Some Big Things

Our Universe – It is finding itself in a giant Sphere (the outer wall of which is partly black and partly dark grey, and its vicinity has got a color close to #f69a75). Our main God (I call him Supergod) regenerates and keeps himself at an ideal age and condition by means of all the evens that go on in that Sphere that is a regenerative cell.

Happiness and Unhappiness of People in Our Universe – The life of all the people living in our Universe during the whole time of its existence is expressed by a picture having three thirds: a positive one (light), a negative one (dark) and a mixed one (half-light), which our today's civilization belongs to.

The Evil of Our Civilization – “The Half-Light Third”, in which we exist, contains a problematic place representing a certain hidden evil. For example, this evil can be the creation of “exceptional victims” and arrangement of some other evil things. This evil is probably one of the reasons why there will be a big war in the future, during which the government of this world will be defeated and a new social system, even better than our today’s one, established.

How to Postpone the War – In order for the war to be postponed, the above-mentioned 'problematic place' would have to be removed from “The Half-Light Third” and replaced with a piece of the quality of “The Light Third”. Then the overall value of “The Half-Light Third” would be changed from its slight minus to a slight plus. In practice, it means two things:
1. To discontinue with the creation of “exceptional victims” and arrangement of other evil things.
2. To allow in our human society the existence of people that are on a higher spiritual level and that experience a higher form of love.

Loves – There are two areas, a sexual one and a non-sexual one. Male and female element act in them both. By their coaction, these two elements activate so-called “erotic particles” that increase and improve the activity and condition of all the other particles. If these “erotic particles” become more active in the non-sexual area, the respective person is allowed to experience a more warm-hearted relationship toward friends, domestic animals, plants, landscapes and similarly.

Sexual relationships between lovers – There are three specters that decide what lovers feel toward each other: A majority one, a minority one and a spiritual one. What also matters is how that lover’s love for each other goes together with all the other loves they have got and what role it is supposed to enact in their life.


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