We, low creatures existing in this closed reality, are fragments, an artificially-created deficit. We have a narrow and limited range that has not only a big disadvantage, but also a big advantage. The disadvantage consists in our small horizon and the advantage consists in a very high intensity, by which we are able to experience the narrowly-focused love of ours.

     (For Supergod, every human love has its purpose. For example, both that of individuals who are very egoistic, self-contained & self-loving and do not need the love of others [besides other things, they experience an important trait of Supergod's personality], and that of community with many souls positively dependent on one another [besides other things, such a collective helps to keep the integrity of some particular part of Supergod's spiritual body]. Of course, in the entire calculation of the inside of this Supergod Ball, these and all the other loves including the opposite of them all have their irreplaceable place, too.)

     But imagine what it would be like to have a wider and more complex horizon. And to contain in yourself all the loves that others could have for you: Love of your mother for you, love of your husband/wife for you, of your best friend, of relatives, of domestic animals, and so on.
     Imagine that all these loves for you are a part of your complex personality and that their potential is included in it. Then you easily manage to be without others, then you have no need to be loved be somebody else, since there is already someone, who loves you completely: You.
     You cannot imagine how perfectly Supergod manages to be alone and how much he manages to love himself. It will sound crazily, but to need the love of others is a disorder. It is an illness. It means that you are not complete, that you are a fragment. For one should be perfect enough to do not need the love of others at all (but now I do not speak about human beings :-).
     But because man is not that perfect and does not manage to love himself as completely as Supergod does, he needs the love of others for him (and also the love of himself for them).
     Generally, in order to be happy, the main stream of self-love and of love experienced with others must not be disturbed. To explain it illustratively, I will mention a circle with a ball inside of it. The ball is the main core of your personality and the circle are its medium and lower pieces. The ball must be preserved at all circumstances, but there can be (and even there must be) some problems on the circle.
     And in man, his love for himself, love of others for him and his love for them must not be disturbed either. Otherwise he would feel too empty, unfulfilled and unhappy.
     Either you are happy about yourself without the love of others (= higher spiritual beings) or with it (= lower spiritual beings). The centre of Supergod is filled by his love for himself, and the centre of human being is filled both by his love for himself and by the love of others for him and by his love for them.
     This centre must be preserved. As soon as the self-love and in case of man also the love for & of others is disrupted, it starts to corrupt.
     If, as a normal human being, you have several main loves and somebody has spoiled them, he has affected this centre of yours, too. The main loves need to be clean somehow. They need to have their main stream strong and not disturbed. And if they are not perfect, which is in practice hardly possible, at least they must be good. Then together with a piece of self-love they can do the whole work for you.

     (Just as a matter of interest, there are circumstances, in which this centre of man can feel well even if he does not love himself and others too much and others do not love him too much either.
     For example, if after some great tribulation man gains his health and freedom back, he can feel well as if he was satisfied with love. The reason is that that the main part of his personality suddenly became so happy by the improvement, that especially during some limited time it has evoked & enabled such positive inner feelings like that of the condition when love in that person's life works well.
     Of course, in the majority of cases this condition [that is able to temporarily replace the satisfied centre] won't last too long [it will pass away by some time, either more or less]. But during the time of its duration many positive feelings appear that are more intensive and cleaner than in normal circumstances [when the good is always present like something what is not precious] and in this situation also various little streams of love are better experienced by the consciousness & soul [causing bigger pleasure from small reasons thanks to the new good circumstances that are however too ordinary for the people who are in them all the time and who do not know anything worse].)

