Simple Strategy

     If you want to do something evil to somebody and to gain the agreement of the whole human society for this, first all the people must have a bad meaning of that guy, which is easy to arrange.
     The best convincing proofs are (own wrong actions of that person and) videos, but these must be made by such a way to make it impossible to discover that they were created artificially, in other words that they are a fake.
     There are many ways how to create these videos and the most efficient one is to make the guy do or say something what will call out the feelings of dislike in the eyes of the public. Then the folks will agree with what you will do to that person, or, in some cases, with what he will do to himself.
     Once you have affected his brain (by harmful energies and by chemical stuff like it was in my case), he will behave, write and speak in a worse way than before and something of it can cause him to be disliked by the public.
     Just as a matter of interest, there are ways how to make a mother hate her own child and to beat it, in exceptional cases even throw it out of the window. Of course, there is no need to add, that the public would then dislike such a mother and would believe any bad words, documents and videos about her.
     There are more kinds of tactics for gaining some compromising videos of someone (few of them were described in "Unbelievable Cheats", I suppose that you have already seen some of these fakes about me in the TV). For instance, in my case they have been doing a lot of crazy things before me (a sudden noise in the bus I was going by, the occurrence of a naked woman in the street, nonsensical information said to me etc. etc.) and after some time I ceased to react to it, which on the videos makes me look like I was a crazy or a stupid person.
     But the energetic and chemical impact on me was in fact deadly to a normal person and I have only survived thanks to my unusual constitution…

     …that allows me to collapse at a later stage than most of the other people would. However, please understand that that the person you see in the TV is a cripple and part of the videos about me are a fake!


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