Savior and Killer Called Adaptation

     The higher the level of a creature, the more it adapts everything around itself to its personal needs (for instance God). Oppositely, the lower the level of a creature, the more it adapts itself to everything around it (for instance a tadpole & frog), which is valid for people, too.
     The lower and the more spineless you are, the more you adapt to the society you live in and the more you adopt the opinions honored by it, regardless of whether or not the society does everything perfectly and whether or not these opinions are correct.
     High percent of normal people are very shapeable and they obey the official authorities. When you place them among communists, they will become communists; when you place them among fascists, they will become fascist; among Christians they will be Christians, and among the Islamic State fighters they will become terrorists, doing even suicide attacks, as the case may be.

     Let me use a fabricated & exaggerated example of the difference between a higher and a lower creature:

     Somebody is keen on playing golf in his country and they forbid this game. He can fight for the change of laws and for the re-legalization of this game, he can play it illegally, or he can stop playing it.
     However, someone with a higher individuality won't adapt, won't cease being a golfer and will continue to play this game. Either illegally or he will move himself to another place or country, where people are allowed to play it.
     And besides being a golfer, this guy is a convinced worshipper of the cult of Goddess Kali and his close people, Christians, more and more condemn this belief of his. And they want him to become a Christian as well. And either he will be the higher creature and will remain the servant of Goddess Kali, or he will be the lower creature and will become a Christian like they are.

     If we change too much, doing different things than before and having a different way of living, it is not fully us anymore, because we have lost a piece of our individuality. It means that the original person, who we were before, has died partly.
     As for the mentioned individuality, there are two good options only: 1. Keep the one we have, or to 2. Exchange it for a higher one. To understand these words of mine correctly, please refer to chapter "Individuality" of my book "Supergod".

     Lesson: Although the ability to adapt is a necessary equipment of living creatures and it makes possible for them to survive, it still does not mean, that the bigger it is the better. Who adapts too much, in the end he becomes somebody else and so he dies in a way.


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