Solution to Excessive Suffering

(Version 1.0)

     When the world is ruled by those who want some evil things to take a regular place in it, one can hardly make people cease to suffer as much as they do. Excerpt from "The Required Bad Things":

     "It is known that bad beings from Hell can partly feed on the energy produced by suffering living creatures and people. We also know that Hellish people have positive relationship with various Hellish beings and demons, and they wish them to be satisfied and full up (that is why they have gifted them by Second World War, for example)."

     The spiritual potential of our Universe, sometimes called a "Central Cosmic Soul", has its human part corresponding to a potential that is realized gradually by means of all the people who ever lived, live or will live.
     But how is this related to a human happiness?
     Every human society is assigned the amount of people's happiness and when some of them are too happy, some others will have to be too unhappy instead of them. My ideal was to reach the average level of subjective happiness in every human being, which means no too happy people, but also no too unhappy people.

     There are several examples of how to restrict personal happiness that is going to be too big (translated samples from "Reseni nadmerneho utrpeni" which means "Solution to Excessive Suffering" from my book "Mozaika moudrosti"):

     "We are obligated to arrange that there would not be the most intensely suffering people anymore! And it is our most human task.

     The laws that make the wealthy obliged to give to the poor; a duty to do useful things of every kind; a ban on harmful technologies and products; a ban for genetically-damaged parents on having children of their own; whoever has any surplus, he must give others.
     As soon as somebody has both the perfect state of health and a great fortune, excellent interpersonal relationships and he lives exactly where he wants to live and he is totally happy, the members of special units, after they have checked his aura to confirm his excessive happiness, will confiscate the part of what makes him too happy and will give it to somebody who is unhappy, which is some poor guy.
     The excessively suffering would be gifted by other people and if it did not do, they would be killed (of course, if they themselves want to die, which they sometimes want = euthanasia), in order for them not to suffer excessively anymore.

     Examples of the lukewarmly-harmonious degree of happiness in human life:

    Somebody wants to be strong and he would like to lift up a barbell of 100 kg. But he will only train to the moment when he lifts up 80 kg. And he will keep himself at this power. So he is stronger than an average man, through which he satisfies himself partly, but he is less strong than he would ideally want to be. He is half happy and half unhappy, little satisfied and little dissatisfied at the same time. And this is what matters most in the lukewarmly-harmonious life!

    Some woman wants to have a lover who she considers to be ideal for her. She renounces the one who seems to be the most attractive of all and she only makes love to the one who only is half attractive to her. She enjoys it partly, but not as much as if she was too happy
(when having the most attractive one - comment) and indirectly made some poor guy be affected by some disaster (by no good mate - comment).

    Somebody wants to live in seclusion by the forest. However, instead of it he moves to an average village. He is partly satisfied, because he does not live in the town, but not fully satisfied, because he still lives among people, after all."

     Please remember this rule:

     The goal of making all the people happy can only be realized in such a human society that has a very big amount of the potential of human happiness at its disposal. The lesser this amount is, the lesser the happiness of the average human being.

     Excerpt from "The Empty Total Sum":

     "Within the majority of spiritual kinds there are individuals who are destined to achieve a great amount of subjective happiness, there are positive periods of time prepared for these spiritual kinds as wholes, but very unhappy individuals and negative periods of time are there as well. In such a case, the more these spiritual kinds have achieved, the bigger the opposite will be (in the future) or it has already been (in the past).
     Above all, there are happy individuals and not happy kinds. As far as their subjective happiness is concerned, the majority of spiritual kinds must not overstep zero, but happy individuals can. That is why you can build a happy man (even quite a few), but you cannot build a happy (entire) mankind."


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