Social Systems on Our Planet

     A few words by way of introduction: I have to recall the fact, that our Universe is located within a giant Ball that has got a material core and the main God is regenerating himself by means of all the events that are going on within this Ball. But how is it related to the social systems?
     Every social system makes people live in a different way and this different way of living is using a matter from a different part of the above-mentioned material core. But because this core must be used and transformed fully, all the social systems - that are supposed to be realized on our planet - must come into existence and must reign on some of its places and during some periods of time.
     The existence of particular human societies helps to keep the integrity of the part of the Supergod's body, which corresponds to human beings. Of course, this part is regenerating itself bit by bit and not as a whole in the same moment. It means that every human society helps to regenerate a different piece of this part in a different time.
     During long years, I had preferred "the system of equality of all the people" called a "Lukewarm Harmony" to all the other, but several years ago I have started to like a certain form of a feudal system as well. In particular a "Social Feudalism", derived from the political philosophy of my IBU, the noblemen's martial art. I have invented it myself and it is described in a book entitled "Příručka ke studiu IBU" (which means "Manual for studying the IBU").
     It contains the lower and the higher subjects, and three kinds of noblemen. The ruling noblemen are wiser than their subjects who are not allowed to know everything. Subjects of the noblemen do not fully own the land, either it is lent by the noblemen or sold like a co-ownership.
     The rights of those who own or co-own premises are higher than that of our today's human society, in some circumstances the owners can even kill without any penalty any stranger who violated their rights (e.g. he illegally entered their private premises armed or he entered them with the use of violence). If not fully justified cases, the owners can only be fined, but never jailed.
     On the one hand, this feudal system of mine exploits a little bit many normal people in the Realm (in particular by reasonable fees per head, furthermore companies must pay a rental fee and cooperative farms must give us the half of their crop that has grown in our fields and we will sell it ourselves). On the other hand, it gives mothers with little kids and the poorest people social welfares, it provides even the low subjects with a health care and there is a pension for old people. This social system does not arrange wars and other similar disasters and makes the euthanasia legal.
     Because every social system deals with a different part of the material core of our Ball and this core must be utilized entirely, either we have to let each of these systems reign the world alone during some period of time or to let all these systems reign the world at the same time. For example, each continent will be ruled by a different system. There will be capitalism in America, Lukewarm Harmony in Africa, socialism in Asia, Social Feudalism in Australia, and so on.


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