Happiness and Unhappiness of Particular People

     Our Universe is located in a gigantic Sphere and its owner – Supergod – regenerates himself by means of everything what happens in that Sphere. And it all was programmed on a computer. This calculation is also our Destiny that is one hundred per cent predestined and we cannot escape it.
     Our Universe is assigned a potential that will be experienced by all the creatures (both the high and the low) that will live in that Universe. This potential is divided into various parts: that of Godly Creatures, that of people, that of animals and so on.
     That of people is later divided into all the people (that will live in our Universe) and every one of them will experience a different piece of it (than other people). It means that every one of them will be happy or unhappy to a different degree (than they).
     If some are given more happiness, others must be given less happiness. But the ratio of people's happiness and unhappiness is not 1:1 like I thought when I was young. Many opposites in our Sphere balance each other, but only sometimes fully, which is not this case. That is why the happiness of the happy is somehow balanced by the unhappiness of the unhappy, but not fully.

Hellish People

     There are people specially trained by one mighty organization to be able to connect with the Hell, which is a negative parallel world. These people can release energy from this parallel world into that of ours and to direct that energy into somebody. Then it can damage or even kill him.

     A number of years I thought wrongly that there are many people who can connect the Hell. This is how I got to this incorrect opinion:
     Several people having a connection with the Hell were sent to do harm to me. I began to talk about it and then more normal people were sent purposely to pretend before me that they are Hellish, too. I started to think that there are many Hellish people all around.
     Apart from it, I believed that all the people who manage to connect deeply with the Hell must have got a Hellish humanoid soul instead of a normal human one. Today I believe that normal people with a normal human soul can be taught to use the Hellish energies.


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