereas among the immoral acts of these criminals we can find much else:
     They created religions that explain the human existence more or less incorrectly; they modified the records of our history and concealed a part of the truth about it; they didn't tell us that the majority of all the inventions of our human culture (thus today both the advanced health service and oppositely the weapons of mass destruction) were made just by them; indirectly they take the money designated for helping the poor countries and they do some their whimsy with it; they use to put a hidden celebration of Hellish things into the movies and an occasional support of people's undesirable emotions and behavior; by inconspicuous way, they decrease a life happiness of many people; by means of secret interventions into the life of normal people they do illegal psychological experiments (the impair of the happiness and these experiments are described in my article "Černý puntík"); in secret they distribute money among one another (some of their informers look poor and this "secret spending money" they never confess before you) and keep it hidden from normal people; already tens of years, by means of the technique unknown to the public, they observe the people's homes, and places in Nature like pathways and sit-downs in the forests (in this case all the publicly known equipments for the detection of these micro devices shouldn't do); into the clothes and beds of some people, which also applies to children, they place detrimental micro radiators that very slightly increase the chance that there will be some undesirable fluctuation of thinking and/or negative act, very rarely even insanity; they committed exceptional murders performed so masterfully that they are registered as a natural death; they disrespect "holy values", for instance they modified some images with Jesus Christ or they forced the Christians to lie and participate in the worsening of the condition of a person elected by the God; they forced the doctors to break the Hippocratic oath and not to help some suffering people who deserved to be helped; they produce movies and TV shows that put wrong opinions in the viewer (this also includes the deceptive TV show about my person or the hiding of the fact that it is them who have the UFO and not only some extraterrestrials); they hide the existence of a more advanced health technology that would heal some illnesses more effectively and could lengthen the human life; they conceal many important information from people, mainly from the spiritual sphere (for example, they didn't put them into the official psychiatry that they founded, whilst accordingly to its criterions they themselves are severely mentally sick, when their personality is split, they have optical illusions of creatures from a different world and it seems to them, that they are several times), and they get rid of those who want to correct it; they are deceiving the world public by many ways, e.g. their secret computer wrote books not only for some of the highest authorities of the church and composed melodies of the range of the most beautiful songs for some of the most famous musical bands and they then claimed that it was their work; they are cheating on normal people by means of many secret informers (there is much more of them than the public supposes) who become, often for all life, the false friends of normal people, and secretly they inform against them and record some mutual conversations with them; regularly they put their own members - who look like independent people - on the highest and most important positions in the human society, but they often use some indication of that that they belong among those who are two times and in the end even for the third time (for instance "The Way to Hell" in movie "Odcházení" by president Václav Havel: a strike by a circular frying pan into the circular head and then a throw of the pan to the ground [= indication of a whirl and emphasis on direction down toward the Hell], word meaning "little devil" and then darkness [= Hellish circumstances], and after the little devil two stand next each other and the third one goes ahead ..., please study my new articles about it) and other.
     When I have started to discover all that, the Czech had "stabbed me in the back" to prevent me from getting to the proper success and to make it possible for Hellish people to win. Currently, I wish it would change, the Czech stay like an obstacle between me and the Internet to prevent me from sending files to there with the new knowledge that would endanger Hellish people, so that they let them win again.


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