Sex and Positive Interpersonal Relationships

(TOK Dodatek 10 Cislo 17)

     If we won't take into account that in every opposite there is an element of its opposite and we make the whole thing simpler, we can claim approximately this:
     When you are a man, you fully experience sexual connection in a manly manner and you do not feel female experience during it, and when you are a woman, you fully experience sexual connection in a womanly manner and you do not feel male experience during it.
     Man wants "himself into woman" and woman wants "man into herself", but when the both together implement this desire of their by sexual connection, already after some shorter time the two of them desire to interrupt this connection. But after some time after its interruption they start to desire to connect again, then break it again and so on.
     As a matter of fact, sexual intercourse with a person of opposite gender is only a short-term, incomplete, or if you want only partial implementation of a "root" desire to become "androgynous" for a moment, or more precisely "sexless". In other words, to have a rest from own sexuality (= a root diversion from "original centre") and to savor the feeling of the "root neutrality". And because sexual intercourse is only a partial and short-term satisfaction of this "root need", it must be regularly repeated.
     Positive interpersonal relationships, accompanied by love (whether by maternal, that of lovers, friends and so on) know the beloved object, that is the other person, only to a very limited extent. They do not know, what exactly he or she feels, what exactly he or she thinks and similarly. But try to imagine that it would be the other way around.
     If one half of your conscience was perceiving your experience, whilst the other half that of your partner, you would experience the sexual intercourse with him or her in a manly and womanly manner at the same time, even though the both by a half intensity only, of course. But during it you would learn, what your partner feels during the sexual intercourse with you.
     Simply imagine, that one part of you experiences a loving relationship with other person and at the same time the other part of you knows, what that person exactly feels and thinks. Then, if you are two times in this way, you experience your relationship with the other one both humanly and you know much about him or her at the same time.
     If you want to experience the relationship with the other person only fully humanly, you must not know too much about him or her, and oppositely when you know too much about him or her, you already cannot experience the relationship with him or her only fully humanly. Either the first without the second, or a half of the both.

     (Of course, to only know what the other one feels and what he or she thinks won't do. Only that will do what is complex. Hundred per cent, absolute. It means to know the microcosmos of that other person and to know, what he or she and all his or her feelings and thoughts consist of, that is to know his or her calculation in this "Supergodly Ball" including its Formula.)