Secret Signs in Movies

     Generally, Hellish people use their secret signs that I call "Hellish indications". It deals with various graphical elements and gestures that have a hidden meaning. And, of course, Hellish people use their secret signs in movies as well. But it is not only about some specific signs, since what also matters is the story itself that can have some Hellish subtext.
     By means of "mysterious indications" placed in movies, Hellish people celebrate their different spiritual essence, their reign over us all and their native Hellish home. They are also pleased with entertaining themselves with something what only they can recognize truly, but normal people seeing the same thing won't get its real meaning at all.


Tip for four good movies to learn from: "They Live", "The Arrival", "Легенда острова ДВИД" and "The Island".

     "They Live": The main hero will find very unusual glasses, through which he can see - in a black and white picture - the members of the other kind, co-existing here together with us and in fact ruling us all. Please notice the big eyes and uncovered teeth of the creatures.
     Anyway, there are some interesting sentences that were heard in the movie: "We are being bred for slavery.", "They are safe as long as they are not discovered.", "What we really are is a livestock" (I would say soulstock, too - comment). However, best is this summary: "There ain't no countries any more, no more good guys. They're running the whole show. They own everything, the whole goddamned planet! They can do whatever they want."
     The creatures in the movie originate from a different planet that they have probably made richer by what they have gained in our Earth. However, in contrast to this movie, Hellish people are using the same human bodies like we do, but it is their soul what originates from a different world. Nonetheless, still the fact remains that in this movie there is a clear clue for all of you who are able to think.
     By the way, in its true "Hellish meaning", the correct name of this movie is "We Live" and here goes the "translation" of the above-mentioned summary: "There ain't no countries any more, no more good guys. We're running the whole show. We own everything, the whole goddamned planet! We can do whatever we want."

     "The Arrival": They live among us and in order to look like we do they mask themselves. The hero have one of them for a friend and he trusts him in the same way like normal people trust their Hellish friends. But, in the end, he betrays the hero.

     "Легенда острова ДВИД": If you want to understand the reign of Hellish people over our world, please study this movie (which means the legend of island DVID). Two worlds parallel to each other (like Earth and Hell at our place); one and the same face on all the portraits of the famous (like the culture and politics of our human society have mainly been developed by "people" who seem to look differently on the surface, but underneath they look equally Hellishly); many "independent" people with seemingly-different goals, but their main goal is always one and the same (like on our Earth, where every highest political representative seems to be different, but all of them serve the plan of Hellish people somehow).
     Monster looking as a self-reliantly acting living creature, who is pulling down disobedient children, but in fact a robot secretly controlled by the ruler (here we are told about a lot of evil, that our rulers do not want it, but in fact they are secretly creating and directing it); the hiding of the history of the inception of that human society and a global promotion of its untrue version (neither we here on Earth are allowed to know how it really has been about us people and how it is), while the correct one is told to children by the fire (about two powerful ones, the Better One and the Worse One, where the Worse One took the entire power after he has got rid of the Better One; it reminds us of Heavenly Creatures who have disconnected from our Earth and they are waiting for the time of their reign in the future after a big war); a whirl, in which we are going round and round in circles and which will lead us to where we have already been (whether we go to this or that direction, we are always confusedly moving within the reach of our Hellish human society). And, by the way, the movie starts with a Satanic number on a car (valid at least till 2009) and later there is a Satanic number on the door of the house, through which the hero will get to the island.

     "The Island" (2005): If you want to get a more complex information about why I recommend this movie, please read this review.
    The main actors have a double role. You will see people (in fact clones), educated in a totalitarian regime, where "rose-colored glasses" are put on them and all of them desire to be drawn lots and to spend their further existence on an island that, however, in fact is a holographic simulation only. For instead of moving to it after they have won the lottery, they are killed and, as a rule, cut to pieces because of business with organs & tissues. It remotely resembles the global positive lie of Hellish people about how it is beautiful on the other side, although they can abuse up to annihilate some of your souls.
     This movie shows how ones are sacrificed in order for others, who are "two times" (= Hellish people), to be allowed to live longer. Like here on Earth. Positive faith and order, but if you belong among the captured normal people (I do not know how many percent it is), there on the other side they will suck energy out from your soul and they will tear it to pieces. And there it will be done to you by the souls of the same "people" who are here Christians, policemen, doctors and so on.

     Some other movies

     Avatar: By his consciousness a human being and a demoniacal humanoid at the same time like Hellish people (and, in the end, there is the demoniacal humanoid only like in case of their humanoid soul leaving the body after its death). Apart from it, demoniacal humanoids beat Sky People similarly like the souls of Hellish people want to overpower the Heavenly nation. "Замок": They have to ask some lord, who they are allowed to be and what they are supposed to do (Землемер and Брунсвик), which reminds us of how Hellish people correct their own members in this respect and how they are two in one. "Bear's Kiss": There can be somebody who is a half man & half beast and in the end who goes into the wild (similarly like Hellish humanoid soul goes into the Hell after the body's death).


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