     Important supplement: Supergod is a complex spiritual creature. Our local time is running faster for him than for us, but at the same time more slowly, too, because many pieces of his spiritual body are connected also to such subjects, the lifespan of which is much shorter than that of humans (e.g. bacterium, insect). Apart from it, he is also able to perceive the local time standing as a position of the allmatter (and his spiritual body) in this Ball.
     And even though he has a perfect self-contained love, he is able of a positive relationship to others of his kind as well. Though independent and separated, every one of them originates from the same intelligence like others and they are one in a way, although they are not. Their mutual agreements are fully observed in order for them all to live forever. And when one is for unimaginably long ages alone in his Ball, the other guards it from the outside during the whole time.
     As for Supergod's love for us people, it is simple. He needs us and inside of us we have a projected & transferred little piece of his personality (but together with many other different things, of course). He loves the little piece of himself in us and he also knows that we are here to serve the entire calculation of his that makes it possible for him to be young forever. He loves us either directly or by means of other subjects who love us. Little pieces of his love for us follow from our quality, position toward other subjects and his personality. We can say, that he loves us a little in a way, but in the majority as the result of his love for himself.

     (The fairytale about how much God[s] love[s] people was mainly made by the Hellish in order to give the normal a hope of good future after their death, if they will live accordingly to some rules that made them both more obedient & more easily manipulated and more passive during the experience of the hardships of their lives. On the other hand, this fairytale is somewhat true, too. God's love and positive things like Heaven & the Kingdom of God really exist, but in a lower measure and under different conditions than the fairytale has it. And lower number of human souls will get there than we were said.)

     And as far as the love for himself and for others and of others is concerned, it is not everything that easy. If it is too strong and too clean without any load like some biggest pleasure, in the end it will do a greater harm than good. Here is valid what I have written in "The Secret of Happiness". To do the best work, all the love must be tuned perfectly and must have the proper value, the creation of which also includes the deliberate use of some little limitations by means of various burdens.

     (In my book "Tajemstvi lasky" that I have written years ago [part of its philosophy is perfect, but part spoiled by some wrong opinions of my younger years], there is a talking about the experience of the opposite of love, about the point in the suffering because of the loss of love and in the experience of the unfulfilled desire for the love that is missing.
     Anyway, you should know that for the lower subjects of some closed reality like this one there are different conditions for love-experiencing, than for its owner or for someone who exists in an open reality with so to speak unlimited possibilities, where no one's love & subjective happiness must be balanced by its opposite, that is by "unlove" & subjective unhappiness of somebody else.)


     Author's comment: Regarding Supergod's perfect "self-contained love", it deals with the love potential of particular subjects, but of a little lower intensity. Why is it so?
     Although Supergod contains the potential of all their loves, it deals with a bit weaker version, say of 90% intensity, since only the particular subjects themselves experience each one fully thanks to their narrow focus and the highest intensity of its experiencing. Unlike them, Supergod has a complete focus and therefore the particular pieces of his spiritual body are not able to love as much intensely as the particular subjects do.
     However, all these pieces together as one whole are capable of a much greater love than how big can be any love of any subject. Of course, besides other things, all the loves of all the subjects together are renewing the love potential of all the pieces of the Supergod's spiritual body.
     As for the "relationship between Supergods", on the one hand every one of them is complete and able to be fully alone, on the other hand he is also able of a complete understanding for & loving relationship to the other (this contradiction reminds me of numbers 0 and ∞ :-).

     One interesting thought about love: no one has all of its energy at his disposal, in a certain sense not even Supergod.
     To recover the particular pieces of Supergod's love by means of particular subjects, every one of them must experience the corresponding love in a bit stronger version (than how strong it is within the Supergod's spiritual body). The main reason for the bit stronger version is the loss of energy equal to the difference between a loss-making equipment and a perpetuum mobile (which in given case is caused by all the energetic & material expenses connected with the run of the whole Ball). To say it in a simplified way, during the transfer of love from the subject to the Supergod's spiritual body there is the loss of energy that is compensated by all the "extra percent" of the subject's love energy.
     In every opposite there is a piece of its opposite and it is valid for love, too. On the one hand, Supergod has the potential of love of his spiritual body and he also knows about that of the particular subjects of his Ball. On the other hand, it is only the particular subjects who are able to experience some specific and narrowly-focused love in its full intensity (that, in fact, is artificially raised by a few additional percent). In view of the different origin of every love (now I speak about the different piece of the core that the love originates from) and of its "extension", any love of any subject has some unique piece of love energy that is not contained in any other love of any other subject.

     When it is about one's self, it is about the biggest love, and everything uses to be done for it.