Reminder of Hell

Particular reminders of Hell are more correctly described in Czech language after their revision. There are some translations:

     We speak about those secret signs in movies that have a Hellish meaning, we call them "Reminders of Hell". There are secret rules for the placement of such a reminder into a movie or TV show episode. It takes on many forms. There are several main types of these reminders and, apart from them, there are "Hellish combinations" (for instance "dragon and eyes", "eyes and down", "eyes and fire" and so on).


     Now I will show you several examples of a so-called "Way to Hell", which is one of the main types of the "Reminder of Hell". The first of these examples originates from a famous TV series "Game of Thrones". The last episodes of the first four seasons celebrate this way into the evil parallel world (the later seasons are not taken into account because of the adaptation to what I have written about it).

     Season 1: Hellish circumstance (fire, smoke and dragons), emphases on direction down toward the Hell (shoes, squatting, a bow down on the knees and looking down with bowed head), and indication of a whirl (the circles of fire).
     Season 2: Hellish circumstance (monsters), emphases on direction down (lying and the horse's legs), and indication of a whirl (the circular basket).
     Season 3: Hellish circumstance (above all, the dragons), emphases on direction down (a view from below, squatting), and indication of a whirl (the people around Khaleesi turn her around).
     Season 4: Emphases on direction down (waterfall, down the stairs with a little jump down in their end, worker bent forward with the shovel), indication of a whirl (the rolls of paper). Then there are one and two fingers (= "We [Hellish people] are not one time, we are two times!"). Perhaps the words "Valar Morghulis" containing a word meaning "die" can be the negative, I mean "Hellish", circumstance.
     Besides, in all these scenes there is present a "raised & celebrating component": 1. Close-to-red dragon screaming on the Khaleesi's shoulder, 2. Raised hand of a demon, 3. Dragons flying up, and 4. Raised hand with fingers.
     Remember, what was before the death of Joffrey the king: an emphasized circular cup, kicking it with a leg, crawling on all four when searching the cup; a circular pie and a strike with a sword down to itů

     Another example goes from a famous TV Series "Kung Fu" (1972). The last episode was named "Full Circle". Its end is a blurred Caine (= it can indicate a soul, in given case a Hellish humanoid one), words about two ways and two versions of Caine in the video transition (= to be two times), sentence about a circle, and a deep bow toward the floor (= "whirl and down", which is "The Way to Hell") with darkness and word "death" (= negative or Hellish circumstance).

     The last example comes from movie "Raw Deal". Before its end, there is a scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger turns forward and backward, and a police inspector (who arrived by a "circular helicopter") emphasizes its circular hat by touching it (= whirl), and he says to our hero "always figured you were one of us" (= one of Hellish people). After it there is darkness (= Hellish circumstance) and emphases on direction down toward the Hell (shoes and squatting). Later there is word "Hell" (= another Hellish circumstance), and an embrace (= whirl) together with another emphases on direction down (legs and shoes).

     Bonus: When they indicate that they are two times, they think of a Hellish humanoid soul within the human body, which means a Hellish person. But when they indicate that they are three times, they think not only of the Hellish person, but also about his soul that returns back to Hell after his death (for instance, TV series "Star Trek: Voyager", the last episode of which - "Endgame" - is about two parallel worlds and a captain who occurs in three versions).


     The above-mentioned information is only a sample of my today's knowledge about this subject. My neurological deviations (see "A Discovery of Hellish People") enabled me to recognize the different soul and darker aura of people, the souls of which came from the Hell.
     Please note that when investigating these secret signs, you must look into the older movies only (say till 2010 fully and till 2014 partly) and not into the new ones (that can display the results of adaptation)!
     And one more thing: Forget about what you saw about me in the TV (here I have skipped the word "please" deliberately, because it is a command). The substantial part of the show is the product of very clever cheats (I was too important and the public had to get an untrue and negative opinion of my case & person